Celebrate New Year's Eve in Rome. The charm of the eternal city will be the setting for a fairytale night

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Celebrating New Year's Eve in Rome, an experience to try at least once in a lifetime! You don't know what to choose between vigils, parties in the square or a sweet romantic evening? Among the events organised for New Year's Eve in Rome, there is definitely what you are looking for!

The capital city offers cultural, sporting and entertainment events all year round, but New Year's Eve offers even more excitement and makes you start the New Year with an extra gear.

Even a simple stroll in the city center can amaze and rejuvenate you... a night of celebration is the perfect opportunity for a long and revitalizing weekend, during which you can enjoy all the attractions and the most iconic and charming places throughout the entire city. A smart and convenient way to enjoy these attractions is undoubtedly the Visit Rome Pass, the tourist pass of the city that offers a multitude of advantages and offers to visit Rome's tourist spots. But enough talk, let's discover what to do in Rome for New Year's Eve.

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New Year's Eve in Rome: immerse yourself in its history, feel the charm and live the magic

New Year's Eve in Rome

Every tourist visiting the capital is fascinated by the atmosphere. Every tourist who spends New Year's Eve in Rome looks forward to returning to the city at another time of year. The events that are organised do not disappoint those who want to have fun and get crazy, but the historical sites, such as monuments and museums, enrich and complete an exciting trip to a place loved the world over.

The scenery you find in Rome is irresistible, celebrating New Year's Eve in Rome will be unforgettable.

Things to do on New Year's Eve in Rome: party in the square

New Year's Eve in the square in Rome

The concert in the square is a recurring event enjoyed by more and more people. The one at the Circo Massimo is free and starts at 9.30 p.m. The programme includes nationally and internationally renowned artists. It is Rome Restarts 2023, its official radio station is RDS and it will accompany Rome to 2023.

To celebrate New Year's Eve in Rome without having a defined programme, just walk through the historic centre. You will find parties of all kinds, reservations guarantee you entry, but the clubs are numerous, the desire to have fun is contagious and the restaurateurs are always eager to please.

The initiatives do not only concern the city centre. Events are also organised in the suburbs with the same festive spirit.

The New Year's Eve party. Where and with whom do you want to toast?

New Year's Eve night in Rome

Are you thinking about the classic New Year's Eve party in Rome? You just have to choose the location you prefer! In a disco you can dance to the point of exhaustion, but if you are looking for something more chic, you have to move to a villa, a castle or a historic residence, among the many proposals the capital offers.

Nearby there are historical locations that are used for events and ceremonies. On New Year's Eve they will be the ideal place for a romantic or stylish evening. Restaurants and agriturismi are ready, book with your sweetheart or your preferred company. A charming alternative is a terrace party. The romantic view of monuments or Rome from above will amaze you.

Themed and masked parties are very popular in the capital, ideal for letting your imagination run wild. If you prefer to relax, you can opt for an evening in a spa, with dinner and a toast by the pool. But if you want to start the New Year like a VIP, you have to hire a limousine and drive around town. It's all a matter of prospects for the future...

Family-oriented events

L'ultimo dell'anno a Roma con la tua famiglia

What to do on New Year's Eve in Rome if you have children? There are locations such as restaurants and hotels that provide dedicated menus and services that allow parents to relax and enjoy themselves. Entertainment for the little ones and baby sitting make everything more enjoyable.

A popular alternative for all ages is the Cinecittà World park. The attractions are designed to satisfy all needs, and the little ones in particular will find activities suitable for them. The fireworks at midnight are always appreciated by all participants.

If you have chosen a rented location that only provides overnight accommodation, but you don't want to cook, remember that there are plenty of solutions to book a catering service suitable for your New Year's Eve event in Rome. Menus for all tastes and all prices, to make your New Year's Eve evening effortless! Even a chef cooking in your home can make the night unique and unforgettable...

Cultural Events

Cultural events organised on New Year's Eve in Rome

Theatre and music performances are an alternative for a cultural New Year's Eve in Rome. There are programmes for adults and families and you will be accompanied until midnight by artists in a festive atmosphere.

To stay on the theme, on 1 January there is the Capodarte initiative, a free programme of cultural events taking place in the capital. A number of museums, theatres and libraries will be open and will offer discussions with personalities from the world of culture.

Concerts, guided tours and shows for children will also be organised. All events will be open with regular opening hours and free admission.

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