Looking for a getaway for two? Here are our tips for a perfect romantic weekend in Campania

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A pas de deux by the sea to live a dream of love in a breathtaking setting. Discover the ideal destinations for a romantic weekend in Campania.

We have rounded up a sweet selection with some of the region's most suggestive destinations. Not only Naples but also less obvious (but highly dazzling) places like Monte di Procida and Cetara. Take a look at our edit of the most thrilling spots where to say ti amo

A romantic weekend in Campania: the ideal destinations 

A romantic weekend in Campania: the ideal destinations 

Rimbaud said that eternity is the sea fled away with the sun. In the locations we have chosen, you'll get a taste of this feeling. We have selected the perfect places and activities for an unforgettable intimate sea-view getaway.

Take note: these are some of the best destinations for a romantic weekend in Campania, from the breathtaking nature of the Campi Flagrei, a land of lore and legends, to a sensational bench overlooking the blue. Find more about the unmissable places to visit and the activities to do as a couple during a sweet, lovely fine settimana.

7. Campi Fegrei, a weekend

A romantic weekend in Campania: Campi Flegrei, a weekend al chair di luna

Treat yourself to a romantic weekend in Campania in a place full of history, culture, myths and nature suspended between sky and sea. The amazing Campi Flegrei are a pearl to discover and rediscover. Here you will find many ideas for a sweet holiday for two.

The most romantically compelling glimpse? The lovely Casina Vanvitelliana at sunset, with Lake Fusaro lighting up with shiny reflections on the water. But there is so much more to see and do: the monumental Piscina Mirabilis; Cuma, with its archaeological park, the legendary Antro della Sibilla and the Temple of Apollo; the ancient Stufe di Nerone spa complex; Baia and its sunken treasure. Pozzuoli will captivate you with a picturesque waterfront, panoramic restaurants and archaeological treasures. And then there is the famous volcanic area, including the Monte Nuovo natural oasis and Solfatara.  

Put the icing on the cake can choosing accommodation that matches such a special place. In Monte di Procida, a splendid natural terrace overlooking the Gulf, an ideal position for getting around and visiting the most famous attractions in Campania, sits Al Chiar di Luna, a romantic design relais with an incomparable panorama and an exclusive, mouth-watering restaurant. You'll definitely fall in love.

6. A romantic weekend in Campania: magic Ravello

A romantic weekend in Campania: magic Ravello

Like Greta Garbo and Leopold Stokowski: a getaway of love in one of Campania's most sought-after locations. Ravello has an aristocratic atmosphere, breathtaking views and one of the most beautiful terraces in the world.

Villa Cimbrione still celebrates La Divina's 'hours of secret happiness' with the famous British conductor with a plaque remembering the time it was the sublime guardian of that encounter. Ravello is the ideal destination for a romantic weekend in Campania, thanks to the lush beauty of its gardens, the peaceful privacy surrounding the town, and a belvedere, the Terrace of Infinity, that has no equal.

Visit Villa Rufolo, the splendid residence Richard Wagner loved, and consult the Ravello Festival programme for a poetic and passionate rendezvous of music and enchantment.

5. Ischia, sitting on the most beautiful bench in the world

There is a bench acclaimed as 'the most beautiful in the world' in the middle of a green hillside jutting out into the Mediterranean Sea and overlooking a delightful seaside village. A local photographer first captured Ischia's idyllic panchina by chance.

The shot quickly went viral, and the simple seat, made of logs and wooden planks, became a symbol of slow and eco-sustainable tourism. Below it lies the long sandy strip of Maronti, one of the island's most famous and popular beaches, and the islet of Sant'Angelo.

The bench lies on a scenic path; it's secluded and surrounded by the tranquillity of Mediterranean nature, the ideal ingredients for a gentle pause. Ischia, moreover, boasts many other spots that make lovers fall in love, whether mundane or discreet. Discover them during an entire romantic weekend in Campania. Or, you can book a round-trip day tour from Naples at this link.

4. Paestum at sunset

A romantic weekend in Campania: Paestum at sunset

Paestum is a place you absolutely must see at least once. Do it with the person you love to make it an even more unforgettable event.

At sunset, when the temples and ancient Greek ruins are all in the shades of pink, the spectacle seems made to be shared with your other half. And though many people are exploring the archaeological park, the others will seem to (almost) disappear.

Walking among the temples of Athena, Poseidon, and Hera is recommended for a romantic weekend in Campania. If you want to make the experience even more magical and exclusive, why not try a hot-air balloon ride? Better if at dawn or sunset: admiring the Unesco World Heritage site and the Cilento coastline from above will be a precious emotion to share.

3. A romantic weekend in Campania with a view from Posillipo

A romantic weekend in Campania with a view from Posillipo

Naples is a wild card. Here you find places to visit and things to do that always match your mood. A versatile and generous city, it refreshes the hearts of those not in a relationship and inspires the ones who already have their 'heart in sugar', as the Neapolitans say when someone is in total love bliss.

See Naples and fall in love. But what is there to see to make someone fall in love? The range of choices is wide, but let's go classic and opt for the view from the belvedere of Posillipo, with the iconic Palazzo Donn'Anna jutting out into the sea with its mysteries and ghosts.

It always amazes you every time you look at it. Then take a walk among the oleanders and pines of the outstanding Virgiliano Park, where the panorama of the Gulf embraces Nisida, Procida, Ischia and Capri.

2. In Furore, on the path of love

Furore inspires by its name. And it indeed cannot be said to go unnoticed despite its small size. The small fishing village on the Amalfi Coast, world-famous for the beauty of its fjord, is a magnet for tourists. And for lovers, too.

The credit for this reputation goes not only to the enchanting landscape and the peculiar grace and graciousness of the village but also to the fame of a very romantic little path: the delightful Passeggiata dell'Amore. Like certain loves, this walk is brief but intense and gives satisfaction. It's free and easy to cross in a short time.

It starts at Contrada Sant'Elia, walking 500 metres high above the sea. A series of reflections on majolica characterise the route: you can easily deduce the theme. It's impossible not to be enchanted: by the panorama, the typically Mediterranean scents, or the heart-stopping atmosphere.

1. Cetara, on lovers' beach

Cetara hides a small cove protected by rocks and accessible only by sea. Naturally, it is known as the lovers' beach, Spiaggia degli Innamorati. There is little space, but if you are lucky, you and your other half will have a (tiny) private paradise at your disposal.

Cetara is a beautiful destination to spend a romantic weekend in Campania. The village is still anchored in ancient traditions linked to the sea and is among the most characteristic on the Coast.

34 designer benches made by local ceramic masters colour it from Piazza Martiri Ungheresi to the sea, evoking Cetara's most classic identity elements. Small streets and squares still retain the charm of the past. Don't leave before tasting the local speciality: the famous colatura di alici

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