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By now summer has arrived, and the Italian peninsula, as you know, offers lovers of the sea and historical and landscape beauties a wide range of solutions. Among these, the enchanting Amalfi Coast is certainly not to be missed, a gem set on the Tyrrhenian Sea, between Naples and Salerno: a marvel to be experienced in one breath even in the delicate "post-Covid" era. And this is why we suggest some precautions to better enjoy your holiday, following the keywords: relaxation and safety. But above all, we will show you who will be able to accompany you on this new journey, putting your experience and professionalism at your disposal. Fasten your seat belts then. Let's go!

1 - Anti-Covid beaches: where to go to the sea on the Amalfi Coast

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The Amalfi Coast, we have already mentioned at the beginning, offers an innumerable series of landscape and maritime beauties and, above all, splendid beaches where you can fully enjoy the spectacular Tyrrhenian Sea. Here, however, we will indicate only some of those that, due to their characteristics and dimensions, are able to accommodate a greater number of people, given the particular situation of the moment. We refer to your personal initiative the discovery of the many small beaches, coves and picturesque ravines of which the coast is rich, perhaps with the help of a boat.

The first of our anti-Covid beaches is the beautiful beach of Vietri sul Mare, famous for its comfortable stretch of sand. Vietri sul Mare beach can be reached easily by car and, thanks to its vast surface, it can also accommodate large families, complete with children, buckets and pallets! 

Another splendid "anti-Covid" beach is the beach of Marina Grande di Positano, perhaps the most famous of the entire coast, a very popular destination for the VIP society! With the splendid setting of "its characteristic colored houses", the beach of Marina Grande will give you the opportunity to spend happy and carefree hours in the company of your loved one or your family. 

Another popular destination for tourists is the beach of Marina Grande di Amalfi, also of considerable size compared to the average of the beaches on the Amalfi Coast, and therefore to be considered among the best "in anti-Covid function". Here, in fact, you can relax comfortably to take your tan "in complete safety", alternating the "sunbath" with the placid Tyrrhenian waters. But after a lot of sea and sun, after a nice refreshing shower, your ideal itinerary continues. In fact, the time has come to satisfy your intellectual and cultural desires!

2 - From the sea to History: the main monuments of the Amalfi Coast

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The Amalfi Coast is not only sea, sun and lots of fun. In fact, it is also rich in numerous monuments, illustrious witnesses of its secular history. Among these, the most important is certainly the Cathedral of Amalfi, the "lighthouse" of the glorious and ancient ex-Maritime Republic. Here are the two communicating basilicas, the cloister of Paradise, the bell tower, the crypt and the splendid staircase, an authentic triumphal entrance. With its characteristic oriental-style facade, the Amalfi Cathedral is the ideal cover image of your tour on the Amalfi Coast.

But no less important from the historical point of view is the Cathedral of Ravello: built starting from 1086 on the model of the Abbey of Montecassino, the prestigious monument attracts many visitors every year. Among the masterpieces to admire is the bronze door decorated by Barisano da Trani in the XII century and the splendid pulpit inside the cathedral, built in 1272 by Nicola di Bartolomeo di Foggia. Of great interest, also the Opera Museum and the rich Pinacoteca, an unmissable opportunity for lovers of medieval and Renaissance art. 

The many visitors, however, who have gone to take a refreshing bath in Positano, will certainly not have missed the splendid and multi-colored majolica dome of the church of Santa Maria Assunta, an authentic icon of the pleasant town. Built on the remains of the ancient Benedictine abbey of San Vito, the church has undergone various renovations in the Baroque period.Inside, on the main altar stands the Byzantine icon of the Black Madonna, legendary relic to which the origin of the name Positano is linked. 

In short, your trip to the Amalfi Coast appears very rich in joys and surprises of all kinds. Among these, there is still the latest to be discovered. That is the identity of the mysterious "centaurs" who will accompany you on your intense and adventurous journey.

3 - Lovely Amalfi Coast Tours: for a fast and safe journey

To face your journey in total relaxation and in complete safety, away from dangerous gatherings, we strongly recommend that you take advantage of the services and means of transport of the Lovely Amalfi Coast Tours. The company, which can boast a decade of experience in the field of the tourism industry, offers a heterogeneous package of tours and excursions in the most important tourist poles of the Peninsula: it ranges, in fact, from the beauties of Campania, to the wonders of Rome and Tuscany. The company offers you customers a series of vehicles equipped with all the necessary comforts: air conditioning, luggage compartment and an excellent "driver" who with excellent command of the English language will accompany you with your own voice and guidance along your adventurous journey.

You can travel, therefore, on luxury and super-equipped vehicles (Sedan, Mini Van, Van and Minibus) that will make your journey comfortable and that will satisfy all your needs. But above all, to protect your right to health and safety, you can book your private and personalized tour: in practice you can travel comfortably in the company of only your relatives, without having to share your space with strangers.

Lovely Amalfi Coast Tours is the best alternative to public transportation in the post-Covid era! Quick, efficient and safe, their pilot-narrators will accompany you by the hand in the funniest and safest of your holidays. Have a good trip!

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