Discover the must-see day trips from Naples. From the ruins of Pompeii to the enchantment of Capri, a unique Campanian adventure in just one day.

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Naples, a city kissed by the Mediterranean sun and a custodian of an extraordinary cultural heritage, offers an extraordinary variety of opportunities to explore its surroundings. If you have only one day, there is no need to worry: we have selected ten exceptional  one day trips you can take from Naples. These itineraries will lead you to discover a captivating universe of Campanian wonders, from the breathtaking beauty of the coast to the evocative ruins that tell millennia-old stories.

Your possibilities are surprisingly diverse: you could opt for a visit to the famous ruins of Pompeii, where ancient Roman streets unfold before you like an open-air history book; or, you could choose to experience pure relaxation on the enchanting island of Capri, surrounded by crystalline waters and breathtaking panoramas. Regardless of your preference, each itinerary has been carefully designed to offer you an unforgettable experience, capable of capturing the authentic soul of this extraordinary Italian region.

One Day trips from Naples: useful tips

one day trip from Naples, Campania

Exploring the surroundings of Naples through day trips is an experience that opens the doors to a treasure trove of discoveries and adventures. The rich history that permeates this region offers a spectacle of bygone eras, leaving every visitor fascinated by the traces of ancient civilizations. From the cobbled streets of Herculaneum and Pompeii to the majestic temples of Paestum, each stop narrates a story that has shaped the cultural identity of this land. Furthermore, the cultural aspect harmoniously blends with the natural beauty that characterizes the outskirts of Naples: the sheer cliffs along the Sorrentine Peninsula, the enchanting trails, and the idyllic beaches of the Amalfi Coast provide a perfect backdrop to immerse oneself in the breathtaking nature of Campania.

These day trips offer a perfect way to delve into this heritage with only one day at your disposal. Day trips from Naples allow visitors to absorb the best of Campania efficiently and stress-free, bestowing memories that will last a lifetime. This guide enriches you with a journey through breathtaking panoramas and indelible memories that will make every moment spent in this captivating slice of Italy unforgettable.

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10. The Reggia di Carditello: another royal gem in the Campanian countryside

Nestled in the enchanting Campanian countryside, the Reggia di Carditello stands as an authentic historical gem. This royal hunting residence, dating back to the 18th century, captivates visitors with its elegant architecture and the lush gardens that extend to the horizon. Located just a short distance from Naples, this palace offers a perfect opportunity for a day trip, allowing you to immerse yourself in the opulence of the Bourbon era. The sumptuous interiors and impeccably preserved rooms provide a precious window into the past, while the landscaped gardens invite you to stroll in an oasis of tranquility.
For visitors eager to delve into Campania's history, this day trip from Naples is a must-see experience. The Reggia di Carditello is a treasure that attests to the art and culture of the Bourbons, offering guests an unique perspective on court life in the 18th century. For an excursion that seamlessly blends past and present, this palace enchants with its timeless beauty, providing an authentic insight into Campania's rich historical heritage. This royal gem in the Campanian countryside is a crucial stop for those looking to explore the surroundings of Naples in just one day. The regal atmosphere and the surrounding natural beauty create a one-of-a-kind experience, enriching your journey with a deep immersion in the history and culture of the region.

9. The majestic Doric temples of Paestum: an unmissable one day trip

one day trip from Naples, Paestum

Located a short distance from Naples, Paestum is a city hosting an archaeological site of extraordinary importance, offering a timeless window into ancient Magna Graecia. Here, a group of majestic Doric temples stand as a testament to the grandeur of a bygone era. This fascinating site is a must-visit for those wishing to delve deeper into the rich history of Campania on a one-day trip from Naples. Well-preserved temples and ancient ruins narrate tales of an ancient civilization, providing a unique perspective on the life and culture of ancient Paestum. Walking among the imposing columns and ancient arches is like taking a step back in time. Archaeology enthusiasts and history lovers will find Paestum to be a true paradise, enriched by the grandeur of the ancient ruins.

The sacred area of Paestum houses three imposing Doric temples, remarkably well-preserved. The Temple of Jupiter, the oldest, belongs to the first generation of large stone temples, dating back to around 560 B.C. Despite the absence of the pediments, its purpose has sparked discussions, which is why it is known as the "Basilica". The Temple of Aphrodite, dedicated with certainty to the deity, dates back to 500 B.C. The Temple of Poseidon, the largest and most majestic, was built in the mid-5th century B.C. Its construction with interlocking massive stones, without the use of mortar, allowed it to withstand earthquakes and calamities. Inside, one can admire three aisles separated by tall two-story colonnades, while the roof was supported by wooden beams.

