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New Year's Eve is a festival of a very ancient origin, whose celebrations date back to the cults of the Babylonian civilisation. Moreover, New Year's Eve in Emilia Romagna is rife with numerous symbolic elements and rites with propitiatory and apotropaic values. New Year's Eve in Emilia Romagna is a unique moment in the yearly cycle as well, characterised by traditions deeply rooted in this territory. If you want to enjoy sparkling New Year's Eve in Emilia Romagna and festivities in name of leisure and entertainment, find out which destinations are the most sought-after to start the year with cheerfulness and lightheartedness. In this article, we will suggest the most charming, magnificent, and exclusive destinations for the celebrations of New Year's Eve in Emilia Romagna.

New Year's Eve in Emilia Romagna: find out rites, traditions, typical dishes of the feast days

New Year's Eve in Emilia Romagna

Emilia Romagna, a treasure chest of artistic, and cultural masterpieces, and natural wonders is a generous and welcoming land whose inhabitants love organizing fairs and having fun during convivial occasions. The heritage of regional folkloric traditions is very multifaceted and distinctive. Visiting this region with its many attractions and typicalities, you can appreciate the warm and magical atmosphere of Christmas time.

The delicious regional gastronomy of Emilia-Romagna offers tablemates fanciful specialities, which are real milestones within the opulent menu of the feast days and of dinner on New Year's Eve in Emilia-Romagna. Firstly you could taste some delicacies, like an appetizer of fried gnocchi, -cappelletti in broth, tortellini, and passatelli. Other exquisite dishes are lasagna, tagliatelle enriched with a filling meat sauce, the tempting Certosino of Bologna, the Christmas Panone, and the so-called Spongata of Busseto and Brescello.

Among the typical New Year's Eve habits and traditions, we recommend you join the celebrations that will take place in the fascinating location of Piazza Maggiore in Bologna, which represents a beautiful starting point to admire the picturesque old town. If you are planning a trip to spend New Year's Eve in Emilia Romagna, at midnight on December 31st, you can watch the traditional Burning of the Old One, a sculpture made of paper-mâché, which depicts the Old year, setting forth the arrival of the new one. Propitiatory bonfires are a widespread leitmotif that unites the rites carried out in Italy and on the occasion of New Year's Eve in Emilia Romagna as well. Another event of remarkable tourist appeal, which, over time, has become an essential must in the microcosm of traditions regarding New Year's Eve in Emilia Romagna, is the spectacular blaze of the Este Castle in Ferrara.

New Year's Eve in Emilia Romagna: charming and romantic Bologna

What to do on New Year's Eve in Bologna

The beguiling city of Bologna, the capital of Emilia Romagna, is an authentic treasure chest of artistic and cultural masterpieces, including the lush parks of its splendid historic villas. Here New Year's Eve is a much-loved and heartfelt holiday, and there are copious events and proposals to celebrate this special occasion. Piazza Maggiore, one of the most beautiful and iconic squares in Bologna city, transforms into a stage for shows by DJs, famous local artists, and professional dancers performing engaging Latin-American choreographies.

Dinners in sumptuous villas on the Bolognese hillsides, parties in trendy discotheques, cabaret shows, and DJ-set sessions: the proposals and attractions offered by the city to people who choose to spend a pleasant New Year's Eve here are varied and very attractive. If you wish to spend New Year's Eve in a cheerful mood, we recommend you enjoy one of the scheduled plays. For instance, you could attend shows by Vanessa Incontrada at the prestigious Duse theatre and Virginia Raffaele's ones at the EuropAuditorium.

Give yourself a relaxing stroll among the beauties of the historic center, studded with marvelous alleyways, overlooked by the towers of the Asinelli and Garisenda, symbols of the city. In the quadrilateral area, earlier the seat of the medieval market, you could follow an itinerary to discover the shop windows of the artisans' workshops and the most blazoned designer labels. In the afternoons of the festive days, you could visit the well-known museums, including the MAMbo, dedicated to modern art collections, the Archaeological Civic Museum, and the Medieval Civic Museum, housed in the prestigious Ghisilardi Palace. Let yourself be captivated by the hypnotic charm of the Fountain of Neptune and the picturesque arcades of the Archiginnasio, waiting for the midnight toast and spectacular fireworks.

