After this year, everything you need is to relax and wellness! Wellness in your body and your spirit. Campania, particularly the area of Campi Flegrei, with its volcanic geographic conformation, has always been the perfect place because of its proliferation of thermal springs. Let's go together to discover what are the benefits of the spa and why Campi Flegrei is the right choice...

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The thermal baths benefits

Thermal baths are used to sort many disturbances to the body functions with therapeutic, detox and rehabilitation aims. Thermal water is composed of sulfur, iodine, chlorine, iron, calcium and other microelements. 

Thermal waters can be classified based on their temperature when they flow from their font: hypothermal (20 - 30°C), thermal (30 - 40°C), hyperthermal (over 40°C). The waters aren't all the same and every pathology needs a specific kind of water. 

According to the thermal water's composition, it is possible to have more remedies for different diseases, such as:

respiratory diseases (sinusitis, otitis, etc.);dermatological diseases (ex. dermatitis): particularly indicated for the skin the sulphurous thermal waters;strengthening of the immune system: thermal baths make the stronger organism against seasonal illnesses;purification: besides purifying the body, the spa helps to purify the breath increasing respiratory functions and removing impurities;intestinal infections: some thermal waters are potable and indicated for those who have an irritable colon, constipation, bowel irregularity;relax: besides relaxing your body, the spa is good also for your spirit, improving sleep quality and relaxing your mind;beneficial effect on articular cartilage;anti-inflammatory effect, thanks to the sulfur and baking soda in the thermal waters;benefits for problems of rheumatism, arthrosis, vascular disease. 

Mud therapy benefits


Mud therapy is a beauty and health treatment made with mud. It has ancient origins and has been used as treatment and skincare.  It is a thermal therapy made with thermal mud left to infuse in special containers for 50-60 days.  

It is useful for those who suffer from disorders of the skeletal system and skin, dermatological illnesses, degenerative or post-traumatic arthropathies, or simply for getting better the appearance of the skin. It is a beauty treatment very used and appreciated with very ancient origins, since the Roman period. 

Its benefits are local and general: local if they concern the application area and general if they act on the whole body. 

Qui se ipsum amat in hunc locum venit (Whoever loves can not help but frequent this beautiful corner of paradise)

Motto Terme Stufe di Nerone

Campi Flegrei: its spa and healing waters


Before being a geographic area, Campi Flegrei represents an evocative area of classical mythology. This land with extraordinary natural sources and landscapes was set of many stories described in Odyssey: Lago D'Averno was the Entrance to the Hells, Cuma was the oldest city of Magna Grecia. 

The Phlegrean area was the burial place of some of the Giants that Hercules confronted and defeated on behalf of Zeus. The area was called "Phlegrean" (from ancient Greek flegrais = "burning") because of the plagues made to the Giants by the divine thunderbolt and produced eruptions of water and fire. From this its richness of sulfur, fire and warm water among Pozzuoli, Baia and Cuma.

The Ancient Romans chose Campi Flegrei to build their imperial villas and as their place to cure themselves and enjoy moments of relaxation. The spa was a proper meeting spot divided into three sections: frigidarium, tepidarium, calidarium; a path that was very good for the body both in terms of health and aesthetics. 

Stufe di Nerone: wellness and history in Campi Flegrei

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Its name (that means "Nerone's chambers") is for the happening in this area of the assassination by Nerone to his mother Agrippina. The location was for a long time the sanctuary of vapours and springs antiquity. 

The Stufe di Nerone is one of the most important architectural and cultural spots of Italy. It was founded in the II century a.C. with the name of Terme Siviane, because dedicated to Rea Silvia, goddess of fertility, and already at that time one of the best spots to take care of themselves, balancing body and mind (mens sana in corpore sano). During Roman times, the name was Bath of Baia. It hosts many well-known individuals of the time, like Julius Ceasar, Cicero, Seneca, Caligula, Domitian, Adrian and Nerone that used to meet each other in the spa. Already that time, the people used the curative power of thermal water against arthritis. 

