Why visit Venice might be better now? No crowd, no stress, a lot of fun and relax

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The past Venice

Once upon a time there was Venice, the most incredible city in the world, with its canals like silver ribbon through the streets, the magnificent Reinassance and 18th century buildings, witnesses of its glorious past. Nobody described Venice better than Thomas Mann in its famous novel “Death in Venice”, who called it “the most improbable city of all”: “Here is […] the indescribable landing place, the dazzling set of fantastic constructions that the Serenissima offered to the admired gaze of the incoming navigator: the mild wonder of the Palace and the Bridge of Sighs, the two columns on the shore with the lion and the saint, the shining side of the fabulous temple, the perspective of the arch and the clock of the Moors”. 

The best way to enjoy all this is to use the Venice Pass, which offers plenty of advantages and adjusts to your available days for a fantastic stay.

Discover Venice with the Venice Pass

Before Covid-19: a destination for mass tourism


During the centuries the lagoon city has been admired from milion of people, but in the last years it has lost a little its charme. Consumer-tourists, getting off from trains, ferries, impressive cruise ships, stopping for a fast break in the famous Venice places, taking a selfie in San Marco Square o in Rialto’s Bridge, or any postcard-place to post on social networks a minute later. Like the infamous high water, Venice is powerless to witness the waves of people, and this hit and run tourism, it remains a little in the heart. Of course Venice don’t deserve this.

After lockdown: a no-stress holiday

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During lockdown, all the Italians and Venetian wonders were wrapped like a spell by an inusual silence. Now in Italy restrictions are ended, so Venice is ready again to welcome tourists in complete safety. Make use of this particular time, when, for a while at least, mass tourism leave room for a new, more intense, travel experience. You can live Venice in the best way and without risk of overbooking, being accomodated in the beautiful apartments of Venice in Love, in downtown - San Samuele, a few steps from the most important attractions like San Marco Square or Palazzo Grassi. The apartments of Venice in Love, with every comfort for your stay, are all furnished with a perfect mix of modern and ancient style, to relive the splendor of the age of the Doges. You can relax in the magnificent private court in the ground floor apartment; or, if you prefer, enjoyng an ultraromantic sunset of the roof terrace. Choosing Venice in Love will enrich your experience in Venice, letting to actually live the city.

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