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After discovering Perugia "from the ground floor", all that remains is to climb up and admire from above the wonderful views, buildings and attractions of the city.Here are some tips to appreciate some of the breathtaking views of the city and other things not to be missed in Perugia. Here are the best views of Perugia. 0

Belvedere Carducci

From the Belvedere Carducci you can enjoy one of the most open views of the southern part of the city: the Tiber Valley, the Umbrian Valley and the mountain systems from the Eugubin to the Coscerno.

Porta sole – Via delle prome

Porta Sole - Via delle Prome: from the parapet of Piazza Rossi Scotti, which continues for the first stretch of the staircase of Via delle Prome, you can enjoy a beautiful view that stretches from east to north, from the medieval walls of Borgo Sant'Antonio to Borgo Sant'Angelo with the formwork, the Temple of Sant'Angelo and, at the top, Monteripido. In the background the Bulagaio and the mountains. It was the most authentic panorama according to Walter Binni, who described it in the extraordinary pages of "La tramontana a Porta Sole".

Terrazza del mercato Coperto

The covered market terrace offers a view to the east over the city as far as San Domenico and San Pietro, with their characteristic bell towers, while the view from the underlying park of Santa Margherita extends to the Subasio with Assisi and the surrounding mountains. 0

Arch of Via Appia

Arch of Via Appia: from here you can enjoy a valuable view of the Conca, crossed by the characteristic hanging waterway and the village of Sant'Angelo.

Terrazza del Cassero

Terrazza del Cassero: the tower, which belongs to the medieval circle of the city and in which the largest of the fourteenth-century gates opens, was fortified in 1479. From the upper terrace you can enjoy a wide 360° panorama over the city and the surrounding mountains.

Piazza Ermini

Piazza Ermini: dedicated to Giuseppe Ermini, (Rome, 1900-1981) rector of the University of Perugia from 1945 to 1976. On the square overlooking Palazzo Florenzi, previously Danzetta, which housed the famous lounge of Marquess Maurizia Florenzi. In the square, just above the Etruscan walls, is a viewpoint towards the Conca and Sant'Angelo.

Via del Poggio

Via del Poggio: the road, in fact, rests on a stretch of the Etruscan walls that emerges next to the stairs leading to Via della Siepe. It looks like a balcony offering an unusual view of San Francesco al Prato, among orchards and gardens.

Via della Cupa

Via della Cupa: Conformed as a terrace, above a long curved stretch of the Etruscan walls, one of the best views, to the north, on the apse of the Church of San Benedetto and the Tower of the Skis. The view extends from north to west over the modern city and the hills of the Trinity and the city on Sunday.

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