Experience magic of Verona Christmas Markets in the city of the Adige River, the electrifying opera house and the 18th-century Philharmonic Theatre.

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Discover with us everything you need to know about the Verona Christmas Markets, the most famous stalls of the Christmas season.

Experience in the city that is embraced by the Adige River, from the electrifying open-air theatre of opera in summer and confidential in winter when the season opens at the 18th-century Filarmonico Theatre, the magic of the Verona Christmas Markets, which this year will be set up in several areas.

In the city that tastes of antiquity, with a history that spans the centuries, known to all as the city of love, visit Verona and it’s Christmas Markets. You will discover in it's history and among it's streets an incredible amount of cultural and artistic expressions, the same that earned it UNESCO World Heritage status in the year 2000.

Piazza dei Signori and the streets of the centre host the characteristic Christmas wooden houses in cooperation with the famous 'Christkindlmarkt' in Nuremberg.

More than 100 small houses of the Verona Christmas Markets offer handicraft products with many gift ideas and Christmas decorations in glass, wood and ceramics, as well as gastronomic specialities and delicious Christmas sweets.

As visitors enter the city, they will be greeted by special lighting to immediately immerse you in the characteristic Christmas atmosphere. In Piazza Bra, with the famous Arena in the background, we can admire the large Veronese Nativity Star. The largest metal sculpture in the world, it's structure weighs 88 tonnes and is 100 metres high.

The Rassegna "Presepi dal Mondo a Verona" awaits you at the Gran Guardia.

Visiting the Verona Christmas Markets means diving into the magical tradition of the Verona Nativity. Visitors can immerse themselves in a fairytale atmosphere, where the world's most famous lovers, Romeo and Juliet, can kiss under the Christmas mistletoe during Advent in this historic city of love.

Christmas Markets Verona: all the tips for your visit. Discover all the novelties

Verona Christmas markets tips and news

This year, to discover the City of Love and Christmas Markets Verona, visitors will have to embark on an unprecedented journey through the magical atmosphere of the Nativity. Stage by stage, you will have to complete your journey through the lights and wonders of the City of Love and Christmas Markets Verona.

Remember to get your Nativity passport stamped at all the points indicated in the infopoint. At the end of your Christmas tour there will be an enchanting surprise waiting for you.

The novelties of this year's Verona Christmas Markets are many, here are some not to be missed:

- The areas dedicated to the Christmas Market, which this year will be set up in: Piazza dei Signori, Cortile Mercato Vecchio, Via della Costa, Loggia vecchia, Cortile del Tribunale, Piazza Sacco e Vanzetti (Arsenale).

- The infopoint, the control centre for safety and security and for tourist support.

- The redesigned mobile app with all the information about all the events and the social chat that will allow visitors' requests to be answered in real time.

- Skating rinks will be set up in Piazza Sacco e Vanzetti to entertain young and old alike.

- There will also be influencers and bloggers from all over the continent, ready to publish and report on their social and web channels on topics such as: travel, food and events in Italy.

- The most famous Christmas Passport. A real passport to be stamped at the main points of interest of the Verona Christmas Market.

- The Merry-go-round of the tree of happiness. A large merry-go-round in the shape of a Christmas tree where decorative balls are the stations. The game is also accessible to the disabled.

- Santa Claus is not to be missed. It will be possible to admire the glittering Santa Claus House in the Cortile Vecchio, or in the loggia of the Cortile del Tribunale, while the Santa Claus Post is located in Lungadige San Giorgio.

- Don't miss the magical Christmas train for the little ones, located in Cortile del Tribunale.

- Complimentary Christmas Panettoncini for the very young. Children will receive the panettoncini in various areas of the city at set times, you will find more information at the infopoint.

- Nativity Scenes from the World. In collaboration with AMIA, there will be an exhibition of cribs made of recycled material in the Cloister of the Basilica of San Zeno Maggiore and in the Loggia of Frà Giocondo. In the Arena, on the other hand, the International Exhibition of the Nativity in Art and Tradition will be open from 19 November 2022 to 22 January 2023 in Piazza Bra.

- Verona dresses in Light, on the other hand, is the project for the city decorated for the Christmas holidays with fantastic illuminations.

- Giant animals of light will be waiting for you. You will find two luminous reindeer at the Reindeer Runway in Castel San Pietro and a Luminous Bear in the Verona Centro car park. These giant animals of light are more than 5 metres high - don't forget to take a souvenir photo with them.

- Musical events will liven up shopping and strolling along all areas of the Verona Christmas Markets.

- The Santa Claus Run: the beautiful ChristmasRun, a non-competitive 5 or 10 km run along the city streets.

- The Nativity also arrives in the neighbourhoods thanks to the support of Migross.

