Did you know about the Wall of Bari? Discover with us this incredible archeological site. 

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The Bari Wall: short history

Built around the IV century BC in order to protect and defend the city of Bari, via Venezia, better known as “la muraglia barese” (ndt: the city walls of Bari), has become one of the main attractions of the old city.

Restored around the XIX century by Gioacchino Murat, the city walls that we see today divide the old town from the surrounding urban area, running along the seafront until the port area of the Apulian capital. 0

The Wall of Bari, the ancient protection of the city

Wall of Bari

The defensive walls, which extend for 400 mt, represent only a small part of what the fortification originally was. The muraglia, defined totally the perimeter of the city protecting it from the enemies’ sieges, indeed it twisted and turned tortuously for 1.2 km with semicircular towers and four baluards at the far ends.

There, on that balcony from the breathtaking views, where the sea flew through the walls, the fishermen’s wives overlooked the sea to pray, protect and wait for their loved ones to came back. The muraglia has become a meeting and stolling place where is it possible to glimpse the dense grid of streets and the narrow streets of the old town; baluards and forts and picturesque buildings whose balconies are decorated with flowers and sheets.


Stay in the center of Bari old town: B&B la Muraglia

The connection between the city of Bari and the sea is unique and lasting, full of history and culture, therefore why not to stay in the very heart of the city of Bari and perhaps awake with the sea view? Situated along the city walls of the old town, the B&B La Muraglia will give you that special feeling of living inside the history of the city while enjoying an unexpected landscape.  0

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