Food Museums: Felino Salami Museum

Get a true taste of Parma by delving into the history of salami

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Others have made ham-fisted attempts to summarize the rich history of salami in Parma, but the Felino Salami Museum have really gone the whole hog. Housed in the cool cellars of the charming Felino Castle, this museum takes you way back to the origins of salami in the area. On this self-guided tour, you'll learn about developments in flavor, technology, and gastronomy over the centuries that fine-tuned a recipe that is now sought after the world over!

What is included?

* Admission to the Felino Salami Museum
* Free audioguide to download on your device (in Italian)
* Access to all 7 museums of food and discounts on restaurants (if the Musei del Cibo Card is selected - currently not available)

Not included

* Headphones

Where it is

Felino Salami Museum, Strada al Castello 1