Discover with us the best outlet in Italy. Shopping becomes an essential stop on your journey with McArthurGlen Designer Outlets.

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Did you ever think about combining the glamorous experience of shopping with the emotions of travelling? Yes, it is possible! How? Thanks to McArthurGlen Group, the European leader in the industry of designer outlets, an acknowledgement built over 30 years of activity since 1993, welcoming about 90 million visitors every year in 25 designer outlets in Europe and Canada and hosting around 3000 stores related to the top luxury, sporty and lifestyle brands.

A day spent shopping at the designer outlet offers customers an immersive experience, made up of attentive hospitality, top fashion brands, a wide catering offer to satisfy all needs and accuracy in making every moment truly unforgettable. A place dedicated to shopping, deep into the territory, a perfect starting point for your trips in the surroundings.

You can't wait to discover more, isn't it? Visit with us your nearest designer outlet in Italy. Let’s go!

Designer Outlet in Italy between shopping and tourism

Outlet Italy

The most fascinating and exciting feature of any McArthurGlen Designer Outlet in Italy is the uniqueness. The architectural style reflects the territory it belongs to, Milan, Rome, Venice, Florence, and Naples. Each outlet is a unique place to experience because the brand offer changes, combining local and international brands. One more reason to visit them all!

How to get there? It's easy: all the outlets are strategically located within easy reach of best known tourist cities in Italy and you can get there both by using personal or public transports. Moreover, each outlet offers large and free parking areas where is possible to charge electric cars, too.

Why visit an outlet while travelling to Italy? That’s simple: in addition to buying products from the most iconic brands in the world at discounted prices of up to 70%, customers can also enjoy a break at cafes and restaurants, enjoying delicious food as well as benefit from useful services to explore and learn about the territory. What do you want more? Every McArthurGlen outlet in Italy has a full program of entertainment throughout the year, including exclusive events and promotions. This makes every shopping day a special and unique opportunity to live with family and friends. 

Outlet in Italy: find your nearest McArthurGlen Designer Outlet

Outlets in Italy

Are you planning to travel to Italy? You should know that there are five McArthurGlen Designer Outlets distributed over the peninsula, located in strategic geographical areas at easy reach from the biggest and most popular cities in the territory: Milan, Venice, Florence, Rome and Naples.

From North to South across the Boot, are you ready to find your nearest McArthurGlen Designer Outlet in Italy? Let's go together to discover places where shopping becomes a real tourist experience!

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Serravalle Designer Outlet

McArthurGlen designer outlet Serravalle

We begin this tour from the McArthurGlen center in Serravalle, the largest outlet in Italy and among the biggest malls in Europe. Come shopping between more than 230 stores and international brands!

Opened in September 2000, the strategic location of the center in the town of Serravalle Scrivia (in Piedmont) makes it the perfect designer outlet to discover traveling from Milan, Genoa and Turin. In fact, reaching the mall takes only forty-five minutes from Genoa, less than one hour and half from Turin and about one hour from Milan.

Oh, about the latter: if you’re planning to visit the Serravalle designer outlet from Milan you might be interested in our roundtrip bus tickets, check them out here!

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Noventa di Piave Designer Outlet

McArthurGlen designer outlet Noventa di Piave

Let’s go on with our tour exploring each McArthurGlen outlet in Italy with the beautiful Noventa di Piave shopping mall, located at only forty minutes from the wonderful Venice and less than half an hour from the splendid beaches and beautiful tourism places on the Adriatic coast of Veneto.

Here visitors can happily experience an astonishing shopping journey discovering about 160 stores in a wonderful atmosphere that pleasantly recalls the elegance of Venetian arts and palaces.

You can easily get to the outlet in Noventa di Piave by car driving on highway A4/E70 or by public transport, especially with a shuttle bus service available daily from Venice, Marco Polo airport and Jesolo.

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Barberino Designer Outlet

McArthurGlen designer outlet Barberino

As usual for each McArthurGlen outlet in Italy, also Barberino shopping mall tells its own story starting from its architectural design inspired by the history of Tuscany, especially regarding Renaissance and Medici family, making the center look like a beautiful and elegant village which perfectly frames the glamour of fashion brands.

Counting 120 stores, the center is located in a beautiful landscape, between the Sieve River and the rolling hills of Mugello.

Surrounded by greenery and enhanced by bridges, squares and wide streets, Barberino is an oasis where you can shop in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

You can reach it in less than an hour starting from Florence or Bologna. In addition, its strategic location along the A1 highway makes Barberino a must-stop whether you are traveling from the North or the South, or even a comfortable stop to charge your own electric car

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Castel Romano Designer Outlet

McArthurGlen designer outlet Castel Romano

Since October 2003, Castel Romano shopping center is surely a very interesting outlet in Italy to visit if you're travelling to Rome or nearby, boasting a beautiful and intriguing design style recalling the atmosphere of the rich history of the Italian capital.

Don’t miss your chance to come shopping your favourite fashion brands in Rome between more than 150 stores! It's takes easy to reach the outlet from the center Rome by using the roundtrip bus service. Moreover, its strategic location in between the area of the two airports of the city - Fiumicino and Ciampino - makes it a perfect destination to visit for tourists once landed in Italy or before leaving back home.

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La Reggia Designer Outlet

McArthurGlen designer outlet La Reggia

Moving to the South, as last stage we reach the wonderful La Reggia outlet, in Marcianise, significantly fascinating for its design that recalls both the Baroque atmosphere of Reggia di Caserta on the outside and the typical Mediterranean style on the inside.

Opened in February 2010, it gives clients a pleasant shopping at more than 160 national and international brands and a wide offer of cafes and restaurants: it only takes about half an hour from Naples to reach your McArthurGlen outlet!

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