Are you looking for a destination that can offer you history, nature, blue sea and heavenly beaches? Then Alghero is the right destination for you.

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You will have the opportunity to choose a holiday in total relaxation between accommodation immersed in the nature that surrounds the city, in an apartment or in a hotel a few steps from the sea.

If you are a lover of worldliness you will have a lot of choice among the various accommodation facilities of the city, just as evocative the lofts of the historic city.

Alghero gives the opportunity to many to admire its beauty as it offers different solutions for different budgets.

Alghero and its historic centre

Alghero coral jewel

Located to the north-west of Sardinia, Alghero is among the most popular destinations in the region.

Its historic center is characteristic, paved with granite and protected by the ancient walls, one of the few cities to have preserved almost intact.

It houses numerous buildings in Catalan Gothic style including the imposing Cathedral of Santa Maria.

The church of San Francesco dates back to the fourteenth century as well as the church of San Michele with its unique dome decorated with colored tiles.

The bastions and the ancient Aragonese towers.

The coral museum houses numerous works made with the precious "red gold" as well as its workmanship and its history.

Alghero is called "coral riviera" because its seabed is home to the most important colony in the Mediterranean.

Important for the local economy, for years it has been abused and only in recent decades its fishing has been regulated by strict rules.

Alghero coral coast

Alghero beach of Lazzaretto

Alghero offers you beaches with white sand and fine.

Its sea with crystal clear waters and shades of turquoise and blue are what will make you fall in love with Alghero.

The sea takes on different shades and characteristics in every season.

Among the most famous beaches is Lazzaretto beach, with its characteristic Aragonese tower in the background and its coves.

The most popular beach of Le Bombarde.

The famous Lido that runs along the city with its low tide. The beach of Maria Pia surrounded by the green of its pine forest runs along the coast to the nearby village of Fertilia.

You can not help but admire the sunsets, during the summer season are the attraction of the city.

Among the most photographed and admired from any corner of the city.

You can not help but dedicate at least one shot, with Capo Caccia ( the sleeping giant) in the background is among the most striking that you can observe.

There are many sports activities that you can practice along the coast, in the different establishments that offer the possibility to rent the equipment useful for the performance of different water sports.

Alghero : not only sea

Alghero cave of broken vases

Alghero hosts in its territory one of the largest regional parks: the Park of Porto Conte.

The park also includes the marine protected area of Capo Caccia with the numerous underwater caves and the famous Neptune Caves.

You can reach the caves with the ferry that leaves from the marina of Alghero or along the famous staircase of the "Cabirol" that with its 654 steps will take you to the caves giving you breathtaking views overlooking the sea.

You will have the opportunity to go hiking or a simple walk.

Also famous is the railway track which takes its name from the homonymous staircase.

Visit the famous "cave of broken vases" or take a walk on the cape of Punta Giglio among the Mediterranean shrubs and forts dating back to the Great War.

No less interesting is the Nuraghe Palmavera which also offers a magnificent view of the Gulf of Alghero, Sant'Imbenia which houses the remains of an ancient Roman Villa and the Necropolis of Anghelu Ruju.

They constitute the great historical value of the city.

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