Come with us to Val d'Orcia to discover Radicofani, a wonderful village plenty of history where you can taste the exceptional Brunello wine.

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Radicofani is a wonderful medieval village counting only a thousand inhabitants located in Val d'Orcia, in the province of Siena, in the southernmost part of Tuscany.

We are in the heart of Italy in a beautiful natural landscape made of hills and woods, the place of origin of the excellent Brunello wine acknowledged as a top product all over the world, that you will be able to taste during your trip to Radicofani.

These lands are also famous for being part of the Via Francigena route, passing right through Radicofani between stages 36 and 37, as well as for their very rich history evident in some of the most beautiful places to visit in the village, such as the fortress of Radicofani and the church of St. Peter, without forgetting the most popular local historical figure - Ghino di Tacco, defined as the Italian Robin Hood.

Come with us to discover what to see in Radicofani and the wonders of this village representing the Tuscan Middle Ages and the Val d'Orcia. Moreover, there's a surprise for you: find out how to book your ticket for a fantastic Brunello wine tasting experience!

Tour of Brunello, symbolic wine of the Val d'Orcia and excellent product of Radicofani

Radicofani Val d'Orcia

Brunello is one of the most awarded wines in the world, a true excellence for Italy, Tuscany, and especially for the Val d'Orcia area and its enchanting villages.

How about adding a fantastic Brunello tasting tour in the province of Siena to your trip to Radicofani? Treat yourself to a memorable experience and find out how to enjoy the best of tourism in wonderful Tuscany: just click on the button below.

Discover how and where to taste Brunello

What to see in Radicofani, a wonderful medieval village in southern Tuscany

Radicofani what to see

After enjoying excellent wine in good company, it's time to explore the beauties of the area and find out what to see in Radicofani. What wonders does this amazing village hide? Let's find out!

Walking through the streets of Radicofani you will be able to breathe and touch centuries of history that have sculpted the identity and majesty of this place over time, admiring the artistic and architectural beauties shaping the landscape.

Among all, the massive fortress of Radicofani stands out, a large bastion dominating the village from the top of the hill. The fame of this castle was increased especially by the adventures of Ghino di Tacco, known as the Italian Robin Hood and mentioned in the most important medieval literature works such as Dante's Divine Comedy and Boccaccio's Decameron, who found a safe haven within its walls between 1297 and 1300, making it his hideout.

However, exploring Radicofani is very easy to find amazement in your eyes in front of wonderful historic buildings, such as the majestic church of St. Peter, undoubtedly one of the most important symbols of the village. Also not to be missed are Palazzo Pretorio and Palazzo Luchini, the colorful Piazzetta del Teatro with its wonderful flowers and the suggestive little church of the Madonna del Roccheto, surrounded by nature near the path along the Via Francigena.

Radicofani also holds a real gem for the most curious and mystery lovers: the enchanting Bosco Isabella, a romantic garden hiding a rich and suggestive symbology in its natural beauty.

The fortress of Radicofani and Cassero museum

The fortress of Radicofani is one of the most important and ancient military buildings in Italy, located about 900m above sea level on a hill overlooking the village from above, whose first historical sources date back to around the tenth century.

The defensive building was for centuries the theatre of several fights and clashes involving the noble families of medieval Italy, the municipalities of Tuscany and the Pope State, a true symbol of power over the Val d'Orcia area and a strategic crossroads between different Italian regions. For this reason, the fortress of Radicofani has been expanded and strengthened several times, earning the reputation of one of the strongest places to conquer - and therefore, among the most desired by the lords of the period.

Today the fortress of Radicofani is a tourist destination much appreciated by tourists and houses within its walls the Cassero museum, a rich collection that tells the story of this territory with finds ranging from the Etruscan era to the Renaissance.

Church of St. Peter in Radicofani

Church of San Pietro in Radicofani

The church of St. Peter in Radicofani stands out within the village for its majesty and its bell tower, a true symbol for this town in the Val d'Orcia.

Its construction, presumably taking place at the beginning of the thirteenth century and characterized by the Romanesque style, ended in 1224 with the consecration of this place. Since then, the church of St. Peter has been the main place of Christian worship in Radicofani, as well as a beautiful museum of sacred art: in fact, inside you can admire magnificent works of art in terracotta and coloured wood, in particular the Crucifixion with Magdalena dei Buglioni and a Holy Mary and Child by Francesco di Valdambrino.

Bosco Isabella, the mysterious romantic garden in Radicofani

Let's get to the end of our trip to Radicofani by walking in the beautiful and mysterious Bosco Isabella. This natural park was planted near the village at the end of the nineteenth century by Odoardo Luchini, a man who mastered impressive skills in botany. Thanks to his knowledge, he personally took care of the creation of what is now considered a real romantic garden, where now thrive plants originating from various areas of the world.

Bosco Isabella in Radicofani takes its intriguing name from Luchini's wife, but this place also hides some fascinating symbols related to Masonry: the most iconic is especially the unusual stone pyramid with a triangular base in the middle of the natural garden, for sure one of the most famous Masonic symbols.

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