If you are looking for inspiration for your dream wedding, you are in the right place. Pula, in Sardinia, is a beautiful spot where to say “I do” and impress your guests in the most magical setting you could ever imagine. Have a look at our article, and you won’t be disappointed.

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You're planning your next holiday, surfing the internet bouncing from a mountain itinerary to a tour of the Mediterranean islands, when your sweetheart suggests you two set off for a romantic trip to Pula. You haven't thought about it, but Google shows you spectacular photos that strikes you instantly. Beaches with a Caribbean allure, a seductive blue sea that can't get any bluer and loads of spots where you can already picture yourself taking selfies, sipping aperitifs and eating delicacies. That's enough. You go and discover that the real thing is better, much better than what you saw on that travel blog a few weeks earlier. You are so excited about your love's brilliant holiday idea that a sudden burst of romance makes you think, "I could get married here". Said and done! 

Pula, the little jewel of Sardinia you’ll fall in love with

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Pula is a town rich in history and charm boasting a poetic scenario, one of the most enchanting in Sardinia. It is a 40-minute drive away from Cagliari via the scenic SS195. This is a perfect destination for those who decide to spend their holidays by the sea and a fairytale backdrop to frame your wedding day. Consider coming here in autumn and winter, when the swarm of tourists gives way to the village's peaceful tranquillity. Take the opportunity to slowly explore its historic buildings, fine churches, museums full of surprising treasures, and Nora's majestic archaeological site. Among the ruins of this Sardinian Phoenician city, the oldest on the island, you will take a walk through history amid the shadow of temples and stately homes. You will visit the forum, the thermal baths, which still retain some mosaics, and the ruins of the Roman theatre. Many of the finds from the excavations are now on display at the Archaeological Museum. 

Things to see in Pula


First of all, visit the town with a good amount of curiosity and a keen eye. If you're looking for the perfect venue for the big day, we assure you won't struggle to find the best spots to pose for your wedding album. Its historic centre is exquisitely Mediterranean, well-kept and lively. In summer, it enlivens with festivals, typical markets and the many tables of restaurants and bars that crowd the small square and alleyways of the historic centre. Then, pop into the alluring churches, each has some real gems: the church of San Giovanni Battista, with its beautiful paintings, and the small church of Sant'Efisio. This small Romanesque structure is located just outside the town. According to tradition, it stands on the saint's martyrdom site. The Spanish watchtowers scattered throughout the area are also impressive: the Calà Tower (1773), the Cala d'Ostia Tower, the tower on the islet of San Macario and the Sant'Efisio Tower. As for the landscape, Pula features a disruptive nature that will mesmerize. Experience it as you enter the Is Cannoneris forest, the most extensive holm oak wood in the Mediterranean, an oasis for deer, hawks, golden eagles, foxes and wild boar. There are many itineraries to follow, both on foot and by bike. Are you lazy? You can drive to Punta Sebera and enjoy the view of the Sulcis mountains and the south coast. And what about the beaches? The coastline is full of inlets, sandy dunes and rocky stretches where you can dive into the azure waters. Some are very close to the town, while others are a little further away but always within easy reach. Not far from the town centre you will come across the beaches of Nora, Su Guventeddu, Su Stangioni and Porto Agumu. A few kilometres further on, you can get to both the beaches of Santa Margherita di Pula and Chia. What's more, it is a top destination for surfing enthusiasts

The best civil wedding location in Pula

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Italy is one of the top spots for destination weddings, increasingly chosen by brides and grooms worldwide. Whether you opt for an intimate celebration (an elopement) or a traditional party with friends and family, Pula will provide an authentic and unforgettable experience. So, where to say yes? Keep it cool: it will be love at first sight with our suggestions. Let's take a few examples. 

Have you ever fantasized about getting married by the sea in the shadow of a tower? In Pula, you can! The area of the Torre del Coltellazzo is a romantic place for an open-air wedding. The ample space available is suitable for special arrangements: all you have to do is let your imagination run wild. Also known as the tower of Sant'Efisio, the Spanish built the 16th-century structure as part of the ancient coastal defence system. Today, it is a lighthouse, but it was also used as a telegraph station in the past. 

In the heart of the historic centre, Casa Frau is an elegant mansion that perfectly suits all your needs. A typical example of Campidanese architecture, this location is a cultural centre and home to the municipal library, the Pro Loco di Pula and the Museum of Popular Instruments. The mansion overlooks Piazza del Popolo, and frescoes admirably decorate the interiors. 

The impressive ruins of the Roman baths provide another incomparable backdrop. We are in the area known as the Peschiera di Nora. Its lagoon surrounded by nature and the colourful little boats moored in the small port will look like a pictorial composition seasoned with Mediterranean flavour. 

Before becoming a town council and school, Pula's former magistrate's court housed a district prison in the 19th century. Although its gloomy past might not seem appropriate for a happy occasion, this well-preserved historical building in the heart of the old town has a beautiful inner courtyard and an elegant entrance. Imagine them covered with floral decorations, and the magic is complete. Even the cells on the ground floor will take on a new light. You'll definitely give a different meaning to the expression "marriage is a prison". See to believe.

Some other hints: the Giovanni Patroni Archaeological Museum is a fascinating guardian of culture and beauty; it features a large loggia and small internal courtyards. Another site full of charm is the square between Via Sacra and Via del Mare, in the archaeological zone of Nora. It's an ideal setting with a view of the sea and millenary echoes. Last but not least, the highly romantic beach of Nora. In short, whatever location you choose, the wow effect is guaranteed in Pula.

Photo Credit: Sardinia Destination Weddings 

Pula goes to wedding

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Visit Pula va a nozze to know more about Pula as the scene of your destination wedding. Here, you will find more details on the locations, a contact form to request assistance and information about booking and organising your perfect day in Pula. 

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