Be enchanted by the beauty of fairy-tale landscapes and spectacular snow-capped mountains. Discover with us where to ski in Umbria.

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Not only is it a region full of wonders, but Umbria also offers some of the most enchanting ski resorts in our country.

If you are looking for where to ski in Umbria, we will reveal in this article the mountains and natural parks where skiers of all levels can indulge their passion.

Anyone, beginner or expert, will find the perfect slopes in Umbria, all immersed in the spectacle of nature of the Apennines.

Also, let's not forget that Umbria is the perfect place to combine a skiing vacation with tasteful and relaxing breaks in the region's many cities and towns.

Let's discover the best places where to ski in Umbria!

Ski Umbria: the best ski areas of the region

Umbria is one of the most popular destinations for a ski vacation. In fact, this region offers some of the most enchanting ski resorts in the Apennines.

You will find in this region slopes for beginners and experienced skiers, ski areas that offer many activities for children, but you will also find locations where you can experience a wide variety of winter sports.

In fact, on the entire Umbrian Apennines, surrounded by a fairy-tale landscape, there are almost 100 km (60 mi) of ski slopes. Some of Umbria's ski areas are shared with the regions of Italy, while others are less well known and, therefore, somewhat less frequented during the ski season.

Either way, we are ready for a wonderful overview of the most beautiful places to ski in Umbria.

If you are looking to try one of the longest cross-country ski trails

One of Umbria's most popular resorts for Nordic and cross-country skiers is located just a few kilometers from its capital city. Here, in fact, cross-country skiing has been going on since the 1980s.

We are at the Centro Fondo Pian delle Macinare, in the municipality of Costacciaro, at about 1150 meters (3772 ft) above sea level, a place that offers 10 km (6,2 mi) of trails.

The best known trail is called "della Fragolosa": about 8 km (5 mi), not too easy, but enchanting for the beauty of the panorama.

In this resort there is also a school camp to allow children and beginners to become familiar with skiing.

Let's not forget that here we are within the beautiful beech forests of the Monte Cucco Regional Park, which gives the possibility of numerous trekking, snowshoeing and hiking experiences even for non-skiers!

If you want to go cross-country skiing in one of the largest ski resorts

You have probably figured it out by now: Umbria is the perfect region to cross-country ski. If you want to ski in one of the largest areas in the region dedicated to this specialty, you should go to Centro Fondo Sibillini, in the town of Norcia.

It features 4 trails, 2 of which are fairly simple. The longest and most complex is Castelluccio Connection of about 3 km, with a difference in altitude of 83 meters.

At this center you can book your own individual and group cross-country skiing lessons, but also engage in snowshoeing (you can rent equipment directly on site).

At the Valsorda Cross-country Ski Center in the town of Gualdo Tadino, in addition to cross-country skiing, ski touring is also possible.

Three cross-country ski trails are available, and recently a fourth was opened. It is the Chiavellara Slope almost 9 km (5,6 mi) long and with a difference in altitude of about 250 meters (820 ft).

The peculiarity of this Umbrian ski resort is that here there are also more than 30 km (18 mi) dedicated to ski touring. There are as many as 10 trails and they are suitable for experts and beginners alike! There are also trails and paths for snowboarding and biking.

Skiing in the surroundings of Umbria

As we anticipated, many Umbrian ski resorts are actually shared with neighboring regions.

So, if you would like to travel a few more miles for your day in the snow, here are the places to ski around Umbria.

• Campo Stella, in the municipality of Leonessa: here you will find one of the longest slopes in the Apennines.

• Monte Catria, in the municipality of Frontone: offers as many as 12 kilometers (7,5 mi) of trails also suitable for snowboarding.

• A few kilometers further south in the region is Mount Terminillo, which rises to an altitude of 1868 meters (6130 ft). Here there are also easier slopes suitable for children.

• A few kilometers further east is Sassotetto, in the Monti Sibillini Park. It offers 12 km (7,5 mi) of slopes, of which as many as 8 are medium-difficulty runs.

Also to the east is the Frontignano 360 - Ussita ski area: in this resort you can get up to 2,000 meters (6,515 ft) above sea level!

In summary, what are the best locations in Umbria for skiing?

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Among Umbria's open ski facilities, what was considered the best resort in the entire region is missing from the roll call. It is the Forca Capedine ski resort, shared by Umbria and Abruzzo. Unfortunately, following the 2016 earthquake, the facility is still closed.

While waiting for Forca Capedine to shine of former glories as well, here is where to ski in Umbria today:

• Pian delle Macinare and Centro Fondo Sibillini for beautiful cross-country skiing experiences;

• Centro Fondo Valsorda (for ski touring and a wide variety of snow activities).

Alternatively, you can venture just outside the region to the resorts we pointed out in the previous paragraph!

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