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The columns of the temple of Poseidon in Taranto

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The only Greek place of worship still visible in the ancient village of Taranto: the two columns of the ancient temple of Poseidon. It is called Temple of Poseidon, even if it was not dedicated to Poseidon.

The remains of the temple,  the two columns and a base with three rocchi (the cylindrical stone blocks that form the stem of a column), are located next to the current Palazzo del Comune (Town hall) and represent the long side of the northern peristasis of the temple.

The columns, in typical local carparo, are 8.47 meters high, with a base diameter of 2.05 meters, and 3.72 meters wheelbase.

From these measures and from the profile of the capitals, it is supposed that it was an exastyle temple, born at the beginning of the V century BC. , with six columns on the short sides and thirteen on the long sides, and the front facing east. The entrance certainly overlooked the navigable canal because almost all the Greek temples had the front facing east.

It is thought that the monument was dedicated to a female divinity: Artemis, Persephone or Hera. The most recent hypothesis, formulated by Lippolis, examines the possibility of dedication to a female divinity in relation to the rites of passage connected to marriage.

The Temple of Poseidon, today is a destination for tourists and visitors and people of Taranto, because it spreads their charm and magnificence that recalls the importance of the city of Taranto, capital of Magna Grecia.

Via Duomo, 74123 Taranto TA

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