A day trip to explore Piacenza: discover the one-day itinerary through the historical centre, residences, museums, libraries, good food and good wine.

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If you have a little day off and you are searching for some good vibes… then you’re just planning to visit Piacenza, and here’s a Visit Italy itinerary that you might find helpful. The historical city centre with its ancient Gothic and medieval buildings, its museums and also great food.

What to do, when to go and why visit it? Discover Piacenza with us!

Where is Piacenza?

Piacenza is the most western city of the Emilia-Romagna region, in Northern Italy. It has strong relations with Lombardy (in particular with Milan) with which it borders.

Dating back to Roman times when it was known as "Placentia" (desire for pleasure) or "Terra di passo" (Land of passage) – as was called by Leonardo da Vinci thanks to its geographical location – the city has characteristics of the Ligurian and Lombard territories added to a prevalent Emilian imprint. As a result, it has a diverse cultural heritage, with influences from many different periods and regions.

How to reach Piacenza?

Piacenza city skyline

It is very simple to reach Piacenza whether by car (from anywhere in northern Italy it will be a few hours away) or by train: the city's station is only a few minutes walk from the city centre.

Also, you will only need a day to visit the town, but if you want to fully experience the territory, we recommend spending at least a weekend in this magical place.


When to go?

It is always nice to visit Piacenza. During summer, you can get lost in the streets of the centre or visit the vineyards and restaurants or festivals in the villages of the province, as well as take a few refreshing dips in the river Trebbia – much loved by the locals for its crystal-clear water.In winter, on the other hand, it is more time for museums and architectural tours. In any case, we recommend trying the restaurants in and around the city, which include some names from the Michelin Guide.

What to do?

One day in Piacenza: restaurants

La Palta Restaurant - MICHELIN Guide

Situated on the banks of the Po River, is well known for its rich history, art and architecture, but also for its wine, cheese and cured meats. Perfect for a romantic getaway or a day out in the countryside enjoying good food and wine.

There are several things to do in Piacenza days and nights. Here are some suggestions:

• Start your day with a great breakfast in Corso Vittorio Emanuele II (the main street of this medieval city). We suggest trying the meringues of Galetti, a historical patisserie of Piacenza. Take a stroll around the historic city centre, where you can admire the beautiful architecture and charming streets, also beautifully illuminated at night.

• From that, you can walk to Piazza Cavalli where you can find Palazzo Gotico, a 13th-century gothic-style palace that now serves as the town hall and is worth a visit. 

• Then stop by the summit of Duomo di Piacenza (Piacenza Cathedral). This beautiful Romanesque church dates to the 12th century and features stunning artwork and frescoes, as well as a breathtaking view over the city.

• Enjoy some delicious Italian food at one of the many local restaurants in the city centre or in the many gastronomies where you can still find Tortelli and Anolini as from the tradition.

• If you get the chance, take a tour inside the Passerini-Landi library, and ask about the "silence study room", where you can find a beautiful example of a completely renovated historical archive.

• Make sure to stop by Palazzo Farnese. The palace of the Dukes was built in the 16th century and is considered one of the most important examples of Renaissance architecture in Italy, which preserves a large collection of works of art from all over Italy.

• Piacenza has several bars, cafes and local wineries where you can enjoy a drink or an aperitivo in the evening (or just before lunch).

• Watch a movie or a play: Teatro Municipale and Cinema Corso are beautiful theatres that host a variety of cultural events, including plays, concerts, and movie screenings.

We recommend

We recommend