Nightlife in Venice can be surprising. The city, apparently empty, is actually still full of life. Let's find out the best of Venice under the stars.

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Nightlife in Venice is filled with charm, in some ways even more than during the day. When night falls the streets are emptied of the crowds of tourists, to be filled with an almost unreal silence. However, the city does not go to sleep so early; there are in fact many ways to enjoy all its beauties even after the sunset.

After visiting its monuments, unique in the world, after sailing its canals far and wide, after exploring the beautiful islands that dot the lagoon, you will discover that there are still many ways to enjoy the nightlife in Venice. From the real movida, to the most unusual activities, getting bored here is close to impossible.

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Discover the magic of the nightlife in Venice

Rialto bridge - nightlife in Venice

Fascinating, incredibly romantic, mysterious. Nightlife in Venice is all this, but there is also much more. To get to know the face of the city under the stars, a simple walk is the best start. Among the most famous squares and the most hidden corners, have a walk following a reflection on the water, or stop to admire the illuminated facades of the wonderful buildings and the ancient churches. Santa Maria della Salute in Dorsoduro district, for example, by night is wonderfully illuminated.

Anyway, you will discover a different city from the one you knew during the day and maybe you can have fun improvising a photo tour, even if you are not really a professional with the lens. When the night comes San Marco square is almost empty and offers amazing views. Also, if you cross the Grand Canal and reach the small island of San Giorgio Maggiore, you'll get to admire the lights on the church and also a panoramic view on Venice illuminated. A walk on the Accademia Bridge or the Rialto Bridge will also gift you with magic views on the rest of the town.   

If you're in the mood for a some excitement, instead, take part in an organized walk to learn abuot the ghosts and legends of Venice. It's going to give you a real thrill!

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Nightlife in Venice like a local

Nightlife in Venice - bacari tour

There are many ways to enjoy the best of the nightlife in Venice, but if you want to feel like a local, you just have to start the night by having an aperitif in one of the many bacari that populate the city.

These typical taverns are a fundamental part of the local culinary culture that will give you the chance to taste many cicchetti, the tasty dishes in finger food format, and enjoy a drink in an informal and relaxed atmosphere.

Cannaregio and Fondamenta Misericordia are the bacari districts par excellence, and for this reason they are also among the liveliest and most animated at night. Furthermore, Santa Croce and Castello are two slightly less touristy neighborhoods where you can find some of the most authentic bacari. They are all over the city, however, you will be certainly spoiled for choice!

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Between pubs and restaurants, get a taste of the nightlife in Venice

Nightlife in Venice - reastaurants

After a walk and an aperitif that whets your appetite, why not stop in one of the many restaurants or pubs to be found in Venice? Many stay open also until late at night

The local cuisine is delicious, very often based on fish and shellfish and, of course, there is no shortage of first courses based on pasta and rice. To taste the most authentic flavors, try the less crowded areas such as Castello and Santa Croce, but not only that. The San Polo neighborhood also has many options for those who want to experience true Venetian cuisine. Furthermore, since Venice has always been a crossroads of different cultures, you won't even have difficulty finding flavors from distant lands, while in the Jewish quarter you can taste all the delights of kosher cuisine.

Have fun choosing between small and romantic restaurants overlooking the canals, or places where you can taste the best international cuisine, such as the ones near Santa Lucia station. In Cannaregio, instead, you can find the most trendy and original places. For those who love music and a young atmosphere, there is a number of pubs or bars where you can dine too. In Venice, not far from the Rialto bridge, there is also the iconic Hard Rock Cafe, the smallest in Europe.

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A night at the opera

Nightlife in Venice - theatres

The city of Vivaldi and Goldoni could not fail to host amazing theatres. The most famous of all is a true temple of Italian opera: it is called La Fenice, the Phoenix, because in fact, it rose from its ashes more than once. It's located near San Marco square, and if visiting it with a guided tour is a wonderful experience, attending an opera or a ballet is the best choice for a truly unforgettable night.

Music, however, is at home in Venice and you can find it not only in the other important theaters of the city, but also in the churches which often host concerts or other performances. Many are dedicated to Vivaldi, such as those often held in the Church of San Vidal, in the San Marco district, or that of San Giovanni Evangelista in San Polo. Even the church of San Giacomo, in Rialto, like many others in Venice, has a musical program that is always very rich and varied.

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Nightlife in Venice: where to party

nighlife in Venice - clubs clubs, music and parties on the beach

In the mood for a lively evening? Do you want to dance or listen to jazz, techno or any other kind of music? Nighlife in Venice has much to offer.

Campo Santa Margherita, in Dorsoduro, is the student meeting place. Here there are exclusive clubs, bacari, DJ sets and much more until late at night. San Polo is also a very lively neighborhood, full of bars and people. In particular, along the banks of the Grand Canal there are many bars and clubs that get lively by night. 

Especially in summer, in the Arsenale area, there are parties and concerts to spend fun night outdoors, in a cheerful and evocative atmosphere.

If you feel like dancing, however, go back to the mainland. In Mestre and Marghera there are some of the clubs most loved by young people and many others are located in the immediate vicinity of Venice. Jesolo, for example, is the best for dance lovers.

In the summer Lido di Venezia is the place to go to join in exclusive nightlife in Venice, but you can find also beack parties or get the chance to have a drink under the moonlight, in the most romantic setting ever.

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