Italy offers many ways to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. Among these, the most regenerating is certainly a visit to the numerous natural spas that populate the peninsula. From north to south, Italian spas have many varieties, from those immersed in the mountains to those just a few steps from the sea. Let's see the 5 most beautiful ones in Italy.

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Italy offers many ways to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. You can breathe the refreshing mountain air, or the energetic sea breeze, but surely nothing is more refreshing than a long weekend at the spa. After all, let's not forget that thermal baths are a pastime, or perhaps a real tradition, very old. It was the Romans who built the first spas, at the springs. For the ancients it was a real ritual to be included in everyday life. And now, many of those establishments continue to be frequented by our contemporaries, attracted by the beneficial power of water.

So let's see which are the five most beautiful spas in Italy.



If not the most famous, they are certainly the most spectacular. It is worth going there even just to take a respectable photo to post on your Instagram profile. They are located in Tuscany and precisely in the province of Grosseto.

They have Etruscan origin, but were baptized with the current name by the Romans who attribute the formation of the source to a lightning thrown by Saturn.

Most of the spas in the area are free. Among the various tanks, the most famous are certainly those fed by the ancient falls Cascate del Mulino.

The natural pools are created from limestone deposits whose whiteness contributes to giving an almost supernatural aspect to the landscape. They are real oval-shaped pools arranged on superimposed floors. Those who go here can enjoy the warm waters of Saturnia and the suggestive views at all hours of the day and night.



This town is famous not only for its thermal baths but above all for the beauty of the adjacent medieval village. Sirmione is located on Lake Garda and its underground springs feed the prestigious establishments.

Definitely a romantic destination, ideal for a couple's weekend. Even the roman poet Catullus had chosen this place as the site for his villa, whose ruins can still be visited. So Sirmione combines the quiet and relaxation of its spas with very interesting archaeological itineraries.


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The Bormio thermal baths are ideal for winter holidays. Located in the heart of Valtellina, they are excellent for those who want to relax after a session of skiing or winter sports. From 1300 meters above sea level, the hot water pools overlooking the snow-capped Alps offer a unique spectacle. Of all the establishments, the most exclusive are certainly the "Roman baths": systems dating back to Roman times that are still used. Imagine how exciting it can be to relax in the same tubs used by our ancient ancestors two thousand years ago!

Pantelleria e Vulcano


Moving to southern Italy, we discover a completely different type of spa: the marine spa. The two Sicilian islands, famous summer tourism destinations, are ideal for those who want to relax without giving up a tan and a swim in the clear Sicilian sea. The spas are completely free. In the tubs available to visitors there are different types of completely natural beauty treatments! From muds to scrubs to the steam jets of sulphurous waters. In short, a real beauty and health bath to return regenerated from summer holidays.

Salsomaggiore Terme


Many will know this location for the famous "Miss Italy" beauty contest that takes place here every year. But the ancient baths, in the province of Parma, were used by the Celts and Romans for their famous therapeutic properties. The baths are still used today, but their maximum development dates back to 1800 when the town became a center of great importance for spa tourism. Even today the wonderful Art Nouveau buildings that give an elegance of other times to the city, immersed in the Apennines. So the ideal destination to combine the relaxation of the spa, a walk in nature and, why not? Also a satisfying gastronomic journey through the goodness of the local cuisine.

These are just some of the numerous spas in the Italian territory. There is still the thermal baths of Merano, immersed in the pure air of Trentino, or those of Montecatini, even candidates for becoming a UNESCO heritage site. Or those of Ischia, surrounded by a breathtaking landscape. In short, there is something for all tastes. When it comes to spas, in Italy, there is only one choice.

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