Discover all the main areas for where Skiing in the Marche region for a fantastic holiday at high altitude. 

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With its high mountains and its particular geographical conformation, the Marches offer a particularly suitable area for skiing. For where Skiing in the Marche, in the inner part of the region, from north to south we will find numerous locations that will make the days particularly interesting.

Do you want to find out which are the best places to where Skiing in the Marche region?

There are various areas that host the best districts in the region according to Visit Italy, come with us and we will suggest some! Starting from the province of Pesaro Urbino we find Monte Carpegna, Monte Nerone and Monte Catria. Going down towards Macerata we find the slopes of Bolognola, Sarnano-Sassotetto and Frontignano Ussita, while for the province of Ascoli Piceno we find the Monte Piselli lifts right on the border with Abruzzo.

In the name of sport and entertainment: where Skiing in the Marche

 Skiing in the Marche

There are numerous slopes for skiing but not only, where Skiing in the Marche also means spending your days outdoors, relaxing and having fun. With ski areas that reach a total of 66km of slopes and 27 lifts, where Skiing in the Marche will be an experience that will not leave you disappointed. An ideal place for adults and children who in the many districts will also find other activities they can do such as snowboarding and sledging. And alternatively, you can also choose to spend a few hours in the warmth of one of the many equipped refuges, sipping a drink and enjoying the beautiful whitewashed landscape that nature offers.

Where Skiing in the Marches: Province of Macerata

sibillini mountains where skiing to marche

One of the most important ski resorts of the Umbria-Marche Apennines is located on the chain of the Sibillini Mountains and is Sarnano.

Here there are 15 km of groomed snow available where you can carve, surf and trace the snow and it is also possible to follow the route even after sunset to make the experience of where Skiing in the Marche even more special.

We also find the localities of Sassotetto-Maddalena where it will be possible to enjoy slopes and ski lifts of medium difficulty. The snow park is designed for snowboarders and is divided into areas of varying difficulty to allow both beginners and the more experienced to enjoy incomparable fun.

The ski facilities of the Maddalena Snow park include 5 downhill slopes (1 black slope, 3 red slopes, and 1 blue slope) which extend to a minimum altitude of 1300 meters. to a maximum of 1680 meters. asl, with annexed school fields and two ski schools.

Continuing we find the ski resort of Bolognola, an area of medieval origin under whose highest peak, Monte Rotondo, we find a waterfall of natural origin of Acquasanta. A super popular destination for winter sports equipped with ski lifts and slopes of varying difficulty.

There are 8 ski resorts with 6.5 km of slopes (3 blue, 3 red, 2 black), ranging from a height of 1050 up to 1590 meters above sea level. In Bolognola it is possible to rent equipment such as skis and snowboards to "perform" on the slopes and do slalom, super G.

Finally, the locality of Frontignano di Ussita, immersed in the Monti Sibillini park, is one of the main ski areas in the Marche region. The district has 8 slopes of medium-easy difficulty and is equipped with school camps, a sled area and a snow park and in the center is the large Saliere refuge.

Where Skiing in the Marches: Province of Pesaro Urbino

corsini refuge where skiing to marche

For all enthusiasts who choose to spend their days on the snow in this part of the Umbria-Marche territory, they will undoubtedly rest their skis on the beautiful slopes of Monte Catria, in Frontone. Ski area where snow is guaranteed for most of the winter months.

An ideal destination for families and enthusiasts of all ages, Monte Catria has a 9 km long skiable area served by ski lifts, cable cars and chair lifts. At the departure of the chairlift it will also be possible to rent all the necessary equipment to fully enjoy your winter holidays. Furthermore, to brighten up your days of sport and entertainment, it is advisable to pay a visit to the La cupa delle Cotaline refuge where you can taste the main delicacies of the area and also take advantage of it to stay overnight in this beautiful location.

Another very famous area is Piobbico located in the Monte Nerone area, famous for its high peaks (1525m above sea level) and for its 5 ski resorts which in total offer 6 km of skiable slopes including 2 blue and 3 red.

For snowboarding enthusiasts there is an equipped area adjacent to the slope where you can practice the sport in total tranquility and near the Corsini Refuge there is a school camp, a bobsleigh track and a snow park for adults and children.

Where Skiing in the Marches: Province of Ascoli Piceno

chair lift where skiing to marche

Located on the northern slope of the Montagna dei Fiori, the ski resorts of Monte Piselli are located within the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park.

The resort offers a chair lift, a ski lift and 2 treadmills which allow you to reach the 9 slopes of which 5 are red and 4 are green. The red slope, the longest one, with its 2265 meters offers an unparalleled experience and on sunny days it makes the descents to the valley fascinating by offering a sea view which is only 30 km away from the slope.

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