How many stories can only one tower have? More than we can imagine … 
The tower in question is today the second highest in the beautiful city of Bologna and inside its 4 walls 61m high there are stories of Curia, Slavery, Judges and Convics, Italians and not;

His specialties are: a crown that surrounds the head, a terrace overlooking the world and the possibility of being rented as a Bed & Breakfast.

Places like the Prendiparte Tower are more than just beauty, these places are witnesses of past events that magically come down to us and of which you still hear the stories, but the most beautiful ones you will hear in a language that I personally propose as Unesco heritage : the Dialect.

As a participant in person of a tower event, in fact, I had the honor to listen and find out how many words are still part of today's language or how others, which we believe foreign, are more than Italian;
In remembering that Bologna sees the birth of the first University and is therefore a symbol of knowledge and curiosity for knowledge, it is right to remember also how the road and life are two excellent teachers, this can be deduced from very improvised drawings inside the rooms of the Tower that shows us how curiosity has always belonged to everyone,good people and less good.

There is another thing, however, that comes very well after telling stories, making Tagliatelle!
This is another magic that the skilled hands of Rasdore create every time you want to demonstrate how a simple thing will change your day.

One thing is certain, looking down on the world is a unique experience, and do so from a tower of the year 1154 is even more unique.

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