Oases of peace and breathtaking scenery, come with us to discover 20 wellness retreats in Italy, lovely places to find yourself.

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Staying in a lighthouse transformed into an exclusive hotel overlooking the sea, on the wild Sardinian cliff, or in ancient farmhouses immersed in the scents of the countryside where you can still see fireflies. Living for a few days in a castle to feel like a blue-blooded person.

Or immerse yourself in the infinity pool overlooking the sea of the Amalfi coast. Or still savor the silence of the caves, in an unusual hotel within the stones of Matera. Here are 20 wonderful wellness retreats in Italy where you can get away from everyday life and rediscover the rhythm of well-being.

Which one would you choose?

Wellness Retreats in Italy

wellness retreats in italy

Places of the mind, imagined only to escape the daily tiredness? No, real havens of peace and well-being. As the ancient Romans said “Beata Solitudo, solo Beatitudo”. In these 20 wellness retreats in Italy you will have the opportunity to cultivate the art of beauty, regenerate body and spirit. Latin otium was not the time of doing nothing, but it was the space of the soul.

Leisure for the ancient Romans was a time dedicated to everything that wasn't business, public life. A space to take care of yourself, your body, and your mind. For Ovid it was essential because without personal time it was not possible to carry out any professional activity effectively. So, let's treasure the wisdom of the ancients.

Unusual, fabulous, we have collected twenty different wellness retreat possibilities in Italy to fully enjoy yourself.

20. Villa Riviera Resort (Liguria)

20 wellness retreats in italy

Between Portofino and Cinque Terre, an oasis of beauty up to the highest international standards. Villa Riviera Resort is in the silence of nature, near the small center of Lavagna, from here you can constantly observe the infinity of the sea. A widespread hotel that welcomes its guests in two ancient villas immersed in a 15,000m2 park facing the sea. The flagship is an infinity pool with a view of the entire gulf. Attention the resort is Adult only dedicated to relaxation for couples. The keywords are privacy and relaxation. Aria and Terra are the two Resort’s restaurants, to draw attention to the beauty of the area and the delicious foods made with local products.

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19. Relais San Maurizio (Piedmont)

Relais San Maurizio (Piedmont)

Located in the Piedmontese Langhe (UNESCO World Heritage Site) 3 km from the town of Santo Stefano Belbo, the Relais San Maurizio is a place of peace, perhaps due to the origins of the building: an ancient 17th century monastery. The Relais is immersed in a centuries-old park in which we also find a medicinal garden and an organic vegetable garden. But that's not the only cure you'll have, inside the structure there is a wellness center specialized in yoga recovery. What better place to breathe together with nature following your own biorhythm. Indoor and outdoor pools, thalassotherapy caves to purify you and starred cuisine. A union between tradition and modern comfort for the rooms and suites created from the ancient cells of the monks.

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18. Au Charmant Petit Lac (Valle D’Aosta)

Au Charmant Petit Lac (Valle D’Aosta)

Valle D'Aosta, Champoluc five-star luxury in these parts corresponds to eco-sustainability giving life to the Echohotel Parc&Spa Au charming petit Lac. Respect for the environment travels together with natural beauty and extreme comfort. An architectural style made of organic lines where the main material is wood. The water that flows in the hydraulic system comes directly from a spring located at the foot of Monte Rosa and reaches the lake that gives the structure its name.

Walks are recommended both in the green summer meadows and with skis on your feet, finding yourself after a long day in the vapors of the sauna or in the herbal tea area. The rooms all have large windows to enjoy the view of the mountains: the majestic Monte Rosa or the enchanting view of Zerbion.

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17. Manna Resort (Trentino-Alto Adige)

Manna Resort (Trentino-Alto Adige)

Valle dell’Adige, immersed in the nature of the gentle altitudes, Manna Luxury Resort will allow you to experience all the nuances of well-being. On the slopes of the Monte Corno natural park the Manna Resort is built in local stone, wood and brass with the precise idea of low environmental impact. Project in symbiosis with the landscape, structured in suites and independent apartments surrounded by nature. At guests' disposal a Spa with a profoundly oriental taste, we also find some staff originally from Thailand. Indoor and outdoor pools ideally continue in the small artificial swimming bio-lake.