The Stufe di Nerone or Pozzuoli Bath is still an important meeting spot and it is perfect for a relaxing holiday, thanks to its wonderful wellness paths. Its thermal waters flow at a temperature of about 74°C and are full of precious mineral elements essential to the tone and elasticity of your body, but also great allies for taking care of your rheumatism, arthrosis, rehabilitation. 

Terme Stufe di Nerone's philosophy is "totally wellness": as well as for the Ancient Roman and Oriental tradition, care of your body and mind find here their natural placement thanks to its natural environment and therapeutic qualities of its water. In addition, as well as at the time of the ancient Romans, they are not limited to a merely curative function, but also offer a recreational character in virtue of the social importance that the spa has always had.

Its thermal park has a large outdoor space that can be used all year round thanks to the particular micro temperature climate that characterized the geographic area. Inside the thermal park, there are about 20/25 hot and cold thermal springs that form two characteristic lakes that are very different from one another in terms of the appearance and composition of the water. The green areas are very large and characterized by varied vegetation typical of the Phlegrean area. In Summer the outdoor refreshment point opens and there you can enjoy a light and delicious meal and then continue with your day in the spa. 

There are two thermal natural pools: one indoor and one outdoor. The indoor thermal pool is a large pool of thermal water at 40°C and the immersion of the body in the thermal pool water has a beneficial effect on the tissues and the muscles, stimulating the physiological turnover of the cells, with relaxing, regenerating and invigorating effects. The outdoor thermal pool has salso-bromo-iodine thermal water with a temperature of 35°C: swimming in the pool or practising some simple exercises are the ideal way to treat the after-effects of bone and muscle trauma, but also for those who want to strengthen muscle tone and joint elasticity. 

In the spa, there are two natural stoves, heated by the underlying thermal water. They are proper saunas in grottos! Inside the temperature is around 53°C with a high saturation vapour environment containing vaporized mineral salts. In natural stoves, the therapeutic action (antroterapy) depends on their particular microclimate due to the combination of numerous factors (water temperature and its chemical composition, humidity rate, degree of ionization of the air). It allows solving annoying problems such as rhinitis and chronic sinusitis. The stove favours abundant sweating allowing the water exchange, and at the same time, it exercises a vascular exercise that prevents arteriosclerosis improving the functioning of the circulatory system.

Complementing the regenerating path, inside the spa, there is a beauty centre that offers massages, both postural and relaxing, and beauty treatments.

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Post-Covid rehabilitation in Stufe di Nerone


Stufe di Nerone Spa makes available a program of post-Covid19 rehabilitation for the people who contracted the virus and now are negative. It includes a program of motor rehabilitation that allows the patient to recover strength and muscle tone after a long period in the bed, helping to recover the motion of joints. The patient, helped by qualified staff, will have exercises of stress and efforts training improving and recovering his/her daily activities.  

Moreover, the program includes also respiratory rehabilitation: breath training that starts with exercises for the diaphragm and breathing intercostal muscles. The target is the recovery of lung capacity with better and quiet breathing, re-starting to take "deep breaths". 

Booking a treatment like this, send an email to leaving your contact details and indicating the time that you prefer to call back. Or, for more information, call the phone number (+39)0818688006.

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Where to sleep in Campi Flegrei


Campania offers a thousand opportunities for wellness holidays. You can stay in the Campi Flegrei and in particular in the area of Pozzuoli, which is the closest to Naples. Pozzuoli is also one of the most important ports for connections with the nearby islands of Ischia and Procida. And in Ischia in particular, it is also possible to go on day trips and visit the wonderful thermal parks.

Staying in Pozzuoli is certainly very practical and Visit Italy recommends the Grand Hotel Serapide, a real citadel that offers many services: from catering to weddings, from rooms to flats, from meeting rooms to bars.

Many high-quality services in a single structure.  


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