Outdoor life and landscapes of incomparable beauty: Vitalpina® Hotels Südtirol will turn your holidays in South Tyrol into a unique experience.

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A land where the beauty of the Dolomites, Unesco heritage site, reigns supreme. A place where the environment is protected and respected thanks to the existence of eight parks. A region where,  between villages and valleys, a millenary culture is preserved and handed down.  If you are looking for a place to regenerate mind and body, then South Tyrol is the place for you. 

In this romantic setting, amidst spectacular sunsets over snow-capped mountains and green meadows stretching as far as the eye can see, you will also find first-class hospitality for your holiday in South Tyrol. We are talking about Vitalpina® Hotels Südtirol. More than thirty hotels to choose from, with dozens of options and services, but only one watchword: love of nature.

Thanks to Vitalpina® Hotels Südtirol you can treat yourself to a regenerating holiday for body and mind, but above all get to know one of Italy's most beautiful regions at its best, while relaxing or enjoying exciting outdoor activities.

Vitalpina® Hotels Südtirol, the starting point for your holiday in South Tyrol

Vitalpina® Hotels Südtirol, South Tyrol

To list one by one all the wonders that South Tyrol has to offer would be impossible. What is certain, however, is that the Dolomites rugged peaks make the landscape unforgettable.

These ancient silent giants have always watched over the woods, valleys and cities, marking the rhythms of life of the peoples who have lived here since five thousand years ago. It comes from here, for example  Ötzi the mummy preserved in the South Tyrol Archaeological Museum in Bolzano, the gateway to the Dolomites.
Furthermore, the countless natural beauties of the region will always leave you breathless. You'll get the chance to enjoy the thousands aspects of a very diverse landscape, between Merano and the Venosta Valley, where are vineyards and glaciers, meadows and highlands, or to explore the Isarco Valley, dotted with woods and chestnut groves. A true heaven for those who love trekking and outdoor activities, especially in spring and summer.

In winter, however, everything turns to white and the atmosphere becomes enchanting. Sports enthusiasts will surely love being inside the largest ski area in the world. Relax lovers, on the other hand, can choose between thermal waters or wellness and meditation itineraries, without forgetting, in December, some of the most evocative Christmas markets in Italy.
And if all this seems little to you, Vitalpina® Hotels Südtirol has much more in store.

The mountain is not only snow and cliffs, ridges, streams, lakes, pastures. The mountain is a way of living life. One step in front of the other, silence, time and measure.

Paolo Cognetti

Vitalpina® Hotels Südtirol: unforgettable experiences to discover South Tyrol

Holidays in South Tyrol with Vitalpina® Hotels Südtirol

Vitalpina® Hotels Südtirol is a group of 30 hotels dotting the territory of South Tyrol. If you want to get to know this magnificent region by staying in a Vitalpina hotel, you will be spoilt for choice. You can experience the beautiful landscapes of the Venosta Valley or Isarco Valley, or experience the magic of the Alpine lifestyle, staying among the peaks of the Dolomites up to 1,500 metres above sea level.

In all Vitalpina® Hotels Südtirol you will not only find professionalism and courtesy, but also numerous activities to enjoy your holiday 100%. Whether you are a lover of outdoor activities or pure relaxation, Vitalpina® Hotels Südtirol will be able to offer you unforgettable experiences, all in the name of wellness and boundless love for the mountains, in every season of the year.

Outdoor activities

Vitalpina Outdoor activities

Whether you are a lover of winter activities or enjoy them in milder temperatures, you will find everything you need at Vitalpina® Hotels Südtirol. Skiing, mountaineering, snowshoeing, or climbing, Nordic walking, mountain biking and more. Outdoor activities are an essential part of stays at Vitalpina® Hotels Südtirol. 

As well as providing useful information and suggesting itineraries best suited to guests' needs, the staff of the hotels organise up to three hikes a week, in which they participate personally. Whoever works at the Vitalpina® Hotels Südtirol is a profound connoisseur of the mountains and the region and will be able to guide you through the discovery of these magical places with their expert advice.

Relax by breathing

Walking in South Tyrol with Vitalpina

If, on the other hand, you choose to treat yourself with an holiday of total relaxation, you can try a unique experience and admire the incredible landscapes of South Tyrol while bathing in the heated outdoor pools available at the hotels. For you there is also the new Vitalpina® Relax programme, thanks to which you can find inner peace and balance.

The Vitalpina® Relax programme consists of two modules. The first, christened 'Vitalpina® Breathing', focuses on the importance of conscious breathing. The 'Vitalpina® Breathing' module includes simple hikes and walks in nature enhanced by breathing and relaxation exercises, always guided by Vitalpina staff. A way to regain contact with nature and with oneself, renewing one's inner energy.

Taking a 'bath in the woods'

Vitalpina Bathing in the Woods

The second module of the Vitalpina® Relax programme, on the other hand, takes its inspiration from an ancient Japanese tradition called 'Shinrin Yoku', or 'Bathing in the Woods'.

Underlying this practice is a very simple concept: walking in the forest allows you to breathe in the essential oils emanating from the trees and thus strengthen the immune system, reducing blood pressure and, of course, stress. The practice of 'Bathing in the Woods' involves walks of varying duration (from one hour to half a day), during which Vitalpina's expert guides will lead you through meditation exercises and sensory pathways to become fully in tune with the surrounding nature. A unique experience.

Vitalpina® Hotels Südtirol: the best environment friendly holidays in South Tyrol

So, between scenic beauty, outdoor activities, sports and relaxing experiences, you can enjoy the best of South Tyrol at Vitalpina® Hotels Südtirol. 

But that's not all, because the culinary delights will also captivate you. Let yourself be pampered at the table, where you will enjoy only healthy, light dishes with plenty of options for those who prefer a vegetarian menu. Every dish is prepared by someone who truly loves local cuisine and traditions, and you will not even miss all the best wines and spirits that South Tyrol has to offer. You will soon realise that love and respect for nature are always in the spotlight here. 

Vitalpina® Hotels Südtirol is not just a hotel chain, it is a group of people who love the mountains and South Tyrol. That is why Vitalpina® Hotels Südtirol has signed the climate neutrality pact. Every hotel in the group is committed to reducing waste and has always been concerned about sustainability.

All group hotels, for example, heat with renewable raw materials, use natural materials and local woods for interior furnishings, take care to source only products with short transport routes, choose suppliers who save on packaging and avoid waste. Finally, the products in the kitchen are all 0 km and even in the wellness areas you can treat yourself to an extra pampering with cosmetics of natural origin.

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