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16. Musa lago di Como (Lombardia)

Musa lago di Como (Lombardia)

We are on "That branch of Como Lake, which turns to noon..." in these areas the Italian dream becomes reality. Como Lake is perhaps the most famous, visited every year by many international tourists and VIPs. The lake stretches out at the feet of the Alps, but its climate is always mild.

The exclusive resort overlooks the lake directly, extending with its jetty right into the water. From the windows of its interior living room, you can enjoy the view of the calm waters, where it will be possible to go out for a boat ride to discover the hidden treasures of which this area is rich. Even two days in these parts will be enough to regenerate yourself with peace and harmony. Rooms, suites and private residences, swimming pool, hammam, restaurant all perfectly integrated with the territory, the philosophy here is green.

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15. Hotel La Perla (Friuli-Venezia Giulia)

Hotel La Perla (Friuli-Venezia Giulia)

Situated 28 km from the Austrian border, the La Perla hotel is in Ravascletto, in Carnia. Landscapes beyond the Alps and Italian traditions. Mountains, walks, fresh air, exercise and then relax in the wellness center. At breakfast the possibility of being able to taste Friulian specialties and discover a bit of Italianisms. This location is still unknown to mass tourism and is frequented by those looking for pristine corners. The structure is reminiscent of a mountain cabin with wood, glass, and colorful geraniums on the balconies. Simplicity, comfort, and hospitality but above all the possibility of immersing yourself in the local tradition. In winter, the large fireplace lights up to warm souls in front of the large Fogolar Furlan.

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14. Byblos Art Hotel Villa Amistà (Veneto)

Byblos Art Hotel Villa Amistà (Veneto)

Veneto, Valpolicella wine region, but not only, here we are in a 15th century villa built in Venetian style. Art is central for this hotel and transforms it into a veritable museum of contemporary art and design, where works by internationally renowned artists coexist beautifully with frescoes and original exhibits. This is accompanied by a scrupulous choice of interior furnishings. Suites and rooms are within the reach of an Art critic, you will find yourself face to face with works by Alighiero Boetti and Marina Abramovich. The 5-star hotel is surrounded by a splendid 20 square meter park with water features and marble fountains from nearby Verona. Enjoy a dip in the elegant infinity pool and enjoy a nouvelle cuisine dinner, here it is possible.

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13. Palazzo di Varignana Resort&Spa (Emilia-Romagna)

Palazzo di Varignana Resort&Spa (Emilia-Romagna)

The palace of Varignana Resort&Spa is surrounded by the verdant hills of Emilia-Romagna, not far from Bologna. A farm of over 500 hectares of land and food at km 0 where you can get away from the noise of the city, while not being far away. Country castle built in 1705 by Francesco Angiolini, one of the best-known Bolognese architects of the time, has become the structure we see today through a project to recover historic buildings and abandoned land.

You will find yourself among vines and centenary olive trees with the possibility of eating local products, relaxing in hot thermal waters, playing sports, or simply getting lost in the countryside with a book in hand to take advantage of the shade of an olive tree as if the city no longer existed.

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12. Abbadia Sicille Relais (Tuscany)

Abbadia Sicille Relais (Tuscany)

Torquada, in the province of Siena, on the hills that separate the Val di Chiana from the Val d'Orcia, we find a magical place, home of the order of the Templars of Malta, the Abbadia Sicille has an ancient history that goes back to the Etruscan era as testifies to his name Sicille. Inside the village there is a large outdoor swimming pool where guests can cool off while enjoying the tranquility of the Sienese hills. In the village there is also a church, still consecrated where fifteenth-century frescoes of the Sienese school can still be admired. The Suites and rooms are rustic in style, but very well kept and equipped with all comforts. The restaurant offers traditional regional dishes, always attentive to seasonality.

