Set aside your umbrella and raincoat and plan your trip with our 5 tips on what to do in Venice when it rains

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You've finally arrived in Venice, one of the most charming and romantic cities in Italy, but suddenly, as you walk through the calli, it starts raining. 

Don't panic: there are plenty of (dry) places where you can take refuge and still be amazed. So, here we want to suggest what to do in Venice when it rains without ruining your vacation and above all without opening your umbrella. Let's go!

Our guide about what to do in Venice when it rains

Our guide about what to do in Venice when it rains

As a city of art, history and good food, Venice has perhaps more than any other a special relationship with water. The unbreakable relationship with its lagoon is unquestionable, and photos of tourists advancing through a submerged St. Mark's Square, challenging the weather, frequently make the world rounds during high-water periods when floods invade the calli and the squares. 

This proves how out of the ordinary the Serenissima is, where rain and bad weather are not an obstacle, but almost a natural scenography. And that's why here we explain how to take advantage of the weather for a definitely original visit: come with us to find out what to do in Venice when it rains.

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5. Refuel yourself with a spritz and cicchetti

what to do in Venice when it rains: spritz and cicchetti

After a long cultural walk, the best way to relax is having a nice aperitivo. Veneto is the region where you can enjoy the best spritzes of your life, which are joined by the famous cicchetti, tiny appetizer served on slices of bread or polenta bites. Along with this classic drink (a mix of prosecco wine, soda and Aperol or Campari) you can taste a ever-present finger food, which existed long before this concept became a trend.

Some typicals? Marinated anchovies, sarde in saor, meat or fish balls or the traditional baccalà mantecato. And that's why a visit to the city's bacari, the inns where this combination is served, is a must for the late afternoon: here's what to do in Venice when it rains without thinking too much about it if you're getting a craving.

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Along with gondolas, Murano glass and masks are certainly the most famous symbols of Venice, and for this reason we want to introduce you to a magical and timeless place where they are the protagonists. The Glass Cathedral Santa Chiara is a charming and old-fashioned and princely-styled space, a former church whose floor was walked on by the Doges and their courts and within which there is an active glass furnace. Since 2016, the structure has hosted numerous events, masquerade balls and themed parties that will allow you to travel back in time and show off an 18th-century look for a true ball.

In particular, during the Carnival period, you can attend The Glass Slippers, a unique experience that includes a lavish dinner gala and a DJ set with performance that draws its inspiration from the story of Cinderella and her slipper - which will come to life before your eyes thanks to the glassmakers' mastery.

3. Assisting in the making of glass and masks

What to do in Venice when it rains: glass workshop

If admiring fine glass artifacts and wearing a mask is not enough for you, you should know that if you want you can witness their creation right in front of your eyes. Yes, because among the listing of what to do in Venice when it rains, we offer you an unforgettable experience, a tour consisting of a visit to an handmade mask workshop and a blown glass factory. 

The greatest Venetian artists, whose creativity has made Carnival a must-see event and glass one of our priceless treasures, will be there to show you all the stages and techniques behind the creation of precious and valuable artworks. You will also have the opportunity to take home your own personalized mask. 

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A highlight of the local and national art repertoire is certainly the Peggy Guggenheim Collection. If you're asking yourself what to do in Venice when it rains, this world-famous museum space is certainly the answer you're looking for.

The collection is located in Palazzo Venier dei Leoni, a splendid architectural example above the water on the Canal Grande, which was the residence of Peggy Guggenheim, the famous collector and patron, from 1949 to 1979 and which shortly after became the proper museum that we know today. Priceless masterpieces by the most celebrated names in twentieth-century - such as Mondrian, Pollock, Klee, Picasso Magritte, Kandinsky, and many others - who glorified contemporary European and American art, are here. If you're in the mood for a walk through art when bad weather is raging outside, read our article about it.  

Let's complete our escape from the rain by stepping up to St. Mark's bell tower and discovering a breathtaking view from above. The basilica, also known as the Golden Church, is a stunning example of Byzantine architecture, dominating the square of the same name with its majesty, with its triumph of mosaics and precious stones set in marble to house the remains of the Patron Saint of the Serenissima. At the highest point, the view is truly special and provides you an alternative and privileged perspective of the square, the Doge's Palace and the entire lagoon – an authentic real-time postcard. 

Choose what to do in Venice when it rains for your vacation

Venice when it rains: choose what to do

Tasting the authenticity of Venice, as you may have seen, is possible even when the sky is gray and the sun doesn't feel like coming out. Indeed, in this fascinating city, bad weather conributes to add a romantic, decadent touch and encourage a visit to those indoor places that perhaps, in warmer weather, you would not consider. Choose what to do in Venice when it rains from the options we've suggested to make you feel like a proper Venetian.

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