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Where to eat in Piedmont? Piedmontese cuisine is as rich as any other region in Italy. Both the choice of dishes and the choice of places to eat are happily heterogeneous. You can choose a trattoria, a classy or starred restaurant, a restaurant inside a castle, a lake, or a mountain.

Typical Piedmontese dishes revolve around veal, butter, truffles, game, freshwater fish and rice. Bagna Cauda is a traditional Piedmontese sauce served hot and in which you can soak raw vegetables. It is based on anchovies and is considered an extraordinary "marriage" between the vegetables of the Piedmontese countryside and the Ligurian sea. 

Piedmont offers several delicious dishes such as Vitello Tonnato (veal in tuna sauce), Bollito Misto (mixed boiled meats), Finanziera (a veal dish), Agnolotti (stuffed pasta) and Tajarin (particular kind of noodles). 

Piedmont's wines are always the protagonists in the seasoning of some dishes and main ingredients such as risotto with Barolo. There are also unique dishes such as risotto with frogs.
The most famous desserts are Baci di Dama, Bonet, Paste di Meliga and Gianduiotti.
There is no lack of street food such as "marenda sinoira", gofri, miacce and miasse. It's unmissable not drinking one of Piedmont's excellent wines.
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