Leave with us to Nesso: admire the Orrido and its waterfalls and discover the best experiences on Lake Como between boat tours and guided visits!

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Imagine receiving a postcard picturing a beautiful village overlooking the calm and intense blue waters of a lake, surrounded by the majestic mountain landscape of the Alps foothills, the houses that stand out with their warm colors in contrast with the lush surrounding nature and, above all, an ancient bridge that connects two banks of the same town while gently caressing the water surface. No, it's not a fantasy world, it exists for real: it's Nesso on Lake Como, one of the most beautiful gems to visit on your next trip to Lombardy!

Do you want to leave right away? Discover with us the unique wonders of Nesso! Here you can admire the famous Orrido (gorge), a feat of nature that literally cuts the village in two giving tourists the fascinating and amazing sight of its waterfalls. And what about Lario, or simply Lake Como, acknowledged by The Huffington Post as one of the most beautiful in the world? A must-visit destination to discover for a dream vacation between boat tours and guided visits to the best attractions in the territory!

Nesso: what to see in this beautiful hidden gem on Lake Como

Nesso Lake Como

Nesso, like the other enchanting villages on Lake Como, seems to emerge from the waters, rising up and nestling against the rocky hills that characterize the coasts of this marvelous place. But despite its small size, with its fairy-tale atmosphere Nesso is a real hidden gem that holds wonders tourists from all over the world long for in search of the purest beauty.

What to see in Nesso? One of the most iconic and touristic symbols is certainly the beautiful Ponte della Civera (Civera Bridge), an ancient stone building that connects the two sides of the town overlooking Lake Como with elegance, the perfect location for taking breathtaking pictures. Looking down from the bridge, you'll feel like you're becoming part of an ever-changing painting, where the pastel colors reflections of the houses and nature mix together intensely with the luminous flow of the waves in the sunlight – imagine the wonderful sunsets! – or, why not, even in the moonlight.

For what concerns the other most interesting things to visit in Nesso we suggest you the ruins of the Castle of St. Lawrence, an ancient fortress to guard the lake area, and the Church of St. Peter and Paul, which keeps some examples of sacred art such as a wooden crucifix from the fifteenth century, furnishings and liturgical objects from the eighteenth century and the frescoes that embellish the walls and ceilings dating back to the first half of the twentieth century.

Obviously, there are also beautiful attractions for the more adventurous tourists who love hiking in nature. In particular, in the hinterland of Nesso it is possible to reach wonderful places for walking and stopping by for a moment to admire the panorama in awe: walking North-East you reach the Erno Mounts and further North the amazing natural terrace on Lake Como of Colmenacco Mount; walking East you reach the Nosée Bridge and the Budanchen waterfall; walking South you reach the Strada Regia, then the Careno Mounts and Masera Cave (we discussed these here); while on the West, walking along the shores of the lake, it's possible to reach some of the most beautiful free beaches to practice water sports or just get closer to the waters, especially around Lezzeno: check them out here! But the most important and famous natural attraction is certainly the Orrido di Nesso (Gorge of Nesso): let's talk about it in the next paragraph!

Orrido di Nesso and its amazing waterfalls

The Orrido di Nesso (Gorge of Nesso) is a fascinating natural masterpiece on the shores of the picturesque Lake Como, one of the most suggestive tourist attractions in the area. It is a breathtaking rocky canyon dug into the mountain walls by the steady work of the waters of the Tuf and Nosée streams, creating a beautiful scenery dominated by the waterfalls falling down into the lake for about 200 metres.

The best place to enjoy the view of the Orrido di Nesso? Easy: Ponte della Civera (Civera Bridge)! Being here all by yourself, in front of the astonishing waterfalls that flow with irresistible strength and beauty into the waters of Lake Como, is truly a unique experience that awakens senses and makes you understand the limitless power of nature. A must visit!

What to do in Nesso: check out the boat tour on Lake Como

Nesso boat tour on Lake Como

Have you ever dreamed of sailing through the wonderful blue waters of Lario admiring the fantastic beauties dotting its shores? Today you can do it with our exclusive boat tour on Lake Como! Get ready to discover the picturesque towns on the coasts, like Nesso, and immerse yourself in the romantic and relaxing atmosphere of one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. The skippers will guide you through the most iconic and hidden places to explore, sharing historical facts and curiosities to make your tour even more engaging. Book your boat tour on Lake Como now and give yourself (or give someone!) an unforgettable experience of unmatched beauty, relaxation and elegance. Click the button below for further information!

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How to get to Nesso on Lake Como from Milan by car

How to get to Nesso on Lake Como from Milan by car

Milan is certainly the most important and convenient starting point for tourists to easily reach Nesso and Lake Como. In fact, the capital of Lombardy is one of the most intense crossroads in Italy, populated on a daily basis by thousands of travelers: it is here that the journey to Lario begins! By the way, are you looking for a hotel in Milan? Check them out here.

The car is the best option to reach our destination independently, considering a journey that lasts about an hour and a half (about 65km). Taking the famous Corso Sempione as a landmark to start, proceed straight along Viale Certosa following the signs to drive first to the A8 and then to the A9 highways, a road system called Autostrada dei Laghi (Lakes Highway). Taking the exit towards Como, following Via Cecilio, Via Pasquali Paoli and SS342, while enjoying the view of some suggestive attractions such as the tower of the Baradello Castle South of the provincial capital, you can easily reach the splendid city overlooking the namesake lake. Later, driving to the SP583, you can calmly travel along the road that gently follows the Eastern coast of the South-Western branch of Lario and finally reach Nesso while enjoying an enchanting panorama that will make your driving experience special.

However, we suggest you stop and take a relaxing break in Como for a while, drinking a good coffee enjoying the poetry that originates from the magnificent colors of the lake's waters and maybe take the opportunity to discover the local beauties with a guided visit to the historic center of the city with a lake boat tour included!

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Book your guided tour on Lake Como starting from Milan

Lake Como tour starting from Milan

What makes Nesso and all the gems on Lake Como truly amazing is especially the quiet that these places convey, a refuge from the frenzy of the metropolis. Those who live, travel and work in big cities like Milan are surely aware of that desire to escape to finally have a moment of wellness and free their minds. And what could be better than a trip to Lake Como discovering its wonders?

To reach this awesome destination by car starting from Milan is simple, as we discussed in the previous paragraph. But if you don't have a car or you simply don't feel like driving, what to do then? We have the perfect solution for you: check out the guided tour of Lake Como starting from Milan comfortably by coach, a complete package with seasonal options for a memorable experience on the shores of one of the most beautiful lakes in the world! For further information click the button below!

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What after Nesso? Discover the best attractions to visit on Lake Como

Attractions on Lake Como

How to best enjoy your beautiful journey in this wonderful land? Take a look at these convenient and useful tips to explore the beauty of Lario!

Are you looking for more fantastic attractions to discover around to make your trip to the lake truly unique? We have two very interesting experiences for you:

- a day access to the Lake Como Adventure Park (click here!)

- a visit to the elegant and romantic Villa del Balbianello Park (click here!)

Have fun on your journey discovering Nesso and the wonderful experiences and attractions on Lake Como!

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