Sparkling New Year's Eve in Rimini

New Year's Eve in Rimini

The lively Rimini, queen of seaside tourism on the coast of Emilia Romagna, is the ideal destination to spend New Year's Eve at the seaside if you are a lover of sparkling nightlife and entertainment. The renowned village fair of New Year's Eve in Rimini will feature 150 events, including choirs, circus shows, and Christmas concerts, to brighten up the holiday season, scattered among the city museums, squares, and theatres. Let yourself be mesmerised by the colossal installations of illuminations, which will adorn the famous holiday resort with no less than 80 km of colourful plays and impressive lighting effects. On the occasion of New Year's Eve, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the free opening of several museums and guided visits to local theatres. Families can relax and have a good time by ice skating in the Rimini Ice Village.

There will be a wide range of musical events in the main squares to listen to the best of Italian singer-songwriters' repertoire, swing tunes, pop, jazz, enthralling dance music hits, electronic music, and beautiful sounds of the 1990s. If you wish to immerse yourself in the electrifying atmosphere of the dance floors, Rimini's clubs, frequented by VIPs and world-famous guests, offer a lot of attractions and opportunities to satisfy all tastes.

If you decide to stay in Rimini for a few days, grab the chance to visit the welcoming and characteristic historic center sprinkled with artistic masterpieces, monuments, and ancient buildings. Reaching the central Cavour Square, you will admire the so-called Fountain of the Pine cone, the Palace of the Arengo, the Galli Theatre, and the Malatesta Temple, built according to the project of Leon Battista Alberti, which preserves valuable frescoes by Piero della Francesca and Giotto. Other places of interest not to be missed are the Roman Arch of Augustus, the archaeological sites of the Domus in Ferrari Square, and the Square of the three Martyrs, on whose area the Ancient Roman Forum stood. If you are keen on art, culture, and history, we suggest that you should add a trip toward San Marino to your tour, to visit the majestic Fortress of San Leo.

New Year's Eve in the parlour of the Adriatic coast: Riccione

New Year's Eve in Riccione

The most emblematic and worldly place to celebrate New Year's Eve in Emilia Romagna is Riccione, known as the 'green pearl of the Adriatic, an elegant salon sprinkled with exclusive boutiques where you can go shopping, historic villas, and luxurious hotels. If you choose to spend the Christmas holidays and New Year's Eve in Riccione in this wonderful place, from 3 December to 8 January, a kaleidoscopic light show will illuminate the main streets of the centre. Here you'll astonished by the gorgeous decorations of the winter forest designed by the famous artist Valerio Festi in partnership with Monica Maimone, a well-known playwright, and director, to attract the interest of public opinion regarding environmental issues. In the central Ceccarini avenue, the evening of 31 December will be delighted with live music concerts, exciting DJ sets, and the traditional concert featuring artists of noteworthy standing.

If you want to spend New Year's Eve at the seaside in the name of merriment and fun, Riccione is one of the best suited destinations to satisfy your needs. Many trendy clubs and discos offer evenings accompanied by internationally renowned DJs, hosting VIPs, eminent personalities from the jet set, and the world of entertainment.

Among the many attractions and cultural proposals, we recommend an excursion to the fairy-tale Angolanti Castle, which stands on a hill from which you can see the magnificent surrounding landscape, or a visit to the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, the Territory Museum and the Pesa Cultural Centre.

Cesenatico and the nativity scene of the seafaring: New Year's Eve rich in enchanted atmospheres

Cesenatico, a delightful pearl of the coast of Emilia Romagna, offers travellers the typical old-style atmosphere of ancient fishing villages and it is a favourite destination to spend New Year's Eve at the seaside. The characteristic streets along the canal are the nerve center of the events organised to celebrate New Year's Eve in Emilia Romagna, and they offer marvelous attractions and picturesque glimpses for those who decide to stay in this welcoming seaside resort for New Year's Eve.

Among the most evocative shows, we recommend a visit to the peculiar Seafaring floating nativity scene, which, in addition to the holy icons of tradition, provides a foreshortening of the daily life of the epoch and the marvelous ice-skating rink. On the evening of 31 December, the long canal will liven up with the traditional concert. Ciceruacchio Square will be the spectacular stage where artists and singers will perform to toast the New Year.

