From north to south, discover with us 5 unmissable destinations to visit in Italy in February, perfect for a long weekend or a winter vacation. 

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In February, winter is at its highest, the shortest month of year is probably also the chillest, but the daily light is already longer and in Italy there are so many traditions and events to celebrate that it is one of the best time to plan a vacation in the Bel Paese. Ski season is at its best with mountains covered by fresh snow, Carnival, a very important Italian tradition, is at the top of its celebrations, and with Valentine's Day, the most romantic day of the year, February is the perfect month to travel to Italy for a winter vacation.

Where to go on holiday in Italy in February: the unmissable destinations for a winter vacation

Where to go on holiday in Italy in February

February is a good month to plan a winter vacation in Italy: it is cold (although less than in other part of Europe) but even though the crowded cities and the high season of spring breaks must still on way, the Alps covered by snow are the perfect location for all winter sport lovers and Carnival with its traditions and celebrations represent one of the most unique Italian events. From north to south, from mountains to islands, don't miss the chance to come to Italy in February, here you will find our ultimate guide about our unmissable Italian destinations for a lovely winter vacation.

5. Catania


There is always a good reason to travel to Sicily, the biggest Italian island, a land rich of history, culture and natural treasures. In February, the place to go is Catania, in order to celebrate with Sicilian people the Candelora (February 2), a traditional christian event which happens 40 days after Christmas, and over all Saint Agatha the patron Saint of the city. For three days (from the 3rd until the 5th of February 2024) full of events which mixed religious traditions and folklore, Catania captures over one million of people in its streets, with a spiritual feeling comparable only to the Holy week in Seville. Processions, fireworks show and markets involve the main places in the city center, with locals and tourists called to celebrate Saint Agatha.

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4. Venice


It is one of the oldest and stunning events to attend in Italy, Carnival of Venice is one of the festival to join at least once in the life with rituals, traditions and masks which date back to the Middle Age. During the weeks of Carnival, Venice, surely one of the most beautiful city in the world, is rich of events to take part in, most of them happening in the squares and canals of the old city. Even though this year the Carnival of Venice is set to start at the end of January, it is in February which the festival reaches its clou time. From Shrove Thursday (8th of February 2024) until Shrove Tuesday (13th of February 2024), distinctive masks fill the streets of Venice with parades and dance with the Eagle flight (volo dell'Aquila) scheduled in San Marco square on the last Sunday of Carnival, which in 2024 falls on the 11th of February.

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3. Pienza


Valentine's Day, which happens on the 14th of February, is nowadays celebrated everywhere. To this regard, Italy is the perfect destination if you are planning a romantic weekend with your better half, not only for its iconic cities and beautiful landscapes but also because in Tuscany there is a town considered the most romantic place to go: Pienza. Located in Val d'Orcia, a quintessence of Tuscany full of iconic corners famous all over the world, Pienza, better known as the ideal city of its times, represents a masterpiece of reinanssance architecture and strolling through two of its streets - Via dell'Amore (streets of love) and Via del Bacio (street of kiss) - is the best way to celebrate the most romantic day of the year.

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2. Val Gardena

Val Gardena

February is the best time of the year for all winter sport lovers, the daylight is longer but the temperatures are still chilly to practice ski and skate, the mountains are covered by fresh snow and Italy with Alps is the best destination for a winter vacation. Val Gardena, located in South Tyrol (the German-speaking area of Trentino Alto-Adige), is a perfect choice for a wonderful holiday thanks to its famous ski slopes which are usually part of the ski world cup circuit, its stunning landscapes on the peaks of Dolomites, and the traditional Ladin villages, Ortisei, Selva di Val Gardena and Santa Cristina Valgardena, with their German architecture and atmosphere.



If winter is not your preferred season, in Italy there is always the opportunity to be cuddled by thermal warm waters which are located in many Italian regions. Viterbo, a small city North of Rome, reachable in less than two hour by car from the eternal city, is a perfect destination for a weekend of relax thanks to its sulfurous waters which give well-being for skin and body system. Known as “the city of the Popes”, Viterbo has also a beautiful old city center which deserves a visit given the presence of the unmissable Cathedral and the Palace of the Popes. Because of its position, Viterbo represents a good start point if you want to plan a daily trip to discover also the eternal city of Rome.

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Where to go on holiday in Italy in February: choose your next destination

Where to go on holiday in Italy in February: choose your next destination

Mountain, baths, a city or a small town, choosing a beautiful location in Italy where to spend a winter vacation or a relax weekend is quite difficult because of the variety of beautiful destinations and experiences you can enjoy in Italy. From North to South, discovering religious events or traditional and unique festivals, don't miss the chance to travel to Italy this February in order to celebrate the winter season and the most romantic month of the year. 

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