Via Sparano in Bari is a street full of charm and history. Discover its recent restyling with us.

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Via Sparano Bari, shopping street

Shopping and walking street, Via Sparano has always been the most elegant street of the city of Bari. Subject of continuous changing and restyling, the main street of the Murat district has become a pedestrian area and the city salon only in the 70s. Initially reluctant and adverse to this evolution, the merchants of the southern capital have learned only over time to appreciate the hustle and bustle of the car-free zone until willing to actively contribute to its redevelopment. Thus, cement flower pot were realised in order to decorate the street, substituted in a second moment with the renowned palms which became the distinctive and characteristic symbol of this shopping street. 0
After four decades of distance from its last transformation, Via Sparano is facing today another changing where the innovation is the main character of its new look. Indeed, this route of 800mts has been divided in six macro-areas with different styles and flooring with the purpose of recreating various thematic salons.  0

The thematic lounges of Via Sparano Bari

Via Sparano Bari
Starting from Corso Vittorio Emanuele, we find the first thematic salon of Porta Vecchia where the different floorings represent the two different city maps: the map of the old town and the map of the new area called Murat area. Proceeding along the street, where once there was the majestic building of the shop Rinascente, we come across the fashion salon, just a few meters from the ritual salon situated in front of San Ferdinando church. For the salon next to Palazzo Mincuzzi, icon building of the commercial activities of the whole city, the liberty theme has been chosen. Going along the street, we find the fifth salon whose theme reflects the surrounding environment with the identity and roots of the city, indeed, next to the historic library Laterza, we hit upon the literary salon. Lastly, going through the station from Aldo Moro square, there is the last thematic salon dedicated to the music in honour of the first musical instrument shop opened in that proximity at the end of the XIX century. The new shape of Via Sparano, which is recognised as the artery of the city, shows how innovation and history can coexist making the metropolis a city in continuous movement opened to new challenges and ready to embrace new proposals always respecting the identity of the city. In the last salon, among the new proposals of this historical street of the city of Bari, we can find an activity of Spanish nature “100Montaditos” where the innovation of the service is combined with the history of the Iberian gastronomy; the perfect place where to taste tapas combining amusement and flavour. Once again the commercial character of this southern city demonstrates its versatility giving place to the diversification of services and products and suggesting ways of original and economical conviviality.   0

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