Traveling in Italy surrounded by nature: dream holidays for glamper.

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Contact with nature to find yourself

What's better than Mother Nature's embrace?

Hear the flowing water of a stream, hear the chirping of cicadas, admire the sky covered with stars, caress the fresh grass with your bare feet. Contact with nature regenerates body and mind, as shown by many studies. However, it is not easy to live with the inconveniences that life in the open air entails, used to having every comfort.

Solutions for wonderlust souls


The solution for nature's lover but also of comfortable life exists and is called Glamping, a term that blends the adventurous spirit of camping with a touch of glamour. Taking a holiday away from the usual tourist routes, but not giving up the comforts that make relaxation a panacea for the spirit.

Unique and unrepeatable experiences


The housing solutions for practicing glamping are all eco-sustainable: mobile homes, lodges, suites in nature, luxury and glamor camping. The common denominator is green tourism, careful to the environment and capable of arousing unique emotions in travellers. Immersed in natural environments, made with refined materials, with an exclusive design: staying in these structures means loving the environment and taking care of it. 

Nuovi sogni: the network for glampers


In Italy, lovers of comfortable holidays can find everything they need on Nuovi Sogni, the most exclusive glamping channel in Italy. Anyone who wants to experience authentic emotions, with a high level of privacy, in eco-sustainable mobile homes, with green architecture surrounded by nature, in spaces suitable for families, on the dedicated site can find the best camping villages, for open-air dream holidays. 

The ideal solution for green travel


On the website Nuovi Sogni you can find all the open-air destinations for glamping, with an interactive map and a menu that allow you to choose the most suitable destination for the traveller's needs. Sea, mountain, city, lake: once the mood has been selected, you can view the places to stay, divided by location. Through suggestive images and detailed cards that best describe each structure, choosing the perfect location is really easy.

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We recommend