Do you know the most beautiful places where to ski in Calabria? Let's discover together the 5 most popular ski resorts.

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Are you on holiday in the south and wondering where to ski in Calabria?

We usually think that northern regions are perfect for spending a day skiing while southern ones are more suited for pleasant days at the beach. But if you feel like practising winter sports during your southern holidays, how can you do it? Well, we at Visit Italy will take you on a discovery of the best ski resorts you can where to ski in Calabria.

Undoubtedly, Sila is the best area where to ski in Calabria. We are talking about a vast plateau, as well as a National Park, stretching across the provinces of Crotone, Catanzaro and Cosenza. In this mountainous area, of this beautiful region, there are several villages where spending a day skiing is not only possible but absolutely recommended. You can thus practise your favourite winter sport, kissed by the warm rays of the southern sun.

Camigliatello Silano is certainly the most famous place where to ski in Calabria. Here you will find professional services and all the warmth of the typical southern hospitality.

A few kilometres away you will find Fago del Soldato, another interesting and exciting ski resort.

If, on the other hand, you want to experience the thrill of the mountains all year round, the perfect destinations for you are Lorica and Gambarie; the ski lifts here are also active in summer.

The Lorica resorts are located on the highest peak in Sila, at an altitude of 1,928 metres.

If, during your stay, you not only want to enjoy skiing but are also looking for adventure and nature walks, then head further down to Gambarie. The village, in the province of Reggio Calabria, is located in the centre of the Aspromonte National Park and also offers year-round skiing. But what makes this area unique is the wild nature that surrounds it and allows you to immerse yourself and relax surrounded by the most intense greenery. What more could you ask for from your holiday?

Did you really think this region was just a summer resort? I hope we have proved you otherwise. All you have left to do is choose where to ski in Calabria and head for the most beautiful ski resorts.

Where to ski in Calabria, everything you need to know about ski resorts

Skiing in Calabria

We all know that the sun and the crystal-clear sea are king here, but we want to show you where to ski in Calabria. We want you to know that this is not only a summer tourist destination, but thanks to its snow-capped mountains and the organisation of its ski resorts, it is also a tourist attraction for lovers of skiing holidays. But what are the best and best equipped destinations where to ski in Calabria?

There are several ski resorts, concentrated along the vast plateau that stretches inland from the region, covered in a blanket of white snow, where you can ski or enjoy pleasant walks. There are 51 km of slopes, and the ski areas are served by 13 ski lifts.

There are five ski areas where you can where to ski in Calabria that we will indicate. The largest offer up to 20 km of white slopes and are PalumboSila and Lorica, which is also the highest, reaching altitudes of up to 1,877 m.

The Apennine chain crosses the Sila plateau, which also includes the region's three largest lakes, passes through the Reventino and Mancuso mountains and then on to the Serre to finally end on Aspromonte, the great goose-foot-shaped mountain that peers over Etna and the Aeolian Islands.

Let's take a look together at the main destinations favoured by lovers of snow sports, to enjoy a holiday of fun and relaxation. Below we will show you the most important ski resorts where you can find facilities and districts to practice winter sports.

Let's discover together where to ski in Calabria.

Where to ski in Calabria: the 5 most interesting places to ski

Where to ski in Calabria: places to ski

As we have already mentioned, there is not only sea in this southern land, and since it has no less than three national parks, in the mountain areas that belong to it, we cannot fail to mention the snow and the best ski resorts where you can ski in Calabria.

Skiing is one of the most fun sports of all, and thanks to our mountains, it is practised by thousands of sportsmen every year. Being able to practise this activity in the south is exciting. If we then add an all-Southern main characteristic, namely, that at this time of year you can often enjoy days with heavy snowfall and immediately afterwards the wonderful southern sun pervades the area.

So enjoying the best ski resorts kissed by the Calabrian sun is absolutely priceless. You must come and try it.

But let's take a detailed look at the best ski resorts and their ski areas.

Skiing in Calabria at Camigliatello Silano

Skiing in Calabria at Camigliatello Silano

Camigliatello Silano is undoubtedly one of the most popular destinations for skiing in Calabria. We are in the province of Cosenza, in a small municipality 1300 metres above sea level. For lovers of snow sports, the destination is definitely Mount Curcio, precisely in the Tasso area. The ski lift in this resort allows you to move from the 1368 metres of departure to an altitude of 1765 metres. From here there are two slopes that extend for about 4.3 km and are divided according to difficulty, 2220 metres is the easy slope, the blue slope and the red slope suitable for experts is 2050 metres long.

Fun is also guaranteed if you are a cross-country skiing enthusiast, in the district there is a 24 km track that runs through beech and pine forests that extend to the highest peaks of Sila.

There are several tourist facilities, such as B&Bs and hotels with spas, where you can relax and pamper yourself during your weekend in the snow and after the magnificent descents. If you are a novice enthusiast or take advantage of your holiday to teach your children this sport, then you should rely on the expert hands of the professionals at the Camigliatello Ski School.

Fago del Soldato and the night slopes of where to go skiing in Calabria

Fago del Soldato and the night slopes of where to go skiing in Calabria

Not far from Camigliatello Silano, about 7 kilometres away, is the famous ski resort of Pagliara, at Fago del Soldato. The ski lift, a two-seater chairlift, reaches 1750 metres, from which to slide down the valley on two tracks, a technical one for slalom, 700 m long, and a simpler one of no less than 800 m.