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8. Caserta: the Royal Palace and its enchanting gardens

one day trip from Naples, Caserta Royal palace

A short distance from Naples stands the majestic complex of the Royal Palace of Caserta, a jewel of Baroque architecture and a UNESCO heritage site. This sumptuous royal residence, built in the 18th century, offers a glimpse into the opulence and taste of the era with its grand halls, frescoes, and lavish furnishings. The lush gardens surrounding the royal residence, with their fountains and statues, create an atmosphere of magical beauty. In fact, near the palace lies the enchanting Park of the Royal Palace of Caserta, an explosion of greenery and landscape harmony, perfect for a leisurely stroll.

A visit to the Royal Palace of Caserta combines history, art, and nature, making it an ideal one-day trip from Naples. This must-see stop provides an unforgettable journey into the heart of ancient Bourbon royalty and a unique opportunity to admire a masterpiece of architecture that also inspired the grandeur of Versailles and many other Italian and European architectural masterpieces. This extraordinary cultural and landscape heritage of Campania is a sought-after destination for visitors looking for an extraordinary experience in just one day.

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7. Procida: the jewel island of the Gulf of Naples in a day

one day trip from naples, Procida

A short boat ride away, Procida presents itself as an authentic Mediterranean gem, still the Italian Capital of Culture for 2022. This picturesque island offers an authentic and intimate experience, away from conventional routes. Its vibrant pastel-colored buildings, narrow cobblestone streets, and picturesque harbors capture the essence of island life. A must-see is certainly Corricella, a charming fishing village overlooking the sea, with its colorful houses that line the streets and partially extend outwards.

For art and culture enthusiasts, Palazzo D'Avalos and the Church of San Michele offer an immersion into the island's rich cultural heritage. Palazzo D'Avalos, once an island prison, now houses the Museum of Sea Culture, while the Church of San Michele is a Baroque gem with 17th-century frescoes. An excursion to Procida is an authentic journey, a charming stop that offers a break from urban hustle and allows you to fully immerse yourself in the island's peaceful atmosphere. This authentic Mediterranean gem is an ideal choice for a one-day trip from Naples in no time.

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6. Positano: the pearl of the Amalfi Coast

one day trip from Naples, Positano

Nestled between the cliffs of the Amalfi Coast, Positano is one of the most sparkling pearls of the Mediterranean. With its pastel-colored houses clinging to the mountain and pebble beaches bathed by crystal-clear waters, it offers breathtaking views and an atmosphere of rare beauty. The winding streets of Positano are filled with fashion boutiques, local craftsmanship shops, and cozy establishments, offering a unique shopping and gastronomic experience and allowing you to discover local products like Positano fashion and ceramic crafts.

A visit to the Church of Santa Maria Assunta, with its majestic dome adorned with iconic majolica tiles, offers a touching experience of spirituality and art. For nature lovers, a walk along the Path of the Gods allows you to enjoy spectacular views of the sea and cliffs and fully savor the natural beauty of the Amalfi Coast. 

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5. Ischia: the verdant island with enchanting landscapes and discoverable gems in one day

one day trip from Naples, Ischia

Ischia, known as the Green Island, is a natural paradise in the Gulf of Naples. Famous for its healing thermal waters and breathtaking landscapes, it offers a unique experience of relaxation and well-being. Ischia's thermal waters are renowned worldwide for their therapeutic properties. A day on the island offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in rejuvenating waters and enjoy wellness treatments, providing a sense of physical and mental renewal. In addition to the spas, Ischia boasts lush nature and spectacular views. For example, a hike up Mount Epomeo, the highest point on the island, offers breathtaking views of the Gulf of Naples and the surrounding islands.

Ischia is also famous for its picturesque villages, such as Forio and Sant'Angelo, which retain an authentic charm and offer the opportunity to immerse yourself in local culture. A visit to the Aragonese Castle, dating back to the 5th century BC, offers an extraordinary historical and panoramic perspective on the island. Come to Ischia for a one-day trip from Naples by ferry or hydrofoil and experience relaxation, well-being, and nature discovery.

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4. Herculaneum: the city under the ashes. An archaeological treasure to discover

one day trip in Naples, Herculaneum

Herculaneum, buried under the ashes of Vesuvius along with Pompeii in 79 AD, is an ancient Roman city that offers an extraordinary window into the past. This archaeological site is often less crowded than Pompeii, but equally impressive and well-preserved. A day trip to Herculaneum will lead you to explore the ancient cobbled streets, well-preserved houses, and ancient temples of the Roman city. Walking among the ruins, you'll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the daily life of the ancient Roman inhabitants. One of the most iconic attractions is the House of the Wooden Partition, known for its wooden partition, a folding wooden structure that separates the atrium from the tablinum, providing an authentic glimpse into the interiors of Roman homes. Furthermore, the House of the Sailor features a remarkably detailed mosaic depicting Neptune.

