What to do in Bari at night? Discover with us how to have fun in Apulia's main city. 

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What to do in Bari at night, between sea and reality

Try to close your eyes and imagine the sea breeze gently brushing your hair. Surrender to the sound of the waves crashing through the rocks of the seafront and paint the scene of the perfect night with the reflection on the water of the traditional street lights.  0

What to do in Bari at night: where tradition meets entertainment

what to do in Bari at night
Well-known is not always a synonym for lovely as well as modernity is not always a synonym for amusement. In the ancient part of the city, known as Bari vecchia (= old Bari) you will find the perfect marriage between contemporary and traditional, history and innovation, folklore and entertainment. Surrounded by walls, this old residential area once considered to be dangerous, is now the heart of Bari’s nightlife where pubs, restaurants and wine bars perfectly coexist and blend in with the local environment. You will be surprised from the past of this city brought back to life thanks to the variety of services available and to the warmth of its citizens. With its prosperous flow and continuous movement, the nights in Bari are a meeting point for different generations and cultures. In a city where charm and uniqueness are its unquestionable synonyms, do not hesitate to indulge yourself the touching experience of a promenade at the moonlight! Get lost in the narrow and winding alleys of the old town and enjoy the night with the sound of live music and laughs echoing among the streets while drinking a cocktail or a good glass of wine. Le chat noir offers a wide selection of all types of wines in a location which is a dive in the past with a modern approach. A characteristic place where to spend your night in the real heart of the old town.

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