Cilento and, in particular, Marina di Camerota are a particularly romantic destination for those who want to avoid the chaos of the city and enjoy a few days among breathtaking natural 'stages' and the culture of the Cilento coast.

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Are you tired of the chaos and the usual routine of everyday life? Do not miss the opportunity to switch off with a beautiful experience, a romantic getaway in a breathtaking location. Today I will tell you about one of the most beautiful and renowned places in all of Campania: Marina di Camerota. Wedged between the rocks of the Cilento coast a few steps from Palinuro, Marina di Camerota is a small fishing village that, over the years, has been very successful as a weekend and holiday destination for thousands of tourists.

But let's find out together the best things to do during a romantic getaway in Marina di Camerota.

The sea in Marina di Camerota



Going to the beach

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It might be trivial to advise you to go to the sea, but Marina di Camerota has some of the most beautiful beaches on the Cilento coast. In fact, in addition to bathing in pure and clear water, you can take long walks starting from the beach of the boats to the shore of Lentiscelle. Here you will be more sheltered from the city context Lentiscelle was born in a large natural basin.

On the other side of the town, the Calanca beach is a natural inlet, surrounded by a wide rocky system that allows you to reach the beach only through steps. Once you reach the beach, you can place your feet on the light and soft sand that takes you to a shallow blue sea.

Excursion to the Lovers' cave

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What romantic getaway would it be without a place based on eternal love? Right here, in Marina di Camerota, is the Lovers' Cave. It is said that couples of lovers fled from their family when it hindered their love and took refuge in this cave, reachable by sea. Like modern Romeo and Juliet, they lived in these places for a few days and then returned to the city and sealed their love.

The cave can be reached by sea through small boats, like all the others that populate the Cilento National Park, that allow you to take a tour of these natural inlets too.

Sunsets in Marina di Camerota

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One of the most romantic moments of the day is definitely the sunset. In Marina di Camerota, both from the port and from the Calanca beach, you can enjoy wonderful sunsets!

Walking in the seaside village

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Among the streets of the seaside village, you can enjoy the beauty of the history and the Camerota tradition. In fact, among the streets, with Piazza San Domenico as the centre, while you walk, you can enjoy the colours of the houses and the system of low arches. They create real galleries - between inside and outside - that are furnished as if they were small living rooms with scenes of the old jobs practised in the village.

The viewpoint of the four regions

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Furthermore, if you want to surprise your sweetheart, a few kilometres from Marina di Camerota, there is a place where you will fall madly in love with the view. In fact, at Pianoro Ciolandrea, there is an exceptional viewpoint. People call this place the viewpoint of the four regions: it overlooks the entire Gulf of Policastro, the coasts of Basilicata, those of Calabria and on days without haze, even the island of Stromboli.

An incredible place from which you watch the sunset and fall in love or, if you already are, a place for an unforgettable proposal.

The ideal accommodation for your romantic escape to Marina di Camerota


These are just some of the things you can visit in a romantic getaway in Marina di Camerota, which make it a unique destination. If you have planned your escape in these places, you will certainly find a heavenly place to welcome you: La Casa di Paolo - Casa di Charme. You will find a small garden full of colours and scents that will embrace you upon your arrival. Marine taste joins antique furniture with the use of white, blue and yellow as the dominant colours of the Vietri majolica placed on the floors and the stairs.

A place nestled in the city's heart 80 meters from the port and the city centre and a few meters from the sea (about 40 meters).

What are you waiting for? Run to Marina di Camerota for your romantic escape.

Book your holiday by la Casa di Paolo - Casa di Charme

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