The archaeological site of Herculaneum also offers spectacular views of the Gulf of Naples and the surrounding Vesuvius, adding a touch of natural beauty to your cultural experience. Choose Herculaneum for a one-day trip from Naples and immerse yourself in an authentic Roman city buried under the ashes for centuries.

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3. Pompeii: a journey into the Roman past. One day trip not to be missed in one day from Naples

one day trip from Naples, Pompeii

Pompeii, the ancient Roman city buried under the ashes of Vesuvius, offers an extraordinary experience for those wishing to take a dive into the past. This archaeological site is a treasure trove of history and culture, allowing you to walk on the same streets traversed by ancient Romans. A one-day trip to Pompeii will take you through the streets, the ruins of ancient houses, and the secular temples of that spectacular ancient city that was Pompeii. You'll admire the well-preserved frescoes that adorned the homes, gaining an authentic insight into daily life in Roman times with scenes of war, love, or geometric motifs that influenced modern architectural style in some way.

Among the most impressive attractions, the Villa of the Mysteries stands out, even though it is outside the walls of the ancient city, for its enigmatic frescoes that depict ancient rituals and mysterious ceremonies. The Forum, the hub of the political and social life of Pompeii, offers an immersion into the public life of the time. The amphitheatre, one of the largest and best-preserved arenas in history, which over the years has also been the site of major events like Pink Floyd's concert film in 1974.

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2. Sorrento: the town of citrus fruits and limoncello

one day trip from naples, sorrento

Nestled between the Gulf of Naples and the Gulf of Salerno, Sorrento is a gem of the Sorrentine Peninsula, opposite the Amalfi Coast, known for its sea, breathtaking landscapes, its juicy citrus fruits, and the famous lemon liqueur, Limoncello. A one-day trip to Sorrento is a journey through the unique flavors and landscapes of this region. A stroll through the historic center of Sorrento will take you through colorful streets, Limoncello boutiques, and local craft shops. Here, you can taste typical products of the peninsula like the provolone del Monaco cheese and fresh citrus fruits.

From Sorrento, you can enjoy breathtaking views of Vesuvius and the Gulf of Naples, offering a charming backdrop extending to the island of Capri. A tour in Sorrento is a delight for the senses and an immersion into the culture and tradition of the Sorrentine Coast. You can visit the Cathedral of Sorrento, an example of Arab-Norman architecture with an imposing facade and Baroque decorations inside. If you are passionate about history, a must-visit is the Correale di Terranova Museum, which houses a collection of art and antique objects from various eras collected by the physician Axel Munthe.

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2. Amalfi: an explosion of colours and flavours to discover

one day trip from naples, Amalfi

Amalfi, is an ex aequo stop with Sorrento, located along the beautiful Coast to which it gives its name. It is a town that enchants visitors with its juicy citrus fruits and breathtaking scenery. A day trip to Amalfi is a multi-sensory experience that promises an explosion of colours and flavours typical of this region. Amalfi's narrow, winding streets are dotted with typical shops and restaurants. You will taste local lemon specialities and delicacies.
You can visit the majestic Cathedral of Sant'Andrea, Amalfi's famous Duomo, a masterpiece of Arab-Norman architecture that dominates the town's main square with its strong chromatic and geometric façade. The Duomo also houses the Chiostro del Paradiso (Paradise Cloister), an enchanting courtyard with Gothic arches and majolica decorations that offers a unique peace and beauty. Don't forget to take a walk along the seafront promenade, which offers spectacular views of the sea and the cliffs that surround Amalfi and drop into the water.

1. The pearl of the Mediterranean: Capri. An enchanting island to explore

one day trip from naples, Capri

Capri can be referred to as the true pearl of the Mediterranean; it is an island of rare beauty located in the Gulf of Naples. A one-day trip to Capri from Naples is an extraordinary opportunity to immerse yourself in the magic of this corner of paradise. Its caves, including the famous Blue Grotto, are natural treasures that enchant visitors with their crystal-clear waters and reflections of light that create dreamlike atmospheres. The center of Capri, with its fashion boutiques and local craft shops, offers a unique shopping experience envied worldwide and where you can purchase typical island products, such as handmade perfumes and fine fabrics.

Don't miss a walk in the Gardens of Augustus, which consist of a series of flowery terraces offering breathtaking views of the Faraglioni on one side and the bay of Marina Piccola on the other. This corner of paradise is immersed in Mediterranean vegetation, offering an atmosphere of peace and serenity. The island is also rich in history and culture, as evidenced by the Villa San Michele, which houses a collection of archaeological artifacts and works of art from different eras collected by the physician Axel Munthe. Capri is an island that enchants the senses and captures the hearts of anyone who visits.

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