Marche is the region of Giacomo Leopardi, Valentino Rossi and Raffaello Sanzio. It is neither north nor sud. It’s on the East Coast, in particular on the Adriatic Sea. In the green and hilly Marche, there are seemingly unknown places, full of history and charm. In this article, you will find five places to see in Marche. Do we bet you’ve never seen them?

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Lame Rosse

Near the Lake of Fiastra, a small and natural grand canyon appears among the hills and a mountainous background. Put on your hiking shoes, park the car near Fiastra's lake and start walking! After a short uphill walk through the oaks and dog roses, you will be in front of reddish-coloured pinnacles of rock.

Over the decades, the breath of the wind, accompanied by the rains, shaped these rocks' profile. Today the place looks like a tear of the Grand Canyon of Colorado. The photos don't fully render justice to the spectacle that these rocks give back to the visitor. Then, the place is accessible to everyone: you don't need to be an expert hiker! The path from Lake Fiastra is easy and not too tiring.

Lame Rosse go straight into the 5 things to see in the Marche.

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Valadier's Temple

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In the Parco del Naturale della Gola della Rossa, in the province of Ancona, in Genga, there is an unexpected neoclassical church. The Valadier's Temple is among the rocks of massive cave walls, one of the famous Grotte di Frasassi (Frasassi Caves). Going along a steep road of about one kilometre, you reach this "gorge". There is a perfect example of a balance between man and nature, architecture, and an uncontaminated environment in this place. 

Born from the genius of the homonymous Giuseppe Valadier, the church was built in 1828 by Pope Leo XII. The place is full of history, even before the construction of the temple. In the tenth century, the area excavated in the mountains was a refuge for the inhabitants of the neighbouring villages from the Hungarians' invasions.

The plan is octagonal, and the travertine walls support a dome of lead plates. Travertine marble is the same that can be found inside the Caves of Frasassi. Inside the temple, there was "The Madonna and Child" by Canova, which now you can admire in the Museum of Genga of Sacred Art.

Due Sorelle (Two rocks like two sisters)

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There is a legend set in the seabed that bathes the Conero coasts. A superb siren enchanted the sailors with a bewitching song. They were charmed by her charms and followed her to the bottom of the sea. In the backdrop, there was a demon, and he chained anyone who came by. One day this evil spirit was punished for its wickedness and transformed into a rock split the two ends.

Today, the two stacks located in the enchanting beach of Sirolo in the Conero represented this legend's memory. Precisely, these two rocks are near the last Sirolo beach, the “Spiaggia delle due Sorelle”. The place is unspoilt and is accessed via a ferry or canoe or through a hiking route.

Due Sorelle Beach is a unique resort with a crystal clear sea. In the late afternoon and before the tide covers the inlet, you can inhale a mix of salty smells and pines on the beach. Then, relax, and the sensations may carry you away from reality and enjoy what nature can offer in such a context. No other reasons are needed to justify why the two sisters' beach is one of the 5 things to see in the Marche.

Trosino Castle and Castellano River

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Near Ascoli Piceno, surrounded by greenery, there is a hill where we find a small village overlooking a river. Castel Trosino is a village surrounded by solid walls with ancient medieval stone buildings. In this village, there is the famous “Casa della Regina”: a pretty house where Manfredi, Federico II son, probably lived.

The river Castellano flows at the foot of the hill, where stands Castel Trosino. After a walk in the small village, you can find refreshment among the river's fresh waters: a green space, with crystal clear waters. The place is perfect for escaping from the summer heat. It is a refreshment for the senses and another place to relax, surrounded by unspoilt nature.

These are the reasons why Castel Prosino è one of the 5 things to see in the Marche, which you can’t give up.

Torre di Palme

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The last stop of the 5 things to see in the Marches is in the province of Fermo. Overlooking the sea, there is one of the most beautiful villages: Torre di Palme. The small village encompasses all the essence of the villages of Fermo. In the small village we find narrow streets medieval churches, renaissance buildings and fabulous views of the sea and the green hills. The blue of the sea and the green of the hills are also in the small grove bordering the village. After walking through the streets, you can take an easy route through the Bosco del Cugnolo. After 2 km of walking the visitor comes to a poetic balcony that offers a unique view of the Adriatic sea. In summary, Torre di Palme is a romantic village, ideal for an intimate dinner with the background of the sea. Did you already know these wonderful places? If you were fascinated, comment or share this article with your friends!

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