A few kilometers north of Viterbo there is Bagnaccio, an area characterized by thermal springs where you can stop to find some relaxation.

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The thermal baths of Bagnaccio


The area, however, is actually known for hundreds of centuries and to give evidence of this are the various archaeological documents, the oldest of which, referring to Roman remains, present us the springs as "Aque Passeris"; we also know that in the following medieval period the springs were very popular because Bagnaccio was on the road of "via franchigia". All these testimonies of the past let us understand how the thermal springs have always been appreciated from the Roman soldiers to the medieval merchants and wayfarers, until today, the lowest common denominator was the same: the springs of Bagnaccio are a refreshment point for body and spirit.

Relax at the spa

The thermal area of Bagnaccio includes both hyperthermal and hypothermal springs, also thanks to the rich emission of gas many people attend the spa also for insufflations. Coming to the structure we must first of all say that Al Bagnaccio you will find two proposals or spa areas: there are in fact both totally free baths and an area accessible for a fee. The project of the paid area was wanted by an association that was formed precisely to try to safeguard the area and to give a little more comfort to visitors. This project was carried out through the fencing of part of the area, making the thermal water flow into three specially built pools, also to try to give more comfort to bathers was thought to provide the area with chairs, benches and changing rooms. It should be noted that the price of admission is low cost. Some useful tips to get easily to the complex can certainly help you: To get to the thermal area of Bagnaccio take State Road 2 (Via Cassia), then turn on Provincial Road 7 at a large Eni service station.

Those coming from Viterbo, find the turn on the left just after a local supermarket. Those coming from the north coming from Tuscany must remember to turn right shortly after meeting the "Fiera di Viterbo" complex on their left. Once on the provincial road you have to continue for about one kilometre before turning left to take the dirt road that leads, in a couple of kilometres, to the large grassy clearing where the spa area is located.

The advice ends here, we only hope that you can relax in these wonderful waters as soon as possible and live moments of extreme relaxation and comfort. The spa is waiting for you!

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