Colosseum, Underground & Arena Floor: Guided Tour

Get VIP access to the arena floor!

This tour is for no more than 12 people, which will make the tour highly intimate, but fun at the same time. Exclusivity, privacy, and entertainment, are the words that perfectly describe the experience provided by this tour! The Colosseum is heavily visited for its famous tiered seating arrangements and the arena floor. Because of that, its underground level remains rarely explored. In this tour, you and your small group will have the occasion to travel down into the monument’s dungeons where gladiators awaited their frightful future and wild animals from the world’s most exotic regions were kept. As you visit these underground chambers, you will see the remains of what were once elevators, trap doors, and cages You'll get spectacular 360º views over the Colosseum from here, and see it from the same perspective as the gladiators – minus the tigers!

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What is included?

* Guided tour of Colosseum, Underground and Arena * Single access to the Colosseum * Single entrance to Roman Forum and Palatine Hill * Access to the Arena * Access to the Underground * Headsets to hear your guide clearly

Where it is

Colosseum, Piazza del Colosseo, 1