Let's discover together Posillipo hill, a residential and panoramic district directly on the Bay of Naples.

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Among the renowned areas of Naples, Posillipo district is one of the most admired because of its strategic position offering spectacular views over the Bay of Naples and the island of Capri. Posillipo is one of the most evocative neighbourhoods in Naples, rich in history and timeless charm and therefore a pleasant stop-over or holiday destination for tourists. 

The name comes from the Greek pauslypon and means 'respite from pain'. It will give you a sense of security and serenity, because of the surrounding nature and the sense of relaxation that comes from the landscape. So discover with Visititaly the attractions you will find at Posillipo and get ready to experience unforgettable moments to immortalize and share.

Visit Posillipo, the ideal destination for those who love history, culture and fu

The view from Posillipo

The Posillipo district is located on a hill with a spectacular panorama. It allows you to see the Bay of Naples, Capri and the Sorrentine peninsula. A strategic point on the west coast of Naples, it is home to luxurious residences and activities of a certain level.

In addition to the residences and parks, it is full of bars, nightclubs and restaurants where you can enjoy the best dishes of the Neapolitan culinary tradition.

It is the ideal destination both for a day trip and for an exclusive holiday: you can stay in fabulous hotels or in facilities that overlook the sea

Grotta Romana Home is one of these: composed of flats with all comforts, it will make you relax with an unforgettable view and a private beach where you can completely regenerate.

What to see in Posillipo: must-see attractions and activities

Posillipo district

The Posillipo district is historic, full of attractions that make excursions to its discovery magical. The numerous grottos along the coast were once used as shelters for boats and as places of recreation for the Neapolitan nobility. Posillipo is accessible on foot, but also deserves to be admired from the sea to understand the beauty of nature in this landscape. It is also possible to experience this area by bicycle by following certain paths.

We suggest an itinerary to discover one of the most fascinating places in Naples.

Start at the Pausilypon Park, where you can visit the imperial villa that was built by the governor Publius Vedio Pollione. It is a majestic residence, including a villa, two theatres and other buildings, all surrounded by a wonderful panorama.

Continue down the Gaiola descent, along a scenic road that leads to the lucullian knoll. Here you can choose to go right to the grotto of Seiano or left to Gaiola, a small fishing village with a lovely beach. Beyond the grotto of Seiano is a tunnel leading to the Trentaremi cove. In this cove is the submerged park of Gaiola. This is an archaeological area that allows excursions among the underwater antiquities. It includes kayaking, diving and snorkelling trips. The boat with the transparent bottom is very suggestive, also recommended for children.

The Virgiliano Park is one of several panoramic viewpoints. It is accessed from the Discesa Coroglio and Viale Virgilio. It has two entrances, the main one with a monumental fountain and a side entrance. The entrance is free and offers splendid walks with views of the Gulf of Pozzuoli and the islands of Procida, Ischia and Capri.

On the seafront, a visit to Marechiaro, the village from which the alleys leading to the sea branch off and reach Mergellina, Naples' seafront promenade, is a must. Lo Scoglione, accessible by small boats for a fee, is a small beach where relaxation reigns, surrounded by crystal-clear waters.

Another exclusive spot with breathtaking views is the Green Rocks Bay. You can access a lido with two seawater swimming pools for a fee.

Among the villas visible from the sea or on walks, Villa Rosebery stands out for its majesty. It is the Neapolitan residence of the President of the Italian Republic. This is why it is accessible during the extraordinary openings organised by the FAI.

How to get to Posillipo

What to see in Posillipo

It is possible to reach Posillipo by various means. Buses take about 20 minutes from the centre. You can also use the metro or the funicular. 

The car allows you to get to Posillipo by taking scenic roads along the coast. Along the way you can make stops to admire beautiful views and you will certainly recognise shots from some famous films that were shot here.

To get to the sea you can choose between a walk on foot or the shuttle that leaves from Capo Posillipo every 30 minutes. It is a 20-minute ride through the dense vegetation that characterises this corner of paradise.

Is Posillipo the most beautiful area of Naples?

The view from Posillipo

Among the various districts in Naples, Posillipo is often mentioned as one of the most beautiful. In reality, Naples is a multifaceted city and each area has characteristics that make it unique and entice tourists to visit. 

In Naples you breathe history and culture, walking around the city makes you discover the true Neapolitan essence and gives you a unique experience. 

Posillipo is certainly special for its pebble beaches, rocky inlets and picturesque streets. Here you will discover the true soul of Naples and admire the beauty of nature handed down through history. Art, manifested in the sumptuous villas and imposing palaces, creates a magical atmosphere that has been and continues to be a source of inspiration for artists, writers and musicians.

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