Italy is synonymous with good living and refined taste, and luxury experiences. Let's find out more. 

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Italy as jewel of timeless beauty and luxury tourism industry offers a deep variety of one-of-a-kind activity to live and places to visit. The country is a source of inspiration for different types of travelers. From those who love art and culture to those who love food and good wine.

Exclusive accommodations, museums to visit with private access, luxury boats, wine tours, special culinary experiences. But also, luxury fashion brand industries, luxury cars to drive, and so on. This is just a little glimpse of what we can do in Italy. All the luxury tours and experiences are meticulously tailor-made on guests’ needs. 

And so, our trip will be tailor-made by expert hands, according to our interests, and 'La Dolce Vita' will finally become much more than just a saying. Before we set off on our journey into Italian luxury, however, let those who have made these experiences their vocation tell us more about them. 

Luxury Travel in Italy

Top 5 luxury experiences and tours in Italy: Milan

There was a time when the nobles and eminent personalities of Europe could not say they had truly lived until they had embarked on a journey, and one journey in particular. It was the eighteenth century, the trip was the Gran Tour and the destination was Italy.

Perhaps we were not talking about luxury experiences at that time, but certainly, Italy was one of those places that knew how to combine different essences.

Art, architecture, history. This is an incredible knowledge that can only be filtered through the expertise and knowledge of those who live and study this beauty every day. 

Relying on tour operators and DMC (Destination management company)  for your luxury experiences will certainly be the ideal choice. You will enjoy your trip in serenity, not to mention the added value of those who really know the territory. They will organize the perfect trip.

Italy Luxury Travel is a DMC specialized in organizing luxury travel and experiences in Italy. This tour operator will be able to create unique tours, based on the ideas and expectations of the guests. Booking with them, the journey will begin with the Expert Travel Consultant who will follow the organization step by step. Then it will continue with a 24/7 telephone assistance- 

And if peeking through their proposals you are pushed to deepen the vast diorama of possibilities, without further ado, let's discover what we think are the 5 best ideas! Without a doubt, Italy Luxury Travel and its team of specialists will know how to organize them at their best. 

5. High speed luxury experience in Ita

Top 5 luxury experiences and tours in Italy: high speed

The thrill of driving the most beautiful sports cars in the world on the roads between mountains and sea: a seductive combination of elegance, style and power.

As in a modern Gran Tour, you will taste the most incredible destinations of Italy on board the most reboating engines.

A few examples? A trip to the Autodromo di Monza, one of the most famous circuits in the world, where you can experience a pit stop and then go, overwhelmed by the emotion of a lap around the circuit.

To follow, a Ferrari or, who knows, a Lamborghini? The luxury of enjoying boundless freedom will be equal only to the beauty of those endless roads, between the elegance of Lake Como, the sweetness of Val d'Orcia and the charm of Montepulciano.

4. Super cars shopping: luxury beyond luxury

Top 5 luxury experiences and tours in Italy: Super cars shopping

Italian sports cars represent the excellence of Made in Italy. Attention to detail, speed and engine power can be at your fingertips.

In fact, if driving the jewels of the automotive industry can be a real luxury experience, even more important can be the experience in which you take that jewel far beyond the borders of your vacation in Italy. 

Here then, thanks to the knowledge of experts, you can be guided through the most thrilling buying experience of your life. Brands and models will be expertly explained by professionals and, who knows, maybe even a test drive will be possible. 

3. Photo tour: unforgettable memories of your luxury trip to Italy

Top 5 luxury experiences and tours in Italy: Photo tour

It is said that half of an experience is in the memory of those who live it. So a trip accompanied by the most beautiful shots will be exactly what will make the tour a luxury experience. 

A professional photographer will show you how to get amazing images, how to capture architectural motifs and monuments that have made the history of Italy. But also breathtaking landscapes and the everyday life of the countries and their people.

Rome, Tuscany and Ciociaria. Images that no one owns will become an album of precious memories. And who knows: in the era of Instagram and TikTok, even a professional selfie will have its important reasons.

2. Italian Haute Couture and shopping tours

Top 5 luxury experiences and tours in Italy:

A luxury trip to Italy cannot end without the queen of experiences. 

The masterpieces of Italian tailoring are at your fingertips: a Personal Shopper can guide you in the choice of colors and fabrics and plan your shopping in the most important ateliers of Italy. 

And not only clothes: also Personal Fashion Stylist and Make-up artists will make the experience iconic and unforgettable. Not to mention the possibility of participating in private fashion shows in exclusive boutiques that will embellish the tour of luxury and glamor.

A journey in the name of the excellence of Italian fashion that will overwhelm with their envied beauty.

1. Food and wine tours: what else?

Top 5 luxury experiences and tours in Italy: Tour gourmet

Italy is the temple of food. The culture of food and wine is quintessentially Italian. You will be delighted by the most delicious dishes prepared by the best Italian chefs. 

Good Italian food certainly needs no introduction, but perhaps a few ideas will tantalize our taste buds. 

How about a Food Tour through the streets of the Eternal City or a wine tasting visiting the most prestigious wineries in Chianti? The secrets of the Belpaese will be within reach of your fork and you can taste products you've never tried before. 

Whether you want to organize a tour with friends, or a more romantic evening, certainly there are plenty of possibilities in Italy.

After all, if you don't savor Italian cuisine, we assure you: your experience in luxury will only be half-hearted!

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