Mother's Day should be worthily celebrated and what better way to do it than with a fantastic trip to Italy?

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How great can it be traveling in the company of your mother? You get along well, there is a complicity impossible to recreate with anyone else and, most likely, it will be the most relaxing and good-humored trip you will ever organize!

Mother is the ideal companion to discover the magical places of our beautiful peninsula, and since in May also falls her celebration, why not treat yourself to an unforgettable experience with one of the most beloved people in the world?

Travel with Mom: instructions for use


How many times, chatting with our mother, we will have told her "I would like to take you to see that wonderful place where I went on vacation" or "You should come with me next time!". So why not translate those resolutions into reality? May, a quieter month than summer, is definitely the ideal choice to take your mother around Italy, giving her a wonderful experience that you will both keep in your hearts for years to come.

Traveling with mom in Tuscany


Tuscany is a real enchantment to visit with mom. Starting from the wonderful cities of art, such as Florence, Pisa and Siena (where you can find good food, unique museums and rich landscapes not at all negligible!) the region also offers a whole series of small villages allowing a quiet and relaxing tourism, such as Lucca, the city of a hundred churches, or the medieval Volterra and San Gimignano. And let's not forget the wonderful Tuscan hills stretching between the Etruscan coast and the Arno Valley and including an immense variety of natural scenery that can make even the most demanding dream! To toast the best mother in the world, you just have to take her to the Chianti Hills, where the homonymous and famous red wine is produced.

Traveling with Mom to the Vatican Museums

Vatican Museums

When visiting Rome, the eternal city, there is no shortage of places to visit. In the company of your mother, the Vatican Museums, one of the most impressive and incredible art collections in the entire world, located in Vatican City, could be particularly recommended. These museums collect evidence of entire centuries of works of art, whose fame is absolutely justified: who does not know the Sistine Chapel or the frescoes by immortal names like Raphael and Michelangelo? Visiting the Vatican Museums with your mother is an opportunity to visit with her one of the most iconic places of classical Italian art, immersing yourself in a timeless beauty, capable of making us contemplate the greatness of man's works.

Traveling with mom to Sorrento


Sorrento is a fascinating and unique place in the world. The activities that can be done during a trip with mom are countless and one more fun than the other: a visit to the Ancient Maritime Village, or a tasty stop at the magnificent restaurants on the sea are just some of the things you can do with friends in Sorrento. The vacation with the mother could also set the banner of shopping, perhaps taking a nice ride along the main street of the town, Corso Italia. Here there is no shortage of typical stores and boutiques driving tourists crazy. In the company of mother, you could also have fun thinking of gifts to bring to those who stayed home!

Traveling with mom in the Val di Non

Val di Non

Val di Non is the winning choice if in family you are nature lovers. Lakes, castles, walks in the green: what can be more beautiful and regenerating? Some of the most incredible castles to admire in Val di Non are the one of Altaguardia, the highest, as the name suggests, in all of Trentino or the wonderful Castel Thun. Among the most Instagrammable lakes are Lake Tovel, Lake Tret in the woods, Coredo and Tavon. If your mother is particularly adventurous, you could visit the Novella Canyon, which you can cross in a canoe. A truly fantastic experience to share with your mom.

Traveling with mom to Procida


Procida, one of the three enchanting islands of the Gulf of Naples, is living a great moment: it is in fact the Capital of Culture 2022. With the thousands of initiatives underway it could be a really good time to go there, maybe in the company of mom! Leaving aside events and exhibitions, however, a visit to Procida is always special. The quiet beaches, the placid flow of time, the narrow streets to walk through, are the winning choice to relax. There is no shortage of bars, restaurants and pizzerias (delicious!), with the result that when you return from vacation you will probably have put on a few pounds. But it will certainly be worth it!

Traveling with mom to Trento


Trento is a city renowned for its Christmas markets where you can find unique handicraft objects. The magical atmosphere in there, however, is not just for Christmas. A trip in late spring in the company of your mother could in fact prove to be a very pleasant experience! A must is the Buonconsiglio Castle, a museum site dating back to the Middle Ages, where you can discover how people lived in those areas in centuries so far back in time.

Even the offer of "modern" museums does not disappoint expectations: to visit there are certainly the Mart (museum of modern and contemporary art of Rovereto and Trento) which is located 28 km from the city, together with the beautiful and very central Muse, the science museum designed by Renzo Piano.

There are also other aspects not to be overlooked that could make Trento the right choice for a trip with the mother: nature and gastronomy. To begin with, there are beautiful lakes very close to the city, such as Lake Caldonazzo or Lake Toblino. Before it gets too hot, you must try the culinary specialties of Trentino: canederli in broth, polenta and the legendary carne salada

Traveling with mom to Alberobello


For a trip with mom, an interesting idea could be to visit the Apulian town of Alberobello, a World Heritage Site since the late nineties. But what is the peculiarity of this enchanted place?

Alberobello is known as the capital of trulli, characteristic cone-shaped buildings made of stone. Trulli currently have different uses: there are some that can be lived in, others used as stores or restaurants and the more particular ones have become house-museums. A shopping trip among the trulli, accompanied by tastings of typical products, such as fine extra-virgin olive oil, could be the ideal type of trip to make with your mother.

Traveling with mom in Romagna


Having almost reached the end of our list, why not take a trip to Romagna? The reasons to choose it as location for a trip with mom are countless: heterogeneous landscapes including mountains, hills and sea; excellent cuisine and delightful medieval villages.

These include Santarcangelo, with its bizarre button museum, and Brisighella, giving its name to the almost homonymous PDO olive oil. If, on the other hand, you’re fascinated by the cultural aspect, then should go to Ravenna (boasting eight UNESCO monuments) and Forlì, preserving perfect examples of rationalist architecture.

Lastly, if not afraid of the scales, cuisine of Romagna offers dishes at the highest level of enjoyment: among fresh pasta, piadine and the famous tigelle and gnocco fritto, you'll be spoilt for choice!

Trip with mom to Turin


What if, among all the beautiful Italian cities, the choice for a trip with mom fell on Turin? Magical location, rich in churches, palaces and museums, the Piedmontese city has many reasons for interest. Let's discover together some of the monuments not to be missed!

The true symbol of the city is the Mole Antonelliana, one of the tallest buildings in Italy, which takes its name from its inventor Alessandro Antonelli. Then there are the famous Royal Museums and the Egyptian Museum, second in importance only to that of Cairo. Not to be neglected is the gastronomic aspect of Turin: the advice is to taste the specialties of the place in the typical historical cafes, which will satisfy all those looking for a refined break.

Traveling with mom to Matera


The charm of Matera, Capital of Culture 2019, remains a constant. The city is well suited to a 2 or 3-day tour, even in the company of mom! Greatest peculiarity of the place are the legendary “Sassi” (Stones) of Matera, entered to be part of the UNESCO heritage.

Between castles and rock churches, the risk of getting bored is practically non-existent! The tour of the Sassi could ideally begin from Piazza Vittorio Veneto, the ideal starting point to discover the city. The advice is to take advantage of the help of a tourist guide, so as not to miss all the smallest nuances of this enchanting timeless place.

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