What are the best thermal baths in Campania not to be missed? We have selected 8 places you absolutely must visit to relax in wellness.

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Thermal Baths in Campania are good for your health and help you relax. Fortunately, there are many in this southern region. Why not take advantage of them?

Unique in its kind, a place of relaxation par excellence, where in addition to relaxing you can have a treatment that is good for your health. The ancient Romans knew this, in fact they took advantage of their benefits. Used both by the people and by consuls and patricians, the Thermal Baths in Campania were very popular at the time. This has not changed much over time.

Over the years, wellness centres have developed to suit every need and today offer a wide range of services. You just have to make yourself comfortable and relax.

The Thermal Baths in Campania have many establishments, and by reading this article, you will discover only the best, the ones we have carefully selected for you.

If you are heading to the Thermal Baths in Campania for therapeutic purposes, you will be spoilt for choice. In addition, access to the Thermal Baths in Campania is definitely cheaper compared to other Italian regions.

Thermal Baths in Campania: all about Thermal centres, spas and wellness

The most beautiful Thermal Baths in Campania

What is there besides Thermal Baths in Campania? A land rich in history and art, it is known to all for its culinary delights and breathtaking landscapes.

We at Visit Italy know that in addition to the must-visit destinations, travellers often seek a moment of relaxation, away from the chaos of the city, especially to regenerate. And where better to relax than at the Thermal Baths in Campania? Did you know that the region ranks third in Italy for the number of spas? If I were you, I would consider a nice regenerating stop on my tourist itinerary. You can't ignore it, anyone interested in wellness makes a detour to the Thermal Baths in Campania. Between historical relics and contemporary modernity, there are so many of them and of different benefits among them, designed precisely to meet different needs.

Do you know all about Thermal Baths in Campania? Take advantage of our article and discover other curiosities. This is the region in southern Italy that offers the widest choice when it comes to curative spa treatments. In fact, in this particular land, thermal sites usually date back to Roman times. Even back then, they were used as centres for healing a wide variety of illnesses, such as those of the skin or bones.

Here is our selection of the best Thermal Baths in Campania you absolutely must visit

The best Thermal Baths in Campania to visit

Let's look, specifically, at 8 different places on the thermal baths in Campania to spend an unforgettable weekend of wellness:

This thermal area, in which there are also several archaeological excavations of Greek origin, offers very large outdoor pools and several whirlpool baths.

The best known are the so-called Stufe di San Germano, or saunas with natural dry heat. They were named after the bishop of Capua who was treated here for arthritis associated with a skin disease. This is the only example of a natural dry heat sauna in Italy that allows high temperatures and promotes rich sweating, thus a detoxifying action for the body, bringing benefits for rheumatism, skin diseases and respiratory disorders.

The Agnano Thermal Baths are the oldest in Italy, testified to by archaeological excavations that tell of the exploitation of the thermal waters since ancient times.

Thermal Baths of Castellammare, of very ancient origins, include different types of water, with 28 mineral springs.

The thermal complex consists of two establishments that include not only the ancient thermal baths but also the so-called new thermal baths.

At the moment, the thermal baths are closed, but several redevelopment projects are underway to reopen the thermal complex to the public.

Ischia is a volcanic island in the Gulf of Naples. There are 29 groups of mineral springs on the island, and they range in temperature from 18 to 90 degrees.

There are numerous wellness centres and hotels where you can enjoy the thermal waters.

Among the most famous thermal centres:

- the Nitrodi Nymphs spring,

- the Poseidon gardens,

- the Olympus hydrothermal

- the Cavascura thermal baths,

- the Negombo,

- the Tropical thermal park,

- the Aphrodite Apollon thermal park,

- the Castiglione thermal park.

The free thermal baths of Ischia:

- the Sorgeto thermal baths,

- the Fumarole thermal baths.

An ancient Roman thermal centre is the Stufe di Nerone Thermal Baths located between Bacoli and Pozzuoli in the metropolitan city of Naples. They were established mainly for thermal cures and the mud and thermal waters from the springs and ponds are used for their curative properties.

Also known as Thermal Baths of Pozzuoli, they are located in the Campi Flegrei area. The oldest thermal establishments from the Roman era were located in Pozzuoli, and the Stufe di Nerone take up that legacy. The thermal springs present form two small lakes with temperatures ranging from 38 to 54 degrees. Their waters are indicated for the treatment of arthrosis, rheumatism, respiratory diseases, and inflammation pain.

A thermal establishment located in Torre Annunziata. The Terme Vesuviane is a respectable wellness centre. It stands on an ancient thermal establishment that fell into disuse in the Middle Ages and was redeveloped under the Bourbons. The facility offers, in agreement with the National Health System, the thermal part, but also wellness centre services such as spa and gym.

The beneficial and curative properties of the Thermal Baths of Contursi are said to have already been known by the ancient Romans. Its waters, among other characteristics, have the highest concentration of carbon dioxide in Europe, thus offering benefits for various pathologies.

There is no shortage of thermal spas and hotels in the area.

Among them are:

- Tufaro Thermal Park,

- Cappetta Thermal Spa,

- Terme di Forlenza,

- Terme di Vulpacchio.

At the foot of Mount Pugliano, in a park, lies the Telese hydrothermal complex. In this park there are many accommodation facilities and among them several resorts.

The thermal waters are rich in sulphur and therefore suitable for the treatment of various pathologies.

In the range of the most famous Thermal Baths in Campania, a place must be reserved for those of Telese Terme, in the province of Benevento. They are located just outside the town centre. The thermal complex is equipped for relaxation and wellness. You can enjoy the spa, the dining area, a play area for children, and hotel accommodation.

Immersed in the green Irpinia, with several villages of medieval origins, we find the Thermal Baths in Campania. Located in the municipality of Villamaina, in the province of Avellino, the San Teodoro Thermal Baths offer thermal waters rich in carbon dioxide and classified as bicarbonate-calcic, sulphate, alkaline-earthy. Assets dating back to ancient Rome have also been found in this area, which shows how the locals were familiar with using the hot springs already in that era.

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