There are many places in Liguria that have inspired stories, fairy tales and cartoons: among all these towns Sestri Levante deserves a special mention: a fairytale place in the heart of Tigullio, which inspired some of the best-known fairy tales in the world.

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The history of this town, also known as the "city of two seas", is strictly connected with the famous Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen, author of fairy tales such as “the Little Mermaid” or “the Ugly Duckling”, which were part of the childhood of entire generations of children.

As local people say, Andersen, during his Grand Tour in Italy, in the nineteenth-century, who gave the name of "Baia delle Favole" to one of the two wonderful coves (specifically the one facing the north) that characterize this enchanting tourist destination, which especially in the summer, attracts tourists and visitors from all over the world.

The destination

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The Ligurian poet Giovanni Descalzo gave name to the other bay, located in the southern part of Sestri Levante, known as "Bay of Silence”, amazed by the tranquility of a place, that even today, still keeps all the charm of the Ligurian seaside towns.

Behind the various lidos and the free beach, there is a wonderful promenade, ideal for walking or cycling along the cycle path that runs along the entire Viale Rimembranza . The fresh sea breeze and the shade of the pine trees, make it pleasant to walk by the sea at any time of day, even in summer.

Sestri Levante for family

Families who choose Sestri Levante for their holidays appreciate the many public parks and the numerous areas where children can play together. The largest and most well-equipped city park is the “Nelson Mandela” park, located a few minutes from the centre, with games for children and spaces for physical activity for adults. Smaller, but better located, the “Mariele Ventre” park, is entirely designed for children, with slides, swings and many other games. It is located in the city centre, and this is the reason why many families choose it, to spend happy moments, especially after enjoying excellent local ice cream, or a piece of Ligurian focaccia (always a great choice during a holiday in Tigullio).

Historical City Centre and Activities

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The historic centre of Sestri Levante, has a particular conformation: a pedestrian area, full of shops, boutiques and restaurants, where you can have a nice day relaxing and shopping among handicrafts and local delicacies.

In addition to many boat activities, Sestri Levante also offers many opportunities for trekking lovers, with many routes. The most famous route starts from the city centre and in less than an hour of walking, allows you to reach the promontory of Punta Manara, where you can enjoy an extraordinary panorama of the Gulf of Tigullio.

Sestri Levante and the Surroundings

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Sestri Levante is far only an hour from Genoa, and is easily reachable from the Ligurian capital also by train; the town is also well connected to the Cinque Terre by trains and boats that allow you to reach Monterosso in about 30 minutes.

These characteristics make Sestri Levante, a must for those visiting Liguria, both for a stay of a few days and for a day trip departing from Genoa . The magic of the “Baia delle Favole” , the nature and the city parks, the blue of the sea, will make unique, all the moments spent in this splendid Ligurian town.

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We recommend