If you prefer to have fun participating in the scintillating Romagna nightlife, you'll be able to head towards Rimini and Riccione to dance in some of the most renowned discos of the riviera. Other places to add to your route are the Floating Marine Museum, Spazio Pantani, and Viale Carducci, dotted with clubs and typical restaurants.

Cervia: discover what to do on New Year's Eve in Emilia Romagna

The glittering Cervia is one of the most desirable and exclusive destinations on the Adriatic coast for people who decide to spend their New Year's Eve in Emilia Romagna. This renowned seaside resort has a vast coastline stretching no less than 9 km, embellished by lush pine forest and Mediterranean scrub. This city is sprinkled with famous and fashionable discotheques where you can enjoy deejay sets or live concerts, and nightclubs attended by young people who love the exuberant nightlife. It allows living a unique experience both for people who prefer mundanity and for families.

During the Christmas festivities, the various initiatives of the Cervia Christmas Family will cheer the picturesque alleyways of the old town centre, made even more alluring by the magnificent LED Christmas illuminations. On New Year's Eve in Cervia, you can choose from a myriad of cultural, musical, and recreational events.

For instance, there is the ice rink or the prestigious Milano Marittima Fashion Night, during which travellers can indulge themselves in shopping sprees, visiting the most celebrated haute couture boutiques. On New Year's Eve, in the splendid setting of the Salt Warehouses, you will have the opportunity to appreciate a characteristic dinner to sample exquisite traditional dishes. Let yourself be allured by the engaging festive atmosphere of the enchanting Garibaldi Square, in the heart of the historic centre, waiting for the stroke of midnight and listening to beguiling good music.

Ferrara: where to spend New Year's Eve in the magical city of the House of Este

New Year's Eve in Emilia Romagna

Ferrara, a fascinating medieval city rich in culture, art, and tradition, will offer u atmospheres to those who decide to spend New Year's Eve in Emilia Romagna. You can choose among exclusive parties, theatre performances, refined social events, unique locations, unique locations, and extraordinary pyrotechnics. One of the most popular events of New Year's Eve in Ferrara is the evocative fireworks show, known as the Fire of the Castle, which illuminates the ancient Este manor house, a fascinating place in the city.

Let yourself be surprised and enthralled by the magnificent setting of the New Year's Eve dinner in Renaissance style, with performances in typical period costumes: take a journey back in time to discover the sumptuous ducal banquets. During the Christmas holidays, you can enjoy ice skating and stroll through typical markets, where you can find sweets and local handcraft. Some of the most characteristic places where you can gather to celebrate the arrival of the New Year are City Hall Square and Savonarola Square.

Among the typical Ferrara dishes, influenced by the traditional recipes of the Estense Court, there are the cappellacci, with a delicious filling made with pumpkin or ricotta, cappelletti, lasagne, and tagliatelle. Other delicacies we suggest you should taste salami spiced with garlic, and the cotechino with lentils, as a greeting of prosperity for the New Year. There are many attractions that are worth visiting during the Christmas holidays for their historical, artistic, and cultural value, such as the frescoes of Palazzo Schifanoia, the Romanesque-Gothic cathedral of San Giorgio, and the masterpieces of the National Picture Gallery.

Milano Marittima: New Year's Eve at the seaside

New Year's Eve in Milano Marittima

Another destination of our itinerary is the fashionable Milano Marittima, a famous hamlet set like a precious gem between Lido di Savio and the municipality of Cervia, which is perfect for those who choose to spend New Year's Eve at the seaside in a glamorous location in Emilia Romagna. It is an elegant seaside resort, primarily known as one of the quintessential capitals of summer fun and nightlife, even if it is popular for New Year's Eve holidays.

You will have the chance to choose from a wide range of events, which will take place in the picturesque old town, a treasure chest of refined treasures. These include the traditional New Year's Eve parade in Milano Marittima, the evocative  Walk of Wishes by torchlight to propitiate good fortune in the New Year, and the suggestive fireworks displays, which will take place between Matteotti Avenue and the famous 1st MAY roundabout.

From 3 December 2022 to 8 January 2023, the city centre will be transformed into a fairy-tale village thanks to the MiMa Wonderland event, embellishing the boulevards with marvelous decorations and light installations. Let yourself be captivated by the multifaceted play of lights, colours, and musical notes of the enchanting multimedia nativity projected on the façade of the Stella Maris Church, which creatively re-elaborates Giotto's masterpieces.

You will be able to taste the delicious specialties of Romagna cuisine while waiting for the midnight toast before continuing the celebrations with the sparkling coastal discos.

The Castle of Gropparello on New Year's Eve: what to do and what to see

If you prefer to savour the splendour and dreamlike charm typical of a fairytale landscape setting, the majestic Gropparello Castle, which stands on a rocky promontory among the enchanting Piacenza hills, will welcome you to celebrate New Year's Eve in Emilia Romagna. From this point, you can admire panoramic views of rare beauty, like the lush ecosystem of the Vezzeno gorge, where you can appreciate the biodiversity of native species.

Among the wide range of attractions, you can take advantage of the Mysterious New Year's Eve, an alluring celebration that opens with a guided tour of this ancient manor house. In the hall of the manor, known as the Lions' Lodge, you'll be able to participate in the traditional gala dinner, enlivened by mellow melodies and enthralling dances, waiting for the stroke of midnight and the magnificent fireworks displays.

Trendy New Year's Eve: where to go and what to do in lively Cattolica

If you want to live a unique experience, spending New Year's Eve in Emilia Romagna, Cattolica is an elegant location with an enthusiastic and sophisticated atmosphere. It is the perfect destination for families and those who prefer to allow themselves a holiday full of fun and entertainment. It is considered the Queen of the Adriatic for its extraordinary scenic beauty and spectacular crystal-clear sea. It is an enchanting seaside destination, welcoming, lively, and culturally intriguing, offering a great deal even in winter. Exciting avant-garde dinner parties, happy hours, and cocktail parties with friends in the waterfront pubs and famous discos on the gentle hills: there are plenty of opportunities to celebrate New Year's Eve in Cattolica with your loved ones.

In addition to the boutiques of the most famous brands, ideal for shopping enthusiasts, this beautiful resort is rich in enchanting amazing views and suggestive shows, such as the attraction of dancing fountains, which you can admire in 1st May Square while sipping a delicious mulled wine. Moreover, the amphitheater of the Arena della Regina is a stage of huge scenic relevance, hosting enthralling musicals, jazz festivals, and extraordinary concerts by world-class stars.

Strolling through the streets of the old town centre, you could attend a variety of cultural, gastronomic, and musical events, such as the light projections and the forest of light, organised on the occasion of the Catholic festival The Ice Queen, to brighten up the Christmas time. During this season, the enchanting Cattolica Aquarium, the largest on the Adriatic Riviera, is an attraction we suggest you visit to contemplate the manger scene set up in the picturesque shark tank.

Let yourself be captivated by the marvellous old towns with their ancient flavour, dominated by the imposing architecture of ancient castles, and immerse yourself in the fairy-tale atmosphere as you discover the renowned Christmas markets. After tasting the delicacies of the Emilia-Romagna tradition, you can continue your New Year's Eve evening by attending exclusive parties in prestigious nightclubs and dancing to the overwhelming sounds of internationally renowned DJs to celebrate the arrival of midnight. In the iconic setting of Roosevelt Square, you can toast the New Year cheered by musical shows and enjoy the hypnotic spectacle of fireworks.

Chic New Year's Eve in the sumptuous castle of Rivalta

If you wish to spend New Year's Eve in Emilia Romagna in a fairy-tale scenery, the magical castle of Rivalta, is strategically located at the entrance to the Trebbia Valley. It stands within the picturesque medieval village and it is one of the most glamorous destinations for your feast days. Allow yourself to be enchanted by the beauty of this evocative village and this exclusive aristocratic residence, where the noble lineage of the Zanardi Landi Counts currently resides. Here you'll be mesmerized by the exclusive atmosphere of this refined place, which you could choose as a luxurious setting to give yourself a special moment during the traditional dinner of New Year's Eve in Emilia Romagna.


New Year's Eve in Emilia Romagna: find out rites, traditions, and typical dishes of the feast days

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