Nativity in the neighbourhoods of Verona's

Veronese neighbourhoods

The Nativity is also arriving in Verona's neighbourhoods, with the presence of Santa Claus and Gardaland's mascots. The project, Nativity in the neighbourhoods, aims to bring a moment of serenity and Christmas atmosphere to the neighbourhoods. Delicious sweets, made for the occasion by partner Migross, will be donated to children and their families in sites set up near the school complexes.

These are the dates of the Nativity in the neighbourhoods of Verona:

- 2 December in Madonna di Campagna in District 7.

- 6 December in Borgo Roma in District 5.

- 7 December in Montorio Veronese in District 8.

- On 13 December in Borgo Trento in District 2.

- On 16 December in Borgo Santa Croce in District 6.

- On 20 December in Stadio in District 3.

- On 21st December in Golosine in District 4.

Solidarity Nativity

Solidarity Nativity

In order not to miss anything during the Veronese Nativity, special attention is paid to events contributing to charities such as ABEO, ANAVI and Il Sorriso Arriva Subito Associazione Clown Doctors and TELETHON, so that this magical time of year can be enjoyed by all.

Security at the Verona Christmas Markets

Security at the Verona Christmas Markets

You will find 5 gates that will be managed simultaneously by a software that will be able to record entry and exit flows both in real time and in historical archives. Follow the precious advice of the Local Police to experience the event in complete safety.

Christmas Markets in Verona where and when

Christmas Markets in Verona where and when

All dates and opening times of the Christmas Markets in Verona organised in collaboration with the "Christkindlmarkt" in Nuremberg, which will take place from 18 November 2022 to 26 December 2022.

The more than 100 exhibitors on Piazza dei Signori, Cortile Mercato Vecchio, Via della Costa, Cortile del Tribunale and Piazza Sacco e Vanzetti will have the following opening hours for the public:

- On Sundays to Thursdays they will be open from 11.00 am to 9.00 pm.

- On Fridays, Saturdays and public holidays, they will be open from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.

- On 24 December, open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

- On 25 December, open from 4 p.m. to 11 p.m.

- On 26 December, open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The Verona Christmas markets will take place in Piazza dei Signori, a UNESCO world heritage site and a meeting point for culture and tradition, in Cortile Mercato Vecchio and, for the first time this year, also in Cortile del Tribunale.

What to eat at the Verona Christmas Market?

What to eat at the Verona Christmas Market

A feast of flavours and fragrances await you as you visit the most famous stalls of the Nativity. Not to be overlooked is a stop at the food and wine stands, where you can delight your palate from Genoese focaccia to sausages, from dumplings to waffles, from mulled wine to hot chocolate, from fruit skewers dipped in melted chocolate to spicy Bratwurst pastries.

Where is the Star of Verona?

The Christmas Star of Verona

As for the Eiffel Tower, the Star of the Nativity in Verona was initially planned to be erected only once. However, over the years, the citizens made it their own and, in fact, it has continued to be set up in the city's central square, behind the magnificent Arena, in Piazza Bra.

Verona Christmas Market: parking and free shuttle bus

Verona Christmas Market free parking and shuttle bus

From 19 November to 24 December 2022, on the occasion of the Verona Christmas Market, on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, a bus will depart from the car parks to the historic centre. In fact, a free shuttle service will operate every 15 minutes, connecting the Genovesa Park and Fiera car parks 3 with the historic centre in Via Valverde.

With departures every 15 minutes, rides will start on Saturdays from 2.00 p.m., the first ride from the Genovesa park and at 8.05 p.m. the last ride from Pradaval.

On Sundays and holidays from 9.00 a.m., the first ride from Park Genovesa and at 8.20 p.m. the last ride from Pradaval.

Where to park in Verona Christmas Markets

Where to park in Verona Christmas Markets

Below there is a list of the main city car parks where you can park your car to visit the Verona Christmas Markets:

CITTADELLA underground car park | APCOA

Via Andrea Paglieri, 6

Parking Arena di Verona

Parking Saba Arena

Via Marcantonio Bentegodi, 8

Parking area

Unnamed Road

Parking Saba Isolo

Via Ponte Pignolo, 6

Parking area Saba Arsenale

Via Alfredo Cappellini, 2

Parking Verona Porta Nuova - Parkinstation

Piazzale XXV Aprile

Parking Saba Polo Zanotto

Viale Università, 4

Parking Porta Palio

Viale Colonnello Galliano, 3

Parking Piazzale Guardini

Via Domenico Morelli

Parking Stadium Verona

Via Frà Giocondo, 79

Parking Tribunale

Via dello Zappatore

Via Albere Car Park

Via Albere

Verona Christmas Market

Verona Christmas Market

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