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An enchanting medieval borough

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Giovinazzo is a charming town north of Bari. It is rich in history and culture whose origins date back to more than two thousand years. Its enchanting medieval borough has a fortified seafront that will leave you breathless, thanks to the picturesque panorama offered from above, especially at sunset with its intense colours. Although not big, the ancient borough deserves the attention of the tourist because it contains all the beauty and charm of the Norman era with its beautiful Cathedral, the houses built in local stone and the tower over the characteristic and picturesque little harbour. It can be accessed through the “Arco di Traiano”, built above the milestone of “Via Traiana” (2nd century AD). Once inside, you will be transported back in time thanks to its narrow streets, hidden little churches, arches, little squares, alleys, small palaces some of which feature repainting in baroque style of the Bourbon era.

Discovering evocative corners

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In the ancient borough you will find many evocative and well-preserved corners of extraordinary beauty, some of which are hidden and therefore deserve to be discovered. There are also many places where you can taste the typical dishes of the Apulian cuisine. By entering in the ancient borough through Arco di Traiano, you will find Madonna of Constantinople which is a church built in the 15th century and from here, going straight you will arrive to the Cathedral, a jewel of Apulian Romanesque architecture. Moving ahead, you will get to Piazza Duomo and Palazzo Ducale, built in the second half of the 16th century which overlooks the sea at the opposite side. The historical centre offers a variety of accommodation: there are different B&B which are comfortable, clean and affordable, and there is the four-star hotel which is a picturesque former Abbey built in local stone. Along the little harbour you will proceed to the West seafront, which is a swimming area accessible with little stairs that you take to go down to the sea and dive into crystal-clear waters of natural pools. In the evening, the seafront livens up with several clubs, pizzerias and marine style restaurants, some of which are also open at lunch time. 

We recommend

We recommend