Here, too, 15 km of track cross the pine forest to practice or enjoy cross-country skiing. Want to try something unique? Then don't miss the chance to ski at night. In fact, in the entire region, the Pagliara ski resort is the only one that has an illuminated trail that allows you to ski at night in the snow. Alternatively, know that you can request guided snowshoe or snowshoe hikes on weekends, either on foot or with sleds.

Places to ski in Calabria and bobsleigh downhill in Lorica

Places to ski in Calabria and bobsleigh downhill in Lorica

Lorica, with its natural and unspoilt landscapes, remains the Pearl of the Sila, popular in summer for holidays and equally favoured as a winter destination for skiing in Calabria.

There are several hotels that allow you to easily reach, often on foot, the various ski lifts, and then return to the valley, as you like, flying down the snowy slopes.

Want to experience something innovative? Then, if you haven't done so yet, have fun on the 1000-metre-long artificial bobsleigh track.

Not far from the town of Lorica, about 2 km by road, you can reach the Botte Donato Cestovia, one of the highest peaks in the Sila National Park. Just think that we are at a height of no less than 1928 metres, from which you will be able to ski down the two slopes present, the blue one, more accessible to all, of 3,300 metres, and the red one, indicated for the more expert, of 1,000 metres.

Want to have fun with the ski lift? Then head to the nearby Valle Inferno slope, in the Cadicola di Coppa area. But know that the fun for winter sports enthusiasts does not end here. At an altitude of 1,500 metres, in the renowned Centro Fondo Carlo Magno, you can go cross-country skiing, on trails of 3, 5 and 7 kilometres in length.

Skiing in Calabria in Gambarie with a glimpse of the Aeolian Islands

Skiing in Calabria in Gambarie with a glimpse of the Aeolian Islands

Have you ever thought of waking up in the morning to find a spectacular panorama, with the crystal-clear sea of the Strait of Messina behind you and a white, snow-white mantle covering the mountains before you? This is the spectacle you will experience if you choose Gambarie, in the Aspromonte National Park area, for a weekend in the snow. Gambarie is one of the most evocative ski resorts and easy to reach, 20 minutes by car for those arriving from Reggio Calabria and about 50 minutes for those arriving from Messina.

Villaggio Palumbo the best equipped ski resort in Calabria

Villaggio Palumbo the best equipped ski resort in Calabria

How could we not mention one of the best-known and best-known destinations for winter sports and skiing in Calabria, not only for the presence of various sports centres, but above all for the many B&Bs, hotels and inns with multiple services and numerous offers for guests. But let's discover together what the Palumbo Village has in store for snow activities.

A ski lift allows you to reach the summit of Mount Gariglione at 1765 metres, from where you can launch yourself down 20 kilometres of red and green slopes.

Not even this ski resort lacks an artificial slope, where you can enjoy bobsleighing and there is also a skating rink where you can skate or play hockey.

If at some point you get tired of going on skis or walking around the SnowPark, no problem, you can move around on the comfortable snowmobiles that you can rent inside the SnowPark.

Looking for something unique to try and not forget? Try the fantastic night excursion with the snowcat, it will be an unforgettable experience.

Don't forget that some hotels in the hinterland propose promotions and offers with discounts for using the services of the sports centres, we advise you to inform yourself before booking your holiday.

Ski resorts, slopes and ski lifts in Calabria

Ski resorts, slopes and ski lifts in Calabria

- Where to ski in Calabria: the most beautiful ski resorts and slopes that the mountains of this beautiful region have to offer. Discover the towns where you can spend a day skiing and practise your favourite winter sport, kissed by the warm rays of the southern sun.

- Where to Ski in Calabria, everything you need to know about ski resorts. Let's discover together the favourite destinations for lovers of snow sports, so that you can enjoy a holiday of fun and relaxation.

- Where to Ski in Calabria: the 5 most interesting places where you can ski, let's discover them together.

- Skiing in Calabria in Camigliatello Silano, here it is the ski complex that stands out. Lots of hospitality, lots of professionalism and lots of fun in a truly suggestive natural setting.

- Fago del Soldato and the slopes at night of where to go skiing in Calabria. Don't miss this opportunity only here.

- Places to ski in Calabria and the bobsleigh run at Lorica. One of the most beautiful places in Sila, indicated and chosen by visitors. A ski complex at the foot of Lake Arvo, also suitable for cross-country skiing, consisting of two main runs, one 2.2 km long and the other 800 m long.

- In Gambarie, you can ski in Calabria with a view of the Aeolian Islands. Immersed in the Aspromonte National Park, it is the most important ski resort in Calabria in the south. Here, you will find two chairlifts and a ski lift to take you to the relevant ski slopes to spend your days in pure fun.

- Villaggio Palumbo is the best equipped ski resort in Calabria. Better known as PalumboSila is one of the best equipped places for mountain holidays in all seasons. The ski resort has several slopes, the longest of which is a good 2 km long, the so-called panoramic slope, with several detours that allow you to vary the route to your liking.

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