St. Patrick's in Italy: here are 5 ideas to celebrate it at its best. 

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For several years now, even in Italy, on March 17, St. Patrick has been celebrated; it has become increasingly popular to organize theme parties, festivals and concerts for St. Patrick's Day. An increasingly popular reality that is renewed every year with numerous musical programs, rivers of beer and themed gastronomy.

On St. Patrick's Day in Italy, several tens of hundreds of people join the festivities every year to celebrate St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. All colored and made up in green, they meet in the largest squares in Italy, and pay homage to the Saint. Throughout the Bel Paese, on the evening of March 17, the main national sites and monuments will be colored green for the Global Greening, a cultural initiative launched in 2010 by the Irish tourism board which provided for the lighting of various monuments around the world.

This year, to celebrate St. Patrick's in Italy, around 40 monuments are expected to be lit throughout the peninsula, from the famous leaning tower of Pisa to the Palazzo del Municipio in Parma. From the Colosseum to the Merlato palace in Procida. All these and many others in the various Italian regions will be illuminated in green to pay homage to the Saint.

There will be many activities organized around the main cities of our country, but we at have identified 5 to make you spend an unforgettable day. Let's see which ones, stay with us!

St. Patrick's Day in Italy: between legend and history.

history and legend saint patrick

When we refer to St. Patrick, we are talking about one of the most representative figures of the hagiographic panorama. Legend has it that he used the clover to explain the concept of the Christian Trinity to the Celts during his mission of conversion to Catholicism in the lands of Ireland.

He was just a young boy when he was kidnapped and sold to the king of Ireland; once he won his freedom he became bishop with the name of Patrick. His dedication and devotion attracted the attention of Pope Celestine I, who gave him the task of catechizing those lands. With great perseverance, the Saint managed to make Christianity take root without uprooting the traditions and this allowed an almost total evangelization of Ireland while respecting the traditions of the place.

Furthermore, the feast of St. Patrick in Italy is deeply felt as several Irish communities have settled in our country.

St. Patrick's Day in Italy: the 5 destination not to be missed.

What better way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day than to turn the city into a veritable open-air festival?

A concentrate of frenzy and joy but also many musical and cultural events scattered around the country; this anniversary attracts many young people, but not only, happy to pay homage to the Irish Saint and spread the message of unity that characterizes the celebration.

Let's see together what are the 5 main attractions of St. Patrick's Day in Italy that we cannot miss at all:

What better day than March 17 to enjoy a trip out of town in Orvieto and visit one of the attractions that is the symbol of the city, namely the Pozzo di San Patrizio. A structure built in the sixteenth century and remained intact over the years. At the entrance to the Well there is an inscription "quod natura munimento inviderant industry adiecit" which means - what nature had not given industry procured - and celebrates human ingenuity as the means capable of dealing with nature's shortcomings .

Visit Pozzo di San Patrizio

The Lombard capital will turn green to kick off the celebrations in honor of St. Patrick for Ireland Week which will take place from 12 to 19 March. A variety of events will be on the program and will include Irish music, traditions, food and folklore. It will be possible to taste the various traditional dishes, dance to folk music and attend themed shows and dances. Furthermore, some Milanese restaurants will include a typical Irish dish reinterpreted by Italian chefs in their menu.

3. St. Patrick's Day in Rome

saint patrick in italy in rome

Close your eyes and dream you are in Dublin! From 17 to 19 March, in Rome, an entire 1500 m2 location will be transformed and set up into a real Irish pub with music, attractions, street food and lots of beer. We are talking about the Irish Village, an area equipped with live Celtic music, entertainment for adults and children, and obviously the spirit of having fun and partying.

Now in its fifteenth edition, Ireland in celebration returns to Bologna. Piazza Lucio Dalla will turn green and from 16 to 19 March will welcome a show made of music, dance and lots of good food. There will be performances by Irish bands, folk music and there will be street food dedicated to typical cuisine. We can also find craft markets and workshops for children.

"Ireland in Festa" is back in Parma after the success of the previous editions. From 16 to 19 March in the fantastic setting of Cittadella Park, stages will be set up to host Irish music and culture shows, accompanied by many gastronomic proposals. All you have to do is take note and don't forget the dates!

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