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Everybody knows that runners love to run even when they are on holiday: run at dawn or run around watching the sunset over a city - we bring the passion for running everywhere we go, it makes us deepen the beauty of a place in a new, different wayRunning in Palermo becomes a unique experience: the streets of the old town invite  us to immerse in the past, and the millennial history of Palermo appears through the images of the splendid monuments that flow in front of us.
For run lovers we propose various routes:

1 - The Historic Center and the city of Palermo

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The runners will not remain indifferent to the wonders of the Historic Center and Foro Italico, a truly captivating place. Depart from the entrance of the Cala, cross the marina, along the boats and fishermen who sell fresh fish. Without even an inch of climb, you will quickly arrive on the lawn of the Foro Italico along the sea. A complete round trip is about 4 km. After a couple of laps you can have a little rest on the lawn. It is really beautiful running early in the morning, when you only meet runners and fishermen return. While at sunset you come across tourists and local people who take their aperitif in one of the bars on the pedestrian area.You can continue the running tour from the Cala along Corso Vittorio Emanuele to the Porta Nuova - the dawn view of the Palermo Cathedral, the jewel of Arab-Norman architecture and UNESCO heritage, is a unique spectacle that makes the race not only the refreshment for the body but also for the soulOn Sunday mornings, however, if you go to run before 8 am, you can cross the deserted city: from the Statue of Libertà street to the Central Station, the route is about 5 km long and allows you to make a tour of almost all the most famous areas of Palermo: English Garden, Politeama Theater, Massimo Theater, Quattro Canti, Via Maqueda, etc. If you want to deviate from the straight axis, just take one of the cross-ties of Via Maqueda to go into a fantastic labyrinth that brings in the markets and therefore in the history of the city.

2 - Running on Palermo seafront

The sea is a logical choice to run in Palermo. We know well that running around the sea makes the effort less tiring. The "baptism" of the Palermitan runner is the romantic and not so easy ride (due to the climbs) on the seafront of Capo Gallo before reaching the FARO (lighthouse). A narrow road, paved as required, which allows you to keep your eyes turned towards Ustica and Termini Imerese. Once you arrive at the Faro, you are included in the universe of the Palermo runners.You can get there from Mondello, crossing the Valdesi seafront with its bright colours and the smells of street food on the sidewalk. If you start from the Lauria club and you come to touch the wall of the Capo Gallo Faro  (on a round trip), you can put together just over 9 km. It is a medium-easy journey, in the early morning the village is still asleep and there are no noises or traffic. At that time the Reserve of Capo Gallo gives its best. But there are those who do not give up running here at sunset: it's a bit 'hotter but actually the show is worth the effort. And then you can always relax, at the end of training, in one of the beach bars.With the Addaura tour, however, starting from Piazzale dei Matrimoni and skirting the entire Monte Pellegrino, you get to Mondello, making 18 km. Running, you enjoy the beautiful views of the Conca d'Oro and after on Mondello.

3 - Woods and parks to run in Palermo

The Favorita Forest o big Park, with its freshness and the smells of citrus fruits in autumn and winter, proposes various paths inside the forest: short, long, uphill, downhill. It is always pleasant to run inside the large city forest, away from the noise of cars and completely immersed in the paths of fairy tales.For the most enterprising runners there is a jewel to discover. Entering from Villagrazia di Palermo, a suburb near Pagliarelli and above Bonagia, you can climb the Orecchiuta paths. Here you can run for a few kilometres or even for over 21, in woods that ensure ideal temperatures even in summer and looking down on Palermo that stretches towards the sea. A unique scenario. You struggle a little but it's worth it.

4 - Events in Palermo dedicated to running

Not only the beautiful itineraries bring to Palermo the runners from all over the world, but also the events organized by the various athletes' societies. Among these we remember:
* 5.30 - an event that is organized in May each year, a non-competitive race through the alleys of the Old Town at 5.30 in the morning, 5.30 km.
* The International Marathon and Half Marathon - organized every year in November, athletes from all over the world participate
* Memory Race - the First Edition was organized on May 21st, 2017. It is a non-competitive race in memory of the judges Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino who died at the hands of the mafia.
Come to run in Palermo, we are glad to invite you, to run through the art, to run among the wonders of the Mediterranean Pearl. Lungs full of millennial history, the miles travelled will turn into a single emotion, all to be narrated.

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