Milan city of art, work, fashion, opportunities and innovation. There are endless definitions for the most European metropolis in Italy. But what is it that really makes it famous in the world?

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Milan is one of the main art cities of Italy. New installations and temporary exhibitions are the order of the day, while the museums that crowd the metropolis are always open.

But it is also the entertainment capital, with its thousands of clubs, pubs, discos, experiences and attractions of all kinds. In the city there are also the most excellent Italian regional cuisines, not to mention the ethnic ones.

Milan never stops, it knows how to create work, but it also knows how to party. How many things is Milan all together? It would be impossible to list all of them and it is very difficult to identify the aspects that make it so famous all over the world. So let’s try to scratch at least the surface and deepen the 5 faces of Milan that undoubtedly everyone is able to recognize at first glance.

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5. Milano Fair

Fiera Milano (Milano fair) does not mean a single event, but the entire exhibition system of the city. Every year, in fact, for over a century, the number of such appointments is almost incalculable. Over time, Milan has gradually gone through specialization involving many sectors.

Entire districts are historically dedicated to the activity, such as Rho Fieramilano and Fieramilanocity, which continue to offer the most varied experiences. The events hosted are of international importance, such as the BITBorsa Internazionale del Turismo (International Tourism Exchange), the Artigiano in Fiera (Artisan at the Fair) and the Milan Design Week.

It is certainly not only exhibitions and conferences, but also and above all opportunities for cultural exchange and professional growth, thanks to the many meetings of training and discussion with the world of work.

4. The apericena (aperitif-dinner)

Milan is also the italian capital of nightlife. On any day, festive or weekdays, the streets and clubs come alive, generally starting from 18.00: it is the time of the aperitif.

A tradition that is now a real culture, that anyone who comes to Milan can not fail to absorb. Between drinks and cocktails (in which the best bars are specialized) more and more people linger. That’s how you end up to combine the aperitif with dinner, thanks to the delicious and especially abundant dishes that are served.

This is the apericena (aperitif-dinner). The whole city is full of perfect places to make it, but if you are spoiled for choice, know that the Naviglio is certainly the right place.

3. Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci spent one of his longest stays in Milan. Since his arrival at the court of Ludovico il Moro, the Florentine genius has breathed the atmosphere dense art of the city, coming to produce right here his greatest masterpieces. Like the frescoed vault of the Sala delle Asse (Sforza castle), the Virgin of the Rocks and the Lady with an ermine. The Trivulzian Codex, rich in designs and drawings, is still kept at the Trivulziana library. And what about the Last Supper? Suffice it to say that King Francis I fell in love with him so much that he wanted to take him to court in France. Luckily he’s still in Santa Maria delle Grazie.

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2. Milano Fashion week

Milan Fashion Week

The Milan Fashion Week takes place twice a year and the fashion victims wait for nothing else! It is even one of the most important events in the world. Yes, because thanks to it Milan has become fully one of the Big Four. We’re talking about the four fashion capitals of the world. The other three are New York, London and Paris.

For the rest of the year, however, all the streets of the center remain dotted with outlets and boutiques of all kinds. For the luxury outfit the reference point is always the Quadrilateral of fashion, with the famous Via Montenapoleone.

1. The Duomo

The Duomo, Milan

The great abundance of works, exhibitions and monuments must always give way to the undisputed symbol of the city: the Duomo.

It is the first image that comes to mind thinking about Milan and it is the first obligatory stop for anyone who comes to visit. An eternal construction site that from the ‘300 does not stop to impress with its gothic majesty. And the famous statue of Madonnina (The Lady) does not stop to pride the Milanese from its sacred gilding. 

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