We advise all passengers to buckle up, get comfortable and start dreaming. The Eternal City awaits us!

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Do you have in mind that feeling of excitement and positive excitement that grips you as you head to the airport before a trip? When you never mind the queue at the check-in for luggage or even more controls. Once you have boarded the plane, found your seat and peeked a little out of the window. Your destination is already closed.

Travelling by plane is amazing. You can relax, watch your favourite series, switch off your phone and sleep, and for those sitting near the window, you can take great photos from above. For the lucky ones, they can make interesting encounters and, why not, spend the holiday together! Among the most sought-after destinations, Italy and its capital, Rome, the Eternal City, are certainly high on the list. Rome must be explored thoroughly and revisited multiple times because it can always offer a different experience with each trip. To fully enjoy your stay in Rome, you absolutely must consider one of the most economical and comfortable ways to visit the city, with hundreds of advantages to make your visit truly memorable.

So get ready and let's go, destination Italy, Rome.

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"Flying, ho ho! Sing, oh oh! In the blue, painted blue. Happy to be up there".

Domenico Modugno

Fly to Rome

Roma City Skyline

Many dreams of Italy as a destination, and Rome is undoubtedly the most popular, the most famous city in the history of modern man. Conqueror in antiquity and cradle of Western art and literature. It is a big city and is easily accessible thanks to its two airports, which are well connected to its centre. If you want to fly to Rome, you don't know which airport to stop over at, here you will find your answers. 

Fiumicino: from Port Area to Borgo Valdier

Port of Fiumicino

A first-class landing in Rome at Leonardo Da Vinci Airport, better known as Fiumicino Airport, is the name of the town where it is located. We are 30 km west of Rome, on the Tyrrhenian coast north of the Tiber delta, in the metropolitan city of Fiumicino, in Lazio. This place has been an influential centre since ancient times. It started as a port settlement ( Portus) and then developed as a maritime port of call for Rome. The city is connected to Rome by the ancient Via Portuense.

Today it is an urban centre, thanks to the reconstruction in 1828 by one of the best architects in the past Giuseppe Valdier. Fiumicino will welcome you not only with all the fast and comfortable transport services to reach the Capital. We recommend visiting the Borgo Valdier and the Molo Della Fossa Traianea. There are typical neoclassical houses, the beautiful "Fountain of the Five Moons" by architect Salvatore Amato. And finally, the beautiful churches such as "l'Episcopio di Porto", the ancient seat of the Bishop and the Church of "Santa Maria Porto Della Salute", which is a building from the Borgo di Valdier project. For an immersion in authentic Architecture, that makes these Italian places eternal, still vivid and full of resources. 

Leonardo Da Vinci Airport

Fiumicino from airplane

Leonardo Da Vinci is a major international airport where the most prestigious national airlines operate. It is the first Italian airport in terms of many passengers and cargo and, for two consecutive years (2018- 2019) it has received the "Airport Service Quality Award" as the best airport in Europe. The airport has three terminals for domestic, international and intercontinental flights. It is regarded as a large city within a city, with 155 destinations. The services offered at the airport are designed exclusively to make your stopover as pleasant as possible. You can enjoy delicious dishes of Roman and Italian cuisine within the three terminals. You can relax in the comfortable loungers of the most important airlines, where the wi-fi service is free of charge, to give you the possibility to work in peace. For those who love shopping, don't worry, Fiumicino airport gives you the possibility to dabble in shopping in one of the largest commercial areas, where you will find more than 100 shops open from 07:00 to 22:00.

Ciampino: Landing in History

Archeological remains of Roman villa

Another airport to reach the capital is the Rome Ciampino International Airport, located in the municipality of Ciampino, a few kilometres from the "Grande Raccordo Anulare".

A dive into the holiday places of the ancient Romans, before docking in the city. Ciampino is a metropolitan city known as the "Hinge between Rome and the Castelli Romani". Its territory is adjacent to the ancient Via Appia. Here in Roman times, there were farms and rustic villas. We can admire, today, the famous villa of "Quinto Voconio Pollione" dating back to the 2nd century AD. In this villa and other Roman villas were found many statues and sculptures, such as the "Apollo Citaredo" preserved in the Vatican Museums. Even more interesting are the archaeological remains of the villa of "Consul Valerius Massalla Corvinus", Octavian Augustus' right-hand man. These remains, also known as the Wall of the French, were awarded World Heritage status in 2014 by the World Monuments Found. They have been described as "a little-known jewel rich in history near the city of Ciampino, on the outskirts of Rome". Among the discoveries of enormous value are the statues of the Niobidi, the myth that inspired "Ovid's Metamorphoses". They are not just walls but are evidence of a historic battle in which the French troops were defeated in 1379 by leader Alberico Di Barbiano. A unique heritage.

Airport of Ciampino

Ciampino Airport

For lovers of history, there is no better travel option than to land at Ciampino airport. It is one of the oldest airports opened in 1916, still in use. Its name is Gian Battista Pastine, in honour of the Italian military, a veteran of the Italian-Turkish war, which commanded the balloon park, discovering the adversary's positions. Until 1960 it was Rome's main airport. Today it is an international airport with non-European and European destinations, with a charter, executive and low-cost flights.

How to reach Rome

Rome Skyline

At Leonardo Da Vinci Airport and Ciampino Airport, you will find an efficient transport network to reach beautiful Rome. You can go by train or bus, or choose to go by taxi.

Fiumicino Airport has a train station, easy to reach by terminals. The train quickly connects you to the central station in Rome and other cities such as Venice, Padua, Bologna and Florence. For those who prefer a cheaper alternative, both airports have a bus station that will take you to the city centre in 10 to 20 minutes. At Termini station, Rome's public transport hub, you can access the quick and easy metro service to reach the main sights. Finally, for those who love comfort, it is possible to take a taxi at the exit of the terminals.

Your Safety is a Priority

Travelling safely and securely as possible. Don't be afraid to book your holidays in Italy. You have to be careful, use all the preventive measures and follow the rules in force in the country of arrival and before departure. Before embarking and for those arriving, it is always important to wear a mask, even outdoors. Sanitise your hands and have a Super Green pass or suitable certification to prove you are Negative for the Covid-19 virus. Always check for updates on safety measures before travelling. With responsibility and a lot of love for yourself and others, you can travel with peace of mind. We are looking forward to seeing you!

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