Some suggestions on how spending New Year's Eve 2022 in Italy among dinners, parties and unique landscapes.

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The desire to celebrate New Year's Eve 2022 is high, due to the period of great stress and restrictions caused by the health situation since March 2020. Italy is ready to give opportunities for wild fun or even parties suitable for the most moderate: the variety of landscapes, locations and possible activities really knows no limits. Moreover, the reopening of the places dedicated to fun and the absence of the curfew, make us hope for a 31st December to be lived to the fullest. So partygoers are spoiled for choice to throw themselves headlong into the most glittering evening of the year! Here are some suggestions on the available itineraries to get the most out of this magical occasion.

Itinerary 1: Naples, Salerno and Islands


When it comes to celebrating, the capital of Campania is unrivaled: concerts on the waterfront, fireworks and parties in all the clubs of the city are a constant of the Neapolitan New Year. Very important is also the menu of the feast, which has some traditional courses absolutely unmissable. The main dish is fish, served in the form of rich and sumptuous recipes. The watchword, in fact, is to overdo. Even eating a lot is part of the tradition! It starts with fish-based appetizers, canapés with salmon and fresh caviar, oysters, shellfish, sea dates and taratufi. It continues with still fish-based first courses, such as spaghetti with seafood or lobster, vermicelli with clams or prawns. Second courses are not less important: lobster, marinated eel, fried fish, fried cod or eel, stockfish with olives and baked sea bream with potatoes. To round off the rich meal, Naples also greets the New Year with lentils and cotechino, in the hope that legumes will turn into coins!

Often, sailing tours are organized in Naples, structured in this way: you leave a few days before the 31st and return once New Year's Eve has passed. This type of tour is the chosen way to celebrate New Year's Eve by those who are looking for a more exclusive event, or those who want to visit the magnificent islands of the Gulf of Naples: Capri, Ischia and Procida are romantic and ideal locations to spend New Year's Eve. Ischia in particular this year relaunches one of its most popular attractions, the spa, which last year had been subject to many more restrictions.

Salerno has become famous for its illuminations, the famous Luci d'Artista, brightening the city throughout the Christmas holidays. Every year they become more and more particular and well designed and, from the municipal villa, they invade the whole city, with different and more imaginative themes. For those who love music, in Salerno there is also a typical concert in Piazza Amendola which, just like in Naples, includes a fireworks display.

Itinerary 2: Rome


Even the Capital is ready to provide many opportunities for healthy fun this year: for starters, there will be an open-air concert organized in the location of the Circo Massimo, but ideas and opportunities for those who want to stay away from the crowd are not lacking at all!

Of course, the proposals for the dinner in the most luxurious hotels of the city are as varied as ever, but an original idea to have fun this year in the Italian capital is spending December 31st in the many theaters that have organized events for the next New Year's Eve. So, not only the show, but also the chance to toast in company of your favorite actors and performers.

Some of the most awaited shows are Les Etoils, by Daniele Cipriani; The Nutcracker, directed by Nir Kabaretti with choreography by Giuliano Peparini; the magic show Abracadabra - The Night of Miracles.

Another idea to spend a very chic New Year's Eve could be booking at Residenza Castelverde, a villa used for receptions that, after the forced pause due to the lockdown, offers a celebration with all the trappings, always respecting the rules still in force.

Itinerary 3: Matera


Matera is a magical location and could prove to be a winning choice also for spending a fantastic New Year's Eve! The city of stones certainly reserves a wide range of activities to the Christmas festivities, with a particular attention to the cribs – it is now very famous the Living Crib set up in the city – and Christmas. Nevertheless, even on December 31st, there are plenty of fun ways to spend this magical evening.

The cosy atmosphere, together with the sensation of being in a place totally out of this world, represent the right occasion to enjoy a different and fascinating New Year's Eve. It is not yet known for sure if this year there will be the party in Piazza Vittorio Veneto, but perhaps those choosing Matera to celebrate, do so in a perspective of greater tranquility and recollection. The occasions of fun however do not lack and there are many places where consuming the typical dinner and toast. To stay in the picturesque city of Basilicata, not only the classic hotels and bed and breakfast are available, but even an alternative and interesting solution is given by the possibility to rent a camper, to move with freely around the most beautiful areas of this incredible region!

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