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11. Hotel Relais Todini (Umbria)

Hotel Relais Todini (Umbria)

A few km from Todi, on the top of a hill surrounded by the vast countryside of the estate which covers 1000 hectares, the Relais Todini is in an ancient manor house owned by an ancient family of the area, from which the structure takes the name. A panoramic swimming pool, a tennis court, a gym, and a wellness center also make your stay a pleasant opportunity to reinvigorate your body. The refinement of the furnishings in the suites and rooms recalls the Umbrian taste. The restaurant overlooking the wonderful city of Todi will satisfy the desires of the palate with dishes of the most typical Umbrian tradition.

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10. Castello Montegiove country-resort (Marche)

Castello Montegiove country-resort (Marche)

At the gates of Fano, not far from the Dante’s Gradara, home of the love of Paolo and Francesca, in this castle you can imagine yourself as princes and princesses of a distant era, walk in the courtyard surrounded by a wonderful portico, eat in the Tower, or browse in the cellars, real caves dug into the tuff, to imagine secret doors and underground walkways or really discover them. Surrounded by greenery, but a stone's throw from the sea, the Montegiove Castle will allow you total calm. And if you don't want to practice idleness, in addition to golf, the hotel offers tastings and visits to the area from the ancient heart of the city of Fano to the wine cellars of the area.

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9. Hotel La Posta Vecchia (Lazio)

Hotel La Posta Vecchia (Lazio)

A few km from Fiumicino airport and the roar of the capital we find the starred hotel La Posta Vecchia, a magnificent refuge where the Tyrrhenian Sea crashes on the beach. Jazz background, ancient tapestries, and mosaics from the Roman era. An internal museum with ancient artifacts is accessible only to guests. The rooms are designed with refined details and furnishings, a charm that brings you back to the past but is equipped with contemporary comforts. The Hotel La Posta Vecchia is the gateway to the wonders of Lazio. A swimming pool and a restaurant complete the services of this structure which represents one of the most exclusive places where you can stay in Lazio.

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8. Baia Delphis Resort (Abbruzzo)

Baia Delphis Resort (Abbruzzo)

Adriatic coast, long beaches of light sand bathed by crystalline blue sea, like the color of the rooms and suites that recall the sea: the lightness of the waves. Baia Delphis Resort is located on the famous Costa dei Trabocchi, in Vasto in Abbruzzo. Passing a small arch, you will find yourself as if by magic in an enchanted place composed of white and blue, with private access to the sea and a beautiful indoor swimming pool. In the evening the lights of the garden come on, at dusk you can observe the silhouette of the Trabocchi in the distance and relax to the sound of the waves breaking on the shoreline. Turisiope, the hotel restaurant, will amaze you with signature dishes and local products.

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7. Hotel Margherita (Campania)

Hotel Margherita (Campania)

Amalfi coast, Praiano, Margherita hotel has a view of the sea with a splendid terrace with a panoramic swimming pool, where you can dive even in the evening because it is heated. Looking at Capri, Positano and Amalfi, this hotel is made for a relaxing holiday and good food, but also to climb the green hills full of citrus and olive trees and if you don't suffer from vertigo, set out on the Path of the Gods, a nature trail of about 9 km famous for its sky-line that crosses the Amalfi coast, among the most suggestive in the world. The rooms all overlook the sea and recall the colors of this land. The restaurant is based on a careful search for fresh and seasonal ingredients.

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6. La Piana dei Mulini (Molise)

La Piana dei Mulini (Molise)

An ancient rural stone village in the heart of Molise, La Piana dei Mulini is located next to a river that has fed the mills of the area for a long time, in the province of Campobasso, just a few minutes from the Campitello Matese mountain and the seaside of Termoli. Scent of fresh grass and the light and discreet sound of nature if you decide to venture along the path of ancient sheep tracks. Once these buildings housed the wool processing of the transhumant flocks. The rooms are a tribute to the ancient history and wit of the local communities of Molise, wrought iron, local stone on the outside, warm wooden beams on the ceilings. In the kitchen of the restaurant, in addition to well-kept traditional dishes, you can taste the extra virgin olive oil from the Biferno Valley.

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5. Masseria Francescani (Apulia)

Masseria Francescani (Puglia)

Masseria Francescani is in one of the most evocative corners of the Salento countryside, in Torre Chianca in the province of Lecce. Interweaving and imaginary bridge between past traditions and present values, the Masseria is a place from which you can allow yourself to observe the slow passing of time. The rooms are spacious, including some suites with private whirlpool tubs, modern lines alternate with the use of ancient materials. In the garden, among the olive trees, there is a beautiful swimming pool. Each dish present in the breakfasts and meals follows the seasonality of the territory.

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4. Sextantio le Grotte della Civita (Basilicata)

Sextantio le Grotte della Civita (Basilicata)

Located in the Sassi of Matera, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in the places that served as the backdrop for Mel Gibson's film: The Passion, Sextantio offers you the opportunity to stay inside the caves, transformed into exclusive accommodations with all the comforts. Sextantio is a cultural project for the conservative recovery of 18 caves. The whole complex is in the oldest part of the Sassi: La Civita, overlooking the Gravina stream. The interior design is quite minimalistic, yet elegant. The spearhead of Sextantio is the wellness part, nothing better than indulging in a massage treatment inside your cave, with scented oils, herbal teas, and numerous lit candles.

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3. Hotel Grand San Michele (Calabria)

Hotel Grand San Michele (Calabria)

Along the Tyrrhenian coast of Calabria, 5 km from the city of Cetraro in the province of Cosenza, the Grand San Michele hotel overlooks a very high cliff, a superb view, the charm of this structure captivates at first glance. Here it is possible to play golf looking at the marvelous colors of the Tyrrhenian Sea or go down and observe it more closely by practicing snorkeling. On clear days you can see the Aeolian Islands or relax on one of the many terraces to watch the sunset in complete relaxation. Hectares of greenery surround the hotel, which also has a farm that produces the typical products that are served to guests in the renowned restaurant.

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2. Eremo della Giubiliana (Sicily)

Eremo della Giubiliana (Sicily)

Located south of Ragusa, at the point where the plateau is covered with carob trees and gently slides towards the sea, the Eremo della Giubiliana is more a place of the mind than a real site, a place to take refuge in the spirit and rediscover calm. An elegant structure that stands out in the surrounding nature

The rooms equipped with every comfort are furnished with Sicilian period furniture. The excellent restaurant of the Eremo della Giubiliana offers traditional Sicilian dishes. If guests wish, they can participate in Sicilian cooking classes organized by the hotel chefs. Land rover excursions or scenic flights in the hotel's private plane are a rare opportunity.

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1. Faro Capo Spartivento (Sardinia)

Faro Capo Spartivento (Sardinia)

On the top of the Sardinian promontory of Capo Spartivento, nestled in the cliffs of south-western Sardinia, stands Faro Capo Spartivento. We are in Chia, 50 km from Cagliari. Once housing for the workers of the lighthouse, transformed, after an ambitious renovation project, into the first lighthouse in Italy intended for hospitality. An exclusive residence, where silence and beauty reign. Admirable example of recovery of milestone architecture. You will have the opportunity to stay in an authentic piece of history.

A few steps from the lighthouse, among immense sand dunes and rocky headlands, you will find small, uncrowded coves with crystal clear water. Those who love golf can take advantage of the Is Mola Golf club, one of the most fascinating technical courses in the Mediterranean.

Inside the Faro complex, an exclusive 5-star hotel, we find infinity pools and whirlpool tubs. In the heart of the Lighthouse, on the first floor, we find four suites, where the color white predominates, and two mini-apartments with a private garden. On the second floor, a large 250m2 terrace offers a 360-degree panorama. The last round of steps concludes the ascent towards the lantern, a few steps from the rotating optics to imagine the solitary life of the lighthouse keepers.

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