Getting around Florence is so easy thanks to its efficient public transportation. Let's find out how you can easily get around even without a car! 

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As small as the center of Florence may seem, every visitor knows that each corner of this elegant city has more than one story to tell.

You'll soon find out that moving through the streets of Florence is to dispose the soul to listen: stories of geniuses of the past, tales of the Italian Renaissance, but also stories of artists and extraordinary architects. Those who come here would like to absorb every fiber of this wonder and never let it escape again.

Nevertheless, to savor the city to the fullest, it is also good to know how to get around the Tuscan capital. Knowing the network of public transportation that covers Florence is essential for getting around the city quickly.

In this article, let's find out how to get around Florence, what are the best (and fastest) ways and, therefore, whether it is feasible to move around the city without a car.

Let our tour of the city, and its transportation network, begin! At the end on our article you will find an interesting Bonus...

Public transportation in Florence: your guide on how to get around the city

Let's start right away by saying that not only is Florence a city of extraordinary beauty, it also boasts a truly human-scale historic center. Moving around on foot, in fact, Florence shows its visitor the best of its history and architecture.

However, not all attractions are concentrated in the same place, and it can be useful to take advantage of the efficient public transportation network of Florence.

What we would not suggest, however, is the use of the car: as we will see shortly, many are ZTL-protected areas, and it can be very complicated for those coming to Florence for the first time to be able to get around by car.

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Is it easy to travel around Florence by public transportation?

Ease of movement is definitely one of the advantages offered by this city.

Indeed, in Florence it is possible to get around quickly by taking advantage of the public transportation network: in particular, buses, streetcars (tramways) and trains.

Alternatively, should you want an overview of the main attractions, you can choose to board the convenient tourist bus that connects countless focal points of Florence.

Let's see, one by one, all the solutions.

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Florence by bus: info and prices

The company responsible for managing bus travel in Florence is Autolinee Toscane. It operates nearly a hundred lines within the Tuscan capital.

Santa Maria Novella Station is certainly one of the main points from which you can depart by bus to explore the city.

The urban ticket costs 1.50 euros and is valid for 90 minutes from the time of obliteration. It is important to purchase the ticket before boarding the bus, through one of the following options:

- By going to dedicated ticket offices or authorized retailers;
- By purchasing the ticket at ticket machines;
- By downloading the TABNET application and validating your ticket the moment you board;
- Finally, the simplest option: by sending a text message that has FIRENZE as its text to the number 4880105. In a few minutes, you will receive a reply SMS with the link to the already validated ticket. In this case, the ticket will incur a small fare increase dictated by your telephone provider.

Whichever option you choose, it is important that you always make the purchase before boarding the bus.

Finally, it may be of interest to know that this ticket allows you to board not only city buses in Florence but also buses that connect several municipalities in the surrounding area and also regional trains, limited to the city area. For more information about the routes included in the ticket, please consult the company's official website.

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Florence by tramway: the fastest way to get around the city

We haven't said it yet, but you can also ride the tramway with a bus ticket!

There are currently 2 lines:

- Line T1 connects Villa Costanza (Scandicci) to Careggi Hospital, the largest polyclinic in Florence;
- Line T2, on the other hand, connects Piazza dell'Unità (a stone's throw from Santa Maria Novella) to the Florence airport.

The two lines intersect at the Alamanni - Stazione stop, right in front of the Santa Maria Novella.

In this way, the Florence airport is connected to the city center in just 25 minutes.

The methods of purchasing tickets are the same as for buses, in addition to the fact that there are vending machines at every streetcar stop.

If you are traveling from the airport to the city, transporting one 10-kg piece of luggage is included at the price of 1.50 euros; larger pieces of luggage (up to 20 kg) can only be transported if you pay the appropriate supplement.

The first ride generally departs at 05:30 and the last at 00:30.

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Florence by train: is it possible?

Why do we mention the train among the public means of getting around Florence? Well, this city is truly special from this point of view.

In fact, Florence currently has two railway stations dedicated to international and high-speed trains: Santa Maria Novella and Campo di Marte. These hubs are among the most important in Italy and excellently connected to the rest of the country.

Then there are other 8 stations (2 of which are not yet in operation) located in different suburbs of the city: those currently active are: Castello, Rovezzano, San Marco Vecchio, Statuto, Le Cure, and Le Piagge.

So, for those who want to explore the characteristic neighborhood of Campo di Marte, at Le Cascine Park (the largest in the city), or perhaps simply need to get from end to end, the train is an interesting solution.

In fact, remember that you will not need to buy an actual train ticket: you will only need to buy an Autolinee Toscane ticket!

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Tourist Passes to explore the city at its best

Using public transportation in Florence can be even more interesting if you consider cards and passes that also include the visit to many museums, monuments, and attractions in the city.

Have you thought about this?

If you plan in advance what you want to see, you may find that the tourist pass allows you to do everything you want, and more, at a very attractive price. In short, it's really worth learning more!

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Is it possible to get around the city without a car?

In our opinion, the best way to see Florence is precisely without a car. The city center, in fact, is limited traffic zone, so it is very difficult to get around without incurring fines. What is not included in this area, at any rate, is a controlled zone: so you will have to find a parking space in the free parking lots or in the paid parking lots (blue line).

On the other hand, however, we have seen getting around by public transportation is really easy: not only is it possible to explore Florence on foot, but also by bus, streetcar, and train.

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And finally, it's time for your Bonus!

BONUS: not only public transportation in Florence but also... bikes

Florence boasts a small and intimate historic center, so many visitors choose to get around on foot.

Well, we also want to share a very fun way to explore the city without a car or even public transportation.

It is becoming increasingly popular among tourists (and not only!) to move around Florence by bicycle and e-bike, even taking part in night tours in a small group. Many people get around individually, while others decide to participate in real guided tours on two wheels.

At this point, the choice is up to you: how do you wish to explore this magnificent Tuscan city?

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