Cathedral Museum of Anagni (MuCA)

Visit the "Sistine Chapel of the Middle Ages" at MuCA in Anagni

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With these tickets to the Cathedral Museum of Anagni, you'll travel back in time to relive - through a kaleidoscope of colors and images - the charm of the Middle Ages. The museum takes you on a 12-stop tour to visit various areas, rooms and chapels, all adorned with fascinating objects and tapestries. You'll also stop at the Crypt of St. Magnus, an incredible frescoed crypt that's almost a thousand years old. The museum preserves reliquary icons, sacred objects, mosaics, ancient tombs and sarcophagi, colorful textiles, images of saints and martyrs, frescoes with biblical stories, hagiographic cycles, and scientific and pagan descriptions of the creation of the cosmos. You'll need an audio guide to take advantage of all that – luckily it's free to download!

What is included?

* Entrance to MuCA
* Free audio guide app

Not included

* Guided tour

Where it is

Museum of the Cathedral of Anagni, Via Papa Leone XIII