The philosopher Walter Benjamin called Naples "a hiding city". Indeed, the historical centre of the Neapolitan city has some peculiarities that are difficult to find in other major European cities.

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On the one hand, Naples historic centre is one of the largest per km² but at the same time, due to the geographical conformation of the territory, it is also characterized by a concentration of monuments, churches, and real archeological finds in such a small area that often the inhabitants themselves are surprised to discover churches and monuments located in narrow streets and alleys.

Characteristic of the most famous districts of Naples in fact are the alleys, very narrow streets where the sun hardly penetrates even in summer. Yet Naples boasts the presence of 500 churches, the most important archaeological museum in the world after the one in Cairo - the MANN - wonderful squares and streets, and castles such as the legendary Castel dell'Ovo and the majestic Castel Sant'Elmo. 

The smartes way to visit them all is the Naples Pass, the city's official tourist card.

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Stay in the historic center of Naples to live it at its best

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Add to all this the peculiarities of a city with centuries-old and often millenary traditions, the beauty and charm of being able to lose yourself in a small street and maybe even flow in front of a baroque church with masterpieces by Luca Giordano, a church that maybe your guide didn't even mark. Getting carried away by the city will be like playing a treasure hunt, walking along streets without knowing what wonder will surprise you. Precisely because of what has been said it is evident that it is impossible to visit the city in a single day, that is why the average stay of a tourist in the city is at least 3 days. If you are thinking of coming to visit the city, to live your stay in the best possible way, the best possible choice to make is to stay in the historic center. The advantages of such a choice are countless: first of all, from a logistical point of view, you will be in an ideal strategic position to move freely throughout the city using public transport such as subways and buses, or opting for other options. In addition, there is the beautiful experience of being able to live and enjoy the city in the evening, which is more alive than ever. The evenings in the old town, especially during the summer, are full of cultural and culinary events, but if you are more inclined to relax and have fun you can opt for the nightlife of the centre, which in the evening lights up among its countless clubs and bars, where you can maybe drink a cocktail, listen to good music and make acquaintances.

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In short, the advantages of spending your stay in Naples staying in the historic center are really many. If it is not enough for you to simply stay in the centre but you also want the best possible, you just have to choose Artemisia Domus

Artemisia Domus is a Luxury Guest house located between Piazza del Gesù and perhaps the most famous street in the center, Spaccanapoli. The structure is located in a historic building of the '700 defined as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. From the rooms you can admire the beautiful cloister of Santa Chiara adjacent to the famous convent. Its services are really the best as regards the welcome and relaxation of its guests, the stay in the Domus will be comparable to the best experience had in a SPA. In fact, the 4 suites of Artemisia have private Jacuzzi and sauna. In addition to the 4 suites each room has its own particularity, both in terms of style and in terms of the various offers. The differences in style and offers between suites and rooms respond to the desire of Artemisia to anticipate and respond to the needs of any customer, so that your stay can remain impressed among your most beautiful memories. Artemisia Domus is ready to host you and happy to fulfill